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Victims of Hurricane Sandy Need America’s Help!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 1:23 AM
November 13, 2012

        While the victims of Hurricane Sandy may no longer dominate the nightly news, the truth is they still suffering mightily.  And the second storm coming through with icy snow only made it worse.

State and national officials have never fully published total numbers about victims killed in the Sandy disaster.  You read that some 40 died in New York City, and that more than 100 died where houses were built on sand and marshes.

But exactly how many died, how many were injured, and how many are homeless on the East Coast in the wake of Sandy is unknown.  Nor do we know the full number homes, stores or other businesses destroyed by this horrible storm.

Perhaps the country is left to assume that because the military is organized to help stricken neighborhoods, and the very capable Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is in charge––everything is taken care of.

Well it is not.  Anna Galland, of the Civic Action Arm of writes:  “The media may have moved on from Hurricane Sandy, but ten days after the storm hit, hurricane victims are in serious trouble in the greater New York area.  Hundreds of thousands still have no electricity. Many don’t have running water. With temperatures dropping to the 30s, many are freezing with no heat. In the hardest-hit neighborhoods, many still don’t have working toilet facilities.”

And how many Americans are aware that––just as my colleague Doc Ad Versery predicted––for the first time in the United States, Doctors Without Borders have flown in to support our medical systems.  Reporting for, Matthew Power asserts:  “International humanitarian-aid group Doctors Without Borders, best known for conducting emergency health care interventions in war-torn countries, set up a makeshift clinic for Hurricane Sandy victims in one of New York’s worst-hit communities to fill in the gaps in the government’s response.”

Volunteer and government workers need all the help we can offer.  Those wishing to assist can give to these agencies:  The Red Cross,; Brooklyn Recovery Fund,;  Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New York: Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City:; Salvation Army:; and United Way Sandy Recovery Fund:

Above all, we must pray that our nation swiftly faces the full dangers of Global Warming.  For one thing, The LORD Jesus tells us in Bible prophecies not to build houses on sand:  “And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house upon the sand:  And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it (Matthew 7: 24 – 27).”

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Rats & Diseases: Health Affects From Hurricane Sandy

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 0:22 AM
November 9, 2012

     Sarah Newsworthy:  Doc, thanks for contacting me about rising health concerns as the nation tries to cope with Hurricane Sandy’s material costs.  You say we must think about than those monetary destruction of that horrific storm?

Dr. Ad Versery:  Yes Sarah.  While we warn about rats that survived flooded subways coming up in droves to spread their many diseases, we must also prepare for the pollutants Hurricane Sandy leaves behind.

As Tim Wall of points out:  “The aftermath of Sandy may be around long after the rubble has been cleared . . . The storm’s torrents may have washed high levels of hazardous pollutants from cities and farms into waterways.  The U.S. Geological Survey is currently sampling the waters in areas affected by the massive storm to measure pesticide pollution, E. coli contamination, nutrient levels, and sediment.”  Large quantities of nutrients, pesticides and sediment may flush into rivers, affecting long-term water quality.

Sarah:  My goodness doc.  How much longer can East Coast Americans stand under such stress.  They are freezing in their homes, too fearful of carbon monoxide seeping from generations to sleep, and low on groceries and necessities.

Also, after the comfort of finally having power restored after Sandy, now many are out of power again with this nor’eastern snow storm.  Many have told television interviewers that they don’t know how much more they can take.

Dr. Ad Versery:  Yes that is true.  The medical community must send for more mental health workers.  We must also prepare for deadly that diseases millions of rats can unleash on New York City.  Melissa Breyer lends credence:

“. . . it’s generally estimated that there are more rats than inhabitants (8.3 million) in the city that never sleeps, with some estimates going as high as 32 million. . . . many of the tunnels and stations are still pretty packed with rats, earning the city the distinction of Worst Rat City in the World.  And with Hurricane Sandy’s deposit of massive amounts of water into the subterranean system, many of the rodents may be flooded out of their underground abodes.”

