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East Coast Being Pelted by Another Storm: Snow, Wind & Rain

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 18:39 PM
November 7, 2012

    The East Coast is being hit by another storm––this time including snow––and residents staying in their cold homes are too cold but too frightened of looters to leave.  And this new storm is expected to leave temperatures even colder.

While cities struggle to re-fire transportation infra-structures, people shivering in what’s left of their homes––without heat or electricity, and in some cases without water––feel abandoned and alone!

Generator sales are up, but the gasoline needed to keep their going is still in short supply, with lines of people holding red cans waiting to refill them circling around gas stations.  And even using generators can be dangerous as one couple almost died from a generator’s carbon monoxide fumes.

Yes, mayors have urged people to leave their homes in view of this new nor’easterner.  But those same leaders cannot guarantee home safety.  So as David Seifman, Reuven Fenton and Bruce Golding of the New York Post say, most storm-weary victim elect to stay home:

“Many residents in areas of Staten Island hit hard by Hurricane Sandy say they plan to weather the nor’easterner in their battered and powerless homes.  Some residents say that they fear looting. Some feel they have nowhere else to go. Some figure Mother Nature has already dished out the worst.”

However, meteorologists are hopeful that this new storm may be moving further offshore, which would mean its winds and floods may not be as bad. Forecasters believe that this, new but still massive, storm will hit the region with winds at 40 miles an hour, but with some flooding along the coast as it moves up the Atlantic seaboard from Florida.

Seifman, et. al. write that weather-watchers have placed flood warnings “for Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx, as well as the hard-hit coastlines in New Jersey and Long Island, with storm surges expected to reach up to 4 feet.”

Airlines have already canceled flights for New York and other East area airports.  At least 360 flights to the three New York airports.  Thankfully, they are not charging customers who have to reschedule.

Mayors have closed city parks and beaches.  Moreover, this new storm will also hamper efforts to clean up from Hurricane Sandy.   And these clean-ups are crucial for human health.  As Tim Wall writes in

“The storm’s torrents may have washed high levels of hazardous pollutants from cities and farms into waterways. The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) is currently sampling the waters in areas affected by the massive storm to measure pesticide pollution, E. coli contamination, nutrient levels, and sediment.” All dangerous stuff!!

As we pray for those in the region who have lost so much of material value, let us offer them this verse from Christian messages:  “For thou hast been a strength to the poor, a strength to the needy in his distress, a refuge from the storm, . . (Isaiah 25: 4), even as we send or bring them all the help we can!

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