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Sandy’s Rude Awakenings, Cultural Endings, & Prolonged Miseries!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 20:46 PM
November 5, 2012

        As one television commentator said this morning, pictures don’t do justice to the utter havoc Hurricane Sandy has wrecked upon the United States.  It will take months, perhaps even years, for East Coast America to get back to normal.  But then, what was normal before Sandy will probably never be normal again.

Universities, mail deliveries, subways, gas stations, etc.––facets of life we take for granted––strain to re-start. Chemical and Engineering News explains: “Power outages plagued the region . . . 8.2 million electric utility customers in 16 states lacked power.  Customers from Maine to Virginia were affected, with the largest number of power outages reported in New Jersey (2.6 million), followed by New York, where 2 million households and businesses lost power.

Associated Press reporter Wayne Parry laments losses of homes, businesses and culture in the Eastern United States:  “All along the state’s 127-mile coastline, the storm wrecked communities rich and poor, from multimillion-dollar homes in Bay Head and Mantoloking to blue-collar bay-front bungalows.

“Boardwalks were trashed, a roller coaster dumped into the ocean. The worst damage was nearest the ocean, but winds and water wrecked homes several miles inland as well. Damage assessments were still being made, but thousands of homes were affected.”  He gives example after example of sorrowful Americans anguished over Jersey Shore memories washed away in Sandy’s wretched waves.

Evan Soltas of writes that “If there can be a silver lining to such a horrible natural disaster as Hurricane Sandy, it’s that the devastation has given many Americans a firsthand understanding of the costs of climate change.

“Sandy illustrates a major reason economists see climate change as dangerous: its ‘tail risk.’  Tail risks, or small probabilities of extreme outcomes, have become a major focus of recent research and discussion on the environment.
Sandy was the quintessential ‘tail event.’  It caused the first two-day shutdown of the New York Stock Exchange since 1888 because of weather. . .”

Martin L. Weitzman, economics professor and expert on climate change, adds:  “The most striking feature of the economics of climate change is that its extreme downside is non-negligible.  ‘Deep structural uncertainty’ about our planet’s reaction to higher levels of greenhouse gases leaves the world exposed to ‘essentially unlimited downside liability.’”  In other words––if governments do not mount aggressive battