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Americans Must Wake Up to The Truth About Global Warming!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 17:55 PM
November 14, 2012

   All facets of this nation––governments, businesses, insurers and private home owners––must wake up to the fact of Global Warming.  It is not going away.  If each part of the economic whole persists on ‘low cost’ prominence continuing, then we will see more deaths, injuries and unprepared-for destruction here at home.

Political leaders who deny the realities of Global Warming––and then block those working to ameliorate its ravages––must face public backlash.  Moreover, homeowners, real estate brokers, insurance companies, etc. who fight to preserve the status quo for the sake of ‘property values’ now gamble with peoples lives, and indeed the economic survival of the entire nation.  Enough!  We must face reality!

Eric Lipton, Felicity  Barringer and Mary Walsh, write in ‘Flood Insurance, Already Fragile, Faces New Stress:’ “Some communities have long resisted imposing more appropriate building codes to prevent damage, putting the program at further risk of devastating losses when storms like Hurricane Sandy hit.”

They also write:  “More than one million property owners who live in homes at least four decades old also have historically paid only about 40 percent of the estimated true cost of the coverage the government provides — in large part because of lobbying by the real estate industry, mortgage brokers, homeowners associations and other groups to keep federal authorities from charging more.”

For instance, in ‘Norfolk Weighs Stricter Rules For Flood Prevention,’ Julian Nolin points to governments and home owners in Norfolk, Virginia, who are trying  to weigh neighborhood aesthetics against these sureties of incoming flood waters.

Fighting proposals to raise properties higher, contractor Dick Gresham argues: “That’s fine for new construction, but what concerns me is that Norfolk’s existing housing stock could be diminished because the existing houses would have to be torn down or at great expense elevated. It takes away from the fabric and beauty of neighborhoods when all of a sudden you start jacking up houses.”

Apparently by ‘diminished housing stock’ Gresham refers to property values. But he doesn’t point out that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has already given Norfolk millions of dollars to prepare its properties for storms like Sandy. Obviously, some branches of governments know what Global Warming is bringing to Planet Earth!  And it is time for the rest of us to get in line!

In addition, many have gone back to federal flood insurance tills dozens of times to do the impossible––i.e. repair houses over and over again that should never have been built in flood plains.  Hence, the federal flood insurance program is going broke.  The same communities that resist building codes necessary to confront rising oceans, also resist paying necessarily high insurance coverage.

An urgent entry in Bible verse cards is from Proverbs 16: 18––“Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”  Its great to have pride in one’s home and neighborhood, but not at the cost of human lives!  With storms like Hurricane Sandy coming, we must put human safety above aesthetic beauty.

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