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In Denial: But America Sorely Aches From Climate Change Blows

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:35 PM
July 8, 2013

ostrich-head-in-sand-2Other than brief six month revisits to Hurricane Sandy, American media has done little to follow-up on life after Hurricane Katrina, or financial assistance for those surviving repeated tornadoes in Oklahoma, or insurance payouts, etc.

In late April, early May, Wayne Parry wrote several pieces for Associated Press about homelessness among Sandy survivors. In ‘Six Months After Hurricane Sandy, Thousands Are Still Homeless,’ he wrote:

“Six months after Hurricane Sandy devastated the Jersey shore and New York City and pounded coastal areas of New England, the region is dealing with a slow and frustrating recovery.  Tens of thousands of people remain homeless. Housing, business, tourism and coastal protection remain major issues with the summer vacation — and hurricane — seasons almost here.”

New York Gov. Cuomo says “some lives have come back together quickly and well.” But “some people are still very much in the midst of recovery. You still have people in hotel rooms, you still have people doubled up, you still have people fighting with insurance companies, and for them it’s been terrible and horrendous.”

Parry adds: “The recovery from Hurricane Sandy, which struck Oct. 29, has been slow. From Maryland to New Hampshire, the National Hurricane Center attributes 72 deaths directly to Sandy and 87 others indirectly from causes such as hypothermia due to power outages, carbon-monoxide poisoning and accidents during cleanup efforts.”  He says Gov. Christie estimates 39,000 New Jersey families are still displaced, and that in New York, 250 families still live in hotel rooms, while others are with relatives are living in “temporary rentals.”

But Parry quotes no other East Coast governors.  However,’s ‘six months after’ article claims “Tens of thousands of people are still homeless as they deal with a slow and frustrating recovery from the storm that flooded parts of the subway system and caused billions of dollars in damage. . . many businesses affected by the storm have not reopened.”

In ‘Katrina, All Over Again,’ Chris Hedges makes clear that the most affected by Hurricane Sandy are the poor of the desruction-after-Hurricane-Sandy-stillregion. “Hurricane Sandy, if you are poor, is the Katrina of the North. It has exposed the nation’s fragile, dilapidated and shoddy infrastructure, one that crumbles under minimal stress.

“It has highlighted the inability of utility companies, as well as state and federal agencies, to cope with the looming environmental disasters that because of the climate crisis will soon come in wave after wave.”

These are the things deniers don’t want to deal with:  the U.S. is not ready for Climate Change/Global Warming disasters, and politicians don’t want media to talk about their inept weak policies, because the public might wake up!

Used Christian books make clear that the rich and poor continually have different concepts of life:  “Lest I be full, and deny Thee, and say, Who is The LORD? or lest I be poor, and steal, and take The Name of My God in vain.”  Wonder which group among Sandy, Katrina and Oklahoma victims prays now!

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