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U.S. Reacts to North Korea’s Threats of Nuclear War, WWIII

posted by admin @ 13:00 PM
March 12, 2013

korea si    Somebody please tell Jael I gotta go.  Things are so heating up! North Korea just cancelled its 1953 armistice agreement with South Korea. I gotta talk to my informants over there. China backs the North’s revolt.  Japan moans the tsunami’s anniversary.  The U.S., Australia and Japan now run joint security operations.

And here I sit reporting on leaking nuclear power plants in the states.  Everybody knows they’re leaking.  Congress knows, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission knows, and God knows those private make-money companies know.

They just think the public doesn’t know that nuclear waste is seeping into the ground to soon ruin water, vegetation and animal life. Well, we at earth-end and other ‘nuc-watchers’ have warned of the danger, and it is up to people to act!

I’m writing Jael a memo relating these facts and asking permission to leave asap!  Attn.: Jael: Because the United Nations voted unanimously to impose new sanctions on North Korea due to their scary nuclear test firing last month, The North Korean (N.K.) president is furious. This could start Nuclear World War III. north-korea-soldiers-parade-afp-lg

Associated Press reporter, Hyung-Jin Kim, says N.K’s. chief honcho, Kim Jong Un, “has launched a bombast-filled propaganda campaign against the” U.S., South Korea (S.K.), Japan, Australia drills, which includes some 10,000 South Korean and about 3,000 American troops.

Kim also claims:  “North Korea has also warned South Korea of a nuclear war on the divided peninsula and said it was canceling nonaggression pacts.”  AND he further adds, “the North’s rocket test in December and third atomic bomb test last month may have pushed the country a step closer to acquiring the ability to hit the U.S. with weapons of mass destruction.”

In his New York Times editorial, ‘Reach Out to North Korea’ Donald P. Gregg, former U.S. Ambassador to Seoul, says the N.K. Pres just wants to negotiate.  To counter, eh or assist, that conclusion, on the other hand, Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman, in another Times editorial begs ‘Come Home, America,’ saying we have spent too much time, money and American lives on the two Koreas.

Hmm.  Maybe she’s right. At least that is what Kim says Korea wants: “. . . a formal peace treaty, security guarantees and other concessions, as well as the removal of 28,500 U.S. troops stationed in South Korea.”

Who knows that China is going to do?  Oh, and plus all of this, now both South Korea and Japan argue that since North Korea has nuclear weapons, they need them too. With its weak nuclear power plants, Japan could build them soon.

Please Jael I gotta go.  Let one of those new assistance you got me work on U.S. Nuc plants.  They don’t seem to be doing much anyway.  After all, wholesale Christian t-shirts, advise:  “ . . . the night cometh, when no man can work (John 9: 4b).”  Waiting to hear from you. Ask Bro. Michael and the guys to pray for me.

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Three Death Symbols America Should Get Rid Of!

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:55 AM
March 11, 2013

Jael:  I have wanted to speak to you for some time about the blog you and the kids did on these wild and domestic cats slaughtering the bird population. It is very prophetic.  Biblically, birds usually stand for heaven and closeness to God.

people-praying-for-salvationRev. Repriestly: Oh my?  How so, Dr. Ever?  Let us know that we may pray.

Jael: At least three internal and very symbolic killers have stealthily entered our society––and people have invited them in.  In the spirit world, they represent our nation’s drifting away from God, and toward the things of evil.

Just as Global Warming brings killer insects with diseases, these animals also bring death and curses, namely: 1) Snakes––pythons mainly and other types; 2) Wild boars tearing apart farm land; and 3) These hoards of wild cats decimating the nation’s bird population.  All three are quite dangerous to people, even domestic cats. But the greater danger is the spiritual symbolism they represent.

Rev. Repriestly: I know that the cats killing birds very much upsets the young people.  I understand about snakes, because in the book of Genesis they let Satan enter them, I guess.  Maybe the hogs have germs like the insects too.

Jael:  Snakes represent evil.  Scientists now estimate that pythons have moved north from Florida and Texas to now cover some 40 U.S. States.  People find these animals that can squeeze the life out of them in their yards and homes.

Rev. Repriestly:  I know Florida recently had a contest to see which person to catch and kill the most pythons, but the hunters weren’t able to catch many.

Jael:  It is a spiritual matter, not just one that man can exorcize with a gun.  These animals bring insecurity and fear.  As Revelations says, they wait for Satan’s command to kill:  “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill . . with the beasts of the earth (Revelations 6:8).”

Wild boars destroy vast tracks of farm land and kill domestic animals. They attack anything or anyone in their way.  Just wild-boars-evilas Bible prophecies promise: Satan has given them the mission to kill, steal and destroy (John 10: 10). They multiply rapidly. Soon they will break down all rural life.  God alone can rid them.

Just like commercial interests brought these animals here, they stop locales from euthanizing these feral cat populations. Money loving companies want people to ‘love’ cats and buy cat food. Cats represent our nation’s rebellion against God.

You know dogs and other animals can be trained to obey, but cats cannot.  Always rebellious, they insist upon doing only what they want to do. Cats spiritualize pagan adoration. The ancient Egyptians worshipped cats as a symbol of the female goddess Bast. They built temples dedicated to the worship of cats.

Rev. Repriestly: We call for prayer right now! Thank you sister for these awakenings.  We will fall on our faces in repentance, asking forgiveness that we have allowed these curses on our shores, asking that He revives our faith in Him.

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Money Still Trumps Human Life in U.S. Nuclear Power Industry?

posted by admin @ 18:27 PM
March 8, 2013

O.K. O.K. I’m not happy.  I had a huge lead on the ‘truth’ of why basketball player, Dennis Rodman, was really in North Korea, and how he got a ‘private’ meeting with president, Kim Jong-il––but Jael pulled me back to the U.S. to check on new stories about leaks in nuclear power plants!  How can I be an international correspondent when I’m not allowed to follow-up ‘zowee’ stories like this one.

2 men suited    Oh well, that’s on Jael.  You know bosses, they think they know everything.  OK she says Nuc Experts in the U.S. insist:  1) Leaks found in plants here; 2) Regulators found in ‘Cahoots with plant owners;’ 3) Owners refusing to move waste materials to safer areas; 4) Politicians aren’t listening.  So what else is new!

In ‘6 Tanks at Hanford Nuclear Site in Wash. Leaking,’ Associated Press reporter, Shannon Dininny, cites Washington State governor, Jay Inslee, who told federal officials that “Six underground tanks that hold a brew of radioactive and toxic waste at the nation’s most contaminated nuclear site are leaking.”

So then Inslee tells the public: “the leaking material poses no immediate risk to public safety or the environment because it would take a while—perhaps years––to reach groundwater.” And the feds are trying to decide what to do????

Dininny writes:  “Hanford’s tanks hold some 53 million gallons of highly radioactive waste—enough to fill dozens of Olympic-size swimming pools—and many of those tanks are known to have leaked in the past. An estimated 1 million gallons of radioactive liquid already leaked there.” And feds are trying to do . . .?

The problem:  “Cleanup is expected to . . . cost billions of dollars.” And profit-making nuclear plant owners do not want to pay to clean-up their own mess.  Reporting on leaking waste at New York plants, Eric Lipton and Matthew L. Wald point out in ‘Post-Fukushima, Arguments for Nuclear Safety Bog Down’ on Constellation Energy, owner of the famous Nine Mile Point plant on Lake Ontario:

“It was part of an intense lobbying campaign against a proposed rule that would require utilities to spend millions of nuclear-reactor-meltdowndollars on safety equipment that could reduce the effects of an accident like the Fukushima meltdown. . . the company tried to show it could handle emergencies without new devices and, of course, everything went according to plan.

“The industry has held private meetings with commissioners and their staffs, organized a drill like the one . . . and helped line up . . .support from dozens of members of Congress, many of whom received industry campaign contributions.”

As head of Nuc. Regulatory Commission, Gregory B. Jaczko, said: “ . . . too often, when faced with tough policy calls, a majority of this current commission has taken an approach that is not as protective of public health and safety . . .”

So money trumps lives?  Plus size Christian t-shirts ask Americans to pray.  Only God can protect us from these leaks:  “The LORD is far from the wicked: but He heareth the prayer of the righteous (Proverbs 15: 29).”

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Understanding Weather’s Reasons and the Sign of the Times

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 23:35 PM
March 7, 2013

snow-covering-cars        As America is pelted with more blasting snow storms, it seems well to remind ourselves that such winter weather is but more confirmation of Global Warming.  Melting sea waters absorbing more into the atmosphere, and warmer weather before winter months simply set up scenarios for harsh winter storms.

Jeff Masters of explains:  “Heavy snowstorms are not inconsistent with a warming planet. In fact, as the Earth gets warmer and more moisture gets absorbed into the atmosphere, we are steadily loading the dice in favor of more extreme storms in all seasons, capable of causing greater impacts on society.”

He adds that storms coating the northeast U.S. are Category Three storms, three times larger than the last two winters.  “If the climate continues to warm, we should expect an increase in heavy snow events for a few decades, until the climate grows so warm that we pass the point where it’s too warm for it to snow heavily.”

Speaking for Minnesota, an area that sees its share of winter snow, Paul Douglas, founder and meteorologist at Weather insists tells Associated Press that his state has warmed two to three degrees which brings turbo-charged storms filled with warm air and moisture in both winter and summer:

“Something has changed, it’s not your grandfather’s weather anymore.  These ‘Black Swan’ weather events, whether it’s a . . . flood, a tornado . . . , or more Sandys, we need to understand climate theory has become meteorological reality.”

Another expert, Dr. Michael Mann, Distinguished Professor of Meteorology at Penn State University, and director of the Earth System Science Center, adds:  “Climate change contrarians and deniers love to cherry-pick individual events to argue that they are somehow inconsistent with global warming, when they are not.

“As long as it’s cold enough to snow––which it will be in the winter––you potentially will get greater snowfalls.  This is due to a fundamental property of the atmosphere — namely that warmer air is capable of holding more moisture.”

In ‘Monster Snowstorms Still Spell Global Warming,’ Michio Kaku of CNN News writes:  “The weather seems to be snow piled upgoing berserk, with more snow dumped on our beleaguered Northeastern cities in a month than in a year, paralyzing business and our lives. Records are being broken even as we speak.

“Common sense says that it’s the freezing cold that is behind the freaky weather. But physics says otherwise.  Basically, snowstorms in this region arise from the collision of cold Arctic air from Canada moving south and bumping up against warm, moist air from the Gulf of Mexico, causing water vapor to condense and freeze and then form snowstorms, which travel up the Northeast corridor.”

While experts explain winter snows, The LORD Jesus, tells us in Bible prophecies that Global Warming is a sign of the End Times:  “When it is evening, ye say, It will be fair weather: for the sky is red.  And in the morning, It will be foul weather to day: for the sky is red and lowring. O ye hypocrites, ye can discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times (Matthew 16: 2 – 3)?”

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Earth’s Swallowing Sink Holes: It’s Weak Crust Is Collapsing, Part 4

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 16:27 PM
March 5, 2013

1lIM05-1 Em 56    The State of Florida, the United States and the world owes to Jeffery Bush’s sacrificial death for the perfect image how mankind’s mismanagement of this planet is quickly leading us all to a similar demise from earth’s collapse.

After thoroughly reviewing skeptics who claim that earth’s end may be far off in “Tipping Points: Can Humanity Break The Planet?,” Tom Zeller, Jr., argues that ‘far off’ is a dangerous gamble.  First he discusses an email message from James E. Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute, about the slow, but eventual, collapse of the planet’s solid cover to the point of no return:

“. . . tipping points may unfold more smoothly than people generally understand, but that they represent points of no return nonetheless. . . . dismissing the notion of global tipping points out of hand was a mistake.”  Then Zeller quotes Hansen directly:  “Tipping points are real, albeit misunderstood by some people.”

Moreover, Robert Sanders of UC Berkeley’s News Center sites researchers there who have come to the same conclusions as Hansen:  “A prestigious group of scientists from around the world is warning that population growth, widespread destruction of natural ecosystems, and climate change may be driving Earth toward an irreversible change in the biosphere, a planet-wide tipping point that would have destructive consequences absent adequate preparation and mitigation.”

At the Berkeley campus, 22 internationally known scientists met as part of The Berkeley Initiative in Global Change Biology.  UC Berkeley professor Tony Barnosky posits:  “We really do have to be thinking about these global scale tipping points, because even the parts of Earth we are not messing with directly could be prone to some very major changes . . .
Even more frightening, Standford’s Elizabeth Hadley, a co-author of the study adds:  “ . . . we may already be past these tipping points in particular regions . . . I just returned from . . .the high Himalayas in Nepal, where I witnessed families fighting each other with machetes for wood––wood that they would burn to cook their food in one evening.  In places where . . . people fend for themselves, and biodiversity suffers. . . We . . .need global leadership for planet Earth.”


Precisely because of such fears, “preppers” construct fortresses to protect themselves from hungry marauders.  But most U.S. citizens don’t think that such poverty will touch their shores.  Bush’s sinking death, however, proves “preppers” may not be able to save themselves.  Earth’s crumpling collapse could swallow all.

While the planet crumbles, leaders on three continents––Europe, Asia and Africa––will soon agree with Hadley’s assessment that planet Earth needs global leadership, and they will call on the anti-Christ to save them from such chaos.  But alas, his god, Satan, source of chaos, wills destruction of earth and its peoples.

Only God’s Son can stop their armies.  As wholesale Christian Bibles promise:  “ . . . behold a white horse; and He that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness He doth . . . make war. .  . He treadeth the winepress of the fierceness and wrath of Almighty God. . . and on His thigh a name written, KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS (Revelation 19: 11 – 16).”

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Earth’s Swallowing Sink Holes: It’s Weak Crust Is Collapsing, Part 3

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 0:37 AM
March 5, 2013

The tragic story of Florida’s soft sinking sand swallowing Jeffery Bush is but further evidence that mankind is destroying Planet Earth with:

building collapsing        1) Excessive weight of structures and heavy industries in overcrowded urban/suburban populations of some 8 billion people; 2) Carbonized atmosphere creating an overheated planet, and recirculating that heat into earth’s depths; 3) Such heat melting polar ice caps to unbalance the planet’s strength and shape; 4) Uncontrolled underground mining of every kind, producing man-made quakes and sinking grounds; 5) Accelerated destruction of ecosystems supporting men and animals; 6) Forced production from earth and seas to unsustainable levels, etc.
Becky Oskin affirms that indeed our planet seems to be coming apart in her careful explanation titled, ‘What Caused the Solomon Islands Earthquake & Tsunami?’ for  “The deadly earthquake and tsunami that hit the Solomon Islands today [February 6, 2013] struck along a subduction zone, the same geologic setting responsible for the world’s most powerful earthquakes.

“In a subduction zone, two of Earth’s tectonic plates meet and one slides beneath the other into the mantle, the deeper layer beneath the crust. The Solomon Islands sits above the collision between the Australia and Pacific plates.

“There were dozens of earthquakes around the Solomon Islands in the month leading up to today’s massive quake, the USGS reported. More than 40 magnitude-4.5 quakes shook the islands in the past week alone, and seven of those temblors were larger than a magnitude-6.0, the USGS (U.S. Geological Survey) said.”

In short, these quakes of all sizes and depths, and resulting plate shifts, disturb the planet to the point that they well may prepare the planet for one or more highly destructive––i.e. millions killer earthquakes and/or super volcanoes.

Alvin Conway author of ‘The Extinction Protocol,’ and founder of the blog of the same name says on page 166 – 172 of his book:  “We are entering an era of increased planetary instability, brought on by a significant rise in the geothermal gradient, and subsequent magmatic fluid expansion within the planet’s interior.

“It will be a time, in which, we will see catastrophic and exponential increases in the number of natural disasters- Sinkhole_Swedenmost notably: earthquakes, storms, and volcanic eruptions. . .
“It will be the cluster eruption of mega-quakes, and their resonate aftermath, which will signal the planet has entered an intensified cataclysmic period of transition… these quakes will signal the secondary stage of Earth’s thermal acceleration, and should come to be viewed as signs of increasing disorder.”

Indeed, even used Christian books promise that the heat of Global Warming will be mankind’s self-destruction: “Therefore hath the curse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left (Isaiah 24: 6).”

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Earth Swallowed Man Today: It’s Weak Crust Is Collapsing, Part 2

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 2:45 AM
March 1, 2013

man-swallowed-alive-in-bedroomFor those doubting that Earth is in  imminent collapse––is this proof enough? Today, March 1st, a sink hole opened up beneath a man’s bedroom while he slept and instantly swallowed him whole.  While the brother who heard him scream, got to his room in seconds, it was too late.  The man was already gone.

In fact, with neighbors sounding alarms from horrific noises, when a deputy sheriff got to room, he struggled to hurriedly pull out the brother––whose body was buried in the soil up to his neck––before the hole ate up more of the house.

So far, the body of the victim, Jeffery Bush, age 36, has not been recovered, because the ground is too unstable for the heavy equipment needed to recover his body.  When his brother Jeremy rushed to Jeffery’s room, he found that the bed, and a dresser had disappeared into a growing chasm.

“I couldn’t do anything,” Jeremy told the Miami Herald.  Everything in the room was gone. I just wanted to get my brother back.  It was something you would see in a movie. You wouldn’t, in your wildest dreams, you wouldn’t think anything like that could happen, especially here.”

Jeremy, who lived in the house with his wife and 2-year-old daughter and two other family members, is now living in a hotel.  And several families in the vicinity have been evacuated as well.

When full rescue gear and crew arrived, Hillsborough County Fire Rescue spokeswoman Jessica Damico told ABC-TV News:  “We put engineering equipment into the sinkhole and didn’t see anything compatible with life.  The entire house is on the sinkhole.”

This unbelievable nightmare has been repeated in Florida for years. The Extinction Protocol (EP) presents the recent Florida Geological Survey Map Series No. 10 with dotted locations showing scores of sinkhole events in that state since 1954.   EP comments on  this supposedly statewide sinkhole database:  “It does not include all sinkholes in Florida!”

ABC-TV spokesperson says:  “The state is especially prone to sinkholes because underneath the ground is limestone, a porous rock that easily dissolves in water, sometimes forming a hole in the earth.”

Questions:  What have Florida state officials done about this stink hole problem? Is that problem human weight with too sinkholetype-near-mapmany people living in and visiting the state?  Is the soil simply too weak to support the huge influx of people who now live in the state?

Does the state have any plans to improve construction codes to make residents stable?  Are commercial and industrial buildings safer?  How many very weak ground areas have state officials deemed unsafe for human habitation?

God, holds public officials accountable to care for their people.  Hopefully, Jeffery made his peace with God beforehand, just as David prayed in wholesale Christian Bibles:  “Deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink: let me be delivered from them that hate me, and out of the deep waters (Psalm 69: 14).”

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