These rats can carry and spread deadly diseases such as leptospirosis, hantavirus, typhus, salmonella and the plague.  And the vermin have incredible ability to climb walls, trees, phone poles, etc.  They can: survive 50 foot falls, jump  four feet, swim a mile, and can move through sewer pipes.

Sarah: Sandy’s final results could be dreadful!  Prayer warriors John, Jude and Michael please offer repentant prayers asking God to forgive the nation’s willful ignorance about Global Warming, and to hold back the tide of these diseases.  Christian prayer books instruct us all to:  “In meekness instructing those that oppose themselves; if God peradventure will give them repentance to the acknowledging of the truth (2 Timothy 2: 25).”

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East Coast Being Pelted by Another Storm: Snow, Wind & Rain

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 18:39 PM
November 7, 2012

    The East Coast is being hit by another storm––this time including snow––and residents staying in their cold homes are too cold but too frightened of looters to leave.  And this new storm is expected to leave temperatures even colder.

While cities struggle to re-fire transportation infra-structures, people shivering in what’s left of their homes––without heat or electricity, and in some cases without water––feel abandoned and alone!

Generator sales are up, but the gasoline needed to keep their going is still in short supply, with lines of people holding red cans waiting to refill them circling around gas stations.  And even using generators can be dangerous as one couple almost died from a generator’s carbon monoxide fumes.

Yes, mayors have urged people to leave their homes in view of this new nor’easterner.  But those same leaders cannot guarantee home safety.  So as David Seifman, Reuven Fenton and Bruce Golding of the New York Post say, most storm-weary victim elect to stay home:

“Many residents in areas of Staten Island hit hard by Hurricane Sandy say they plan to weather the nor’easterner in their battered and powerless homes.  Some residents say that they fear looting. Some feel they have nowhere else to go. Some figure Mother Nature has already dished out the worst.”

However, meteorologists are hopeful that this new storm may be moving further offshore, which would mean its winds and floods may not be as bad. Forecasters believe that this, new but still massive, storm will hit the region with winds at 40 miles an hour, but with some flooding along the coast as it moves up the Atlantic seaboard from Florida.

Seifman, et. al. write that weather-watchers have placed flood warnings “for Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, as well as the hard-hit coastlines in New Jersey and Long Island, with storm surges expected to reach up to 4 feet.”

Airlines have already canceled flights for New York and other East area airports.  At least 360 flights to the three New York airports.  Thankfully, they are not charging customers who have to reschedule.

Mayors have closed city parks and beaches.  Moreover, this new storm will also hamper efforts to clean up from Hurricane Sandy.   And these clean-ups are crucial for human health.  As Tim Wall writes in

“The storm’s torrents may have washed high levels of hazardous pollutants from cities and farms into waterways. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is currently sampling the waters in areas affected by the massive storm to measure pesticide pollution, E. coli contamination, nutrient levels, and sediment.” All dangerous stuff!!

As we pray for those in the region who have lost so much of material value, let us offer them this verse from Christian messages:  “For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, . . (Isaiah 25: 4), even as we send or bring them all the help we can!

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Sandy’s Rude Awakenings, Cultural Endings, & Prolonged Miseries!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 20:46 PM
November 5, 2012

        As one television commentator said this morning, pictures don’t do justice to the utter havoc Hurricane Sandy has wrecked upon the United States.  It will take months, perhaps even years, for East Coast America to get back to normal.  But then, what was normal before Sandy will probably never be normal again.

Universities, mail deliveries, subways, gas stations, etc.––facets of life we take for granted––strain to re-start. Chemical and Engineering News explains: “Power outages plagued the region . . . 8.2 million electric utility customers in 16 states lacked power.  Customers from Maine to Virginia were affected, with the largest number of power outages reported in New Jersey (2.6 million), followed by New York, where 2 million households and businesses lost power.

Associated Press reporter Wayne Parry laments losses of homes, businesses and culture in the Eastern United States:  “All along the state’s 127-mile coastline, the storm wrecked communities rich and poor, from multimillion-dollar homes in Bay Head and Mantoloking to blue-collar bay-front bungalows.

