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Mali, the United States and France’s Post-Colonial Rule

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 0:46 AM
January 29, 2013

       The American people, and their leaders need to think long and hard before joining the French army in fighting against Islamic militants who have invaded Northern Mali.  Calling themselves Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Ansar Dine, and overcoming the Mali military, they have installed Shariah law.

Finally as Islamists pushed further south, the Mali government and other African leaders have persuaded the United Nations, and France in particular, to take up arms.  And France called on its ally, the United States, to provide transportation through the U.S. Air Force.

While France began fighting in Mali on January 11, this week, in C-17 Globemaster III transport jets, flying for the U.S. Africa Command, our Air Force began carrying French soldiers and military equipment from Istres, France to Bamako, Mali.

Moreover, according to ‘Air Force Delivers French Troops to Mali,’ by Air Force Staff Sgt. Nathanael Callon, “the United States deployed airmen from the 621st Contingency Response Wing from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, N.J., and multiple C-17 aircrews to a French air base here.

“Cargo and equipment are prepared by the French, and load plans are given to the U.S. aircraft commander for review, said Maj. Eric Chabaud, Chief of Aircraft Services here for the French Air Force.”  So if France has an Air Force, why does it need help from the U.S.?

Academics who know the true history of France in Africa, and of the so-called ‘end of colonialism,’ remain skeptical of France’s interest in Mali and of its intentions.  And they send warnings to the U.S. government to be very cautious.

Aware that France’s rule over some African nations has never ended, they point out that France, and other European nations, imposed borders on African nations, based in the natural wealth in areas most valued by colonizers, often dividing tribes, and geographical histories without regard to African cultures.

Instead African states, trying to accommodate ‘ex-colonists,’ must speak French, as well as their own and other tribal dialects. And like Spain’s continuing grip over South America, France controls the economies of Mali and other nations of that continent through local puppet governments and French monetary systems.

As Prof. Bronwyn Winter of the University of Sydney writes:  “French interests in the region are no doubt economic as much as political. Apart from some 6,000 French citizens living in Mali and a significant Malian diasporic population in France, this former French colony is Africa’s third gold producer as well as the site of as-yet unexploited uranium, gas and petroleum reserves.”

Bible commentators argue that the U.S. is not mentioned in Scripture as participating in WWIII, but this is how it could happen: we choose to enter a battle which is not our own.  Put this on plus size Christian t-shirts for soldiers, generals and  politicians:  “Wisdom is better than weapons of war (Ecclesiastes 9:18).”

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