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EU Members North and South No Longer Trust the EU

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 20:42 PM
June 19, 2013

600px-EU_neighbourhood_initiatives       The European Union (EU) is falling apart. Most citizens of EU nations no longer want to be in it. This dissatisfaction is in both indebted southern nations,  and the richer northern countries see themselves as victims of bad EU policies.

In one of their top stories recently, news services explain:  “Public confidence in the European Union has hit rock bottom, a recent survey reveals. Since the onset of the euro crisis, Europeans have lost faith in the bloc, even in pro-European countries, like Germany.”

Jose Ignacio Torreblanca, Spanish political scientist and Senior Research Fellow at the European Council on Foreign Relations, says the entire continent is affected with “growing skepticism” about the European Union:
“Only 20 percent of Spanish citizens trust the EU, compared to 56 percent in 2009. Crisis-battered Italians turned into euro-skeptics as well – trust there fell from 52 percent to 31.”

Such statistics may be expected in southern Europe.  However adds:  “But the European Union has also lost its prestige in countries that are considered economically stable; for instance, Germany and France. Only 30 percent of Germans now trust the EU, compared to 2009 when that figure was 14 percentage points higher. French trust has dropped 8 percent to 34 percent.”

In a joint article, “The Remarkable Rise of Continental Euroscepticism,” journalists from several nations comment.  Elrike Guerot writes that Germans feel betrayed, and that EU’s failure they will have to pay higher taxes or endure higher inflation. “The Eurobarometer data shows that 56% of Germans have “no trust” in the EU while only 30% have a “fairly positive” image of the EU.”

Thomas Klau says France is no exception:  “ In 2012 the number of French respondents who “tend not to trust” the EU april27 pEU rose to 56 % from 41% in 2007.” Hans Kundnani writes, Britain has an even lower opinion: “The percentage of those who “tend not to trust” the EU has gone from 48% in 2004 to nearly 80% in 2012.”

Contrarily, Silvia Francescon argues that while Italy’s youth with 40% unemployment no longer want in the EU, a large majority don’t want to leave, they just want the system to be more “flexible and symmetrical.”  Dimitar Bechev of Bulgaria also writes his nation is pleased with EU.

Piotr Buras adds:  “ . . . the percentage of Poles who “tend not to trust” the EU (46%) is higher than the percentage of Poles who do “tend to trust” it (41%) – a remarkable development for a country that has traditionally been pro-European.”

EU politicians and citizens alike agree that what the EU lacks is a functioning democracy, which an ‘economy only’ union cannot provide.  Only a unified nation can do that.  And the odds of all of Europe agreeing to that are nil.

Besides, the Book of Revelation promises that only ten nations that will be part of the Revised Roman Empire when the anti-Christ arises, and how can 30 or 40 nations in the EU get down to ten?  Maybe there will be condensed by war!

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