“Boardwalks were trashed, a roller coaster dumped into the ocean. The worst damage was nearest the ocean, but winds and water wrecked homes several miles inland as well. Damage assessments were still being made, but thousands of homes were affected.”  He gives example after example of sorrowful Americans anguished over Jersey Shore memories washed away in Sandy’s wretched waves.

Evan Soltas of writes that “If there can be a silver lining to such a horrible natural disaster as Hurricane Sandy, it’s that the devastation has given many Americans a firsthand understanding of the costs of climate change.

“Sandy illustrates a major reason economists see climate change as dangerous: its ‘tail risk.’  Tail risks, or small probabilities of extreme outcomes, have become a major focus of recent research and discussion on the environment.
Sandy was the quintessential ‘tail event.’  It caused the first two-day shutdown of the New York Stock Exchange since 1888 because of weather. . .”

Martin L. Weitzman, economics professor and expert on climate change, adds:  “The most striking feature of the economics of climate change is that its extreme downside is non-negligible.  ‘Deep structural uncertainty’ about our planet’s reaction to higher levels of greenhouse gases leaves the world exposed to ‘essentially unlimited downside liability.’”  In other words––if governments do not mount aggressive battles against Global Warming, Planet Earth awaits nothing but overwhelming destruction.  Not to do everything possible to avoid such an inevitable future is just plain stupid.

God told Ezekiel in wholesale Christian Bibles that those who are so impudent and hardhearted as to refuse change, invite nothing but extinction (Ezekiel 2: 4, 3: 7).  As much as we cry over the loss of comfortable vacation spots, we must look forward to more sensible reconstruction for the nation’s future!

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Hurricane Sandy Awakens U.S. to Global Warming Realities, Part 2

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 14:47 PM
November 1, 2012

    Television images of destruction to U.S. Eastern Shores bring sad reminders of the effects of Global Warming.  As of today, Hurricane Sandy’s total death tolls are unknown, but estimated to be some 71 in the Caribbean and 70 in the U.S., including 24 in New York City, 8 in New Jersey and 4 in Connecticut.

That number is expected to rise as workers check flooded houses, stores and basements.  Shamefully outbreaks of looting has begun, especially in city areas without power.  Ninety percent of the power on Long Island is out, and some 1800 upstate New York workers join Power Authority attempts to restore service.

Some six million people are still without power.  And up and down the coast, officials worry about standing flood waters mixed with gas, downed power lines and raw sewage.  Although they beg residents to stay indoors, some venture out for food and fresh water.  And some who step on power lines are killed instantly.

More hospitals have to transfer patients due to failed generators.  Some dependent on power to run breathing machines while trapped in homes without power are dying.  As nights turn colder, homes without heat become excruciating.

Some Amtrak lines are restored; airports open today for some flights.  The governor has declared all available bus, train and subway rides to be free of charge.  And to cut down congestion, the New York mayor says cars ride three to be legal.

Famed economist Paul Krugman figures Sandy’s bite out of our financial status may be minimal:  “Hurricane Sandy is estimated to have caused $30 billion to $50 billion in economic damages, according to IHS Global Insight.”

But that does not include costs for architectural restructuring in view of Climate Change.  Governor Andrew Cuomo figures initial damage of up to $6 billion in lost state revenue.

At the few gas stations with electric pumping power, cars line up by the hundreds to fill up tanks, and containers for generators.  Food supplies are running low because restaurant and grocery supplies can’t get through for deliveries.

If there were ever a time for believers to intercede for our country, it is now.  Christian prayer books lift useful prayers right from Scripture.  For example, as King David prayed in Psalm 4: 1:

“Hear me when I call, O God of my righteousness: thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress; have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer.”  Also, repentant kings and prophets prayed for their nations by reminding God of His mercy:  “But as for me, my prayer is unto thee, O LORD, in an acceptable time: O God, in the multitude of thy mercy hear me, in the truth of thy salvation (Psalm 69: 13).”

And Daniel prayed for his country, confessing their sins as if they were his own, although he had not sinned as such himself: “To the Lord our God belong mercies and forgivenesses, though we have rebelled against him. . . (9:9).”
Now that is intercession.  OK, Prayer Warriors, let’s get to work!

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