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Wacky Weather Across the Nation for the 4th of July

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 17:53 PM
July 3, 2013

flash-flooding-Florida    The Weather Channel and other weather authority news outlets warn of heavy rains and serious flash flooding across the entire Southeast Coast for tomorrow, the 4th of July. Meanwhile, the Northeast will have mixed heat in the 80s mixed with rain, and torrent heat 115• heat will continue on the Western U.S.

In their latest forecast, that channel warns:  “If you have outdoor plans or travel plans (and who doesn’t?) over the Independence Day holiday and you’ll be in the Southeast, you need to pay close attention to the forecast.

“A serious flash flood threat is expected to develop from parts of Florida northward into the Appalachians as thousands of people flock to beaches, hiking trails and campsites for the Fourth of July. The rains will come on the heels of the wettest June on record for places such as Macon and Augusta, Ga., and Johnson City, Tenn.”

The problem in many of these areas is that the ground is already moist.  Thus flooding is bound to occur.  Drivers in these areas must be especially careful.  “In addition, beach goers will need to be alert to the danger of lightning – that is, if there’s enough of a letup in the rain to bother going out on the beach to begin with.”

Also, they caution hikers and bikers to be careful as well, as flash floods can quickly swell streams and small creeks.  For the Washington, D.C. area ABC7 Weather says:

“More storms popping up on Live Doppler.  Will they stick around for 4th of July fireworks? High Pressure centered over the Western Atlantic is slowly inching westward toward the mid-Atlantic coast while a stubborn, upper-level low persists over the Midwest. Therefore, hot and humid conditions will persist for the foreseeable future. . .[with] subtle day to day differences, mainly in the probability of precipitation each day.

Accuweather warns of thunder storms tonight and tomorrow in the northeastern U.S.  In fact Evan Myers and Elliot Abrams see the same flood risks in the southeast moving upwards into Pennsylvania, and rain spotting throughout the upper northeast states.

As for the Western U.S. Accuweather and other forecasters see nothing but continuing hot weather in all areas.  It will Phoenix-heat-wavebe 110• in Phoenix, 90• in Denver, 120• in Death Valley, CA, etc., but at least it will be slightly cooler than a few days ago.

So where ever you are tomorrow, enjoy the 4th of July, as we celebrate our nation’s Independence Day.  And remember wholesale Christian Bibles tell us to Bless The LORD no matter what the weather: “I will bless The LORD at all times: His praise shall continually be in my mouth (Psalm 34: 1).”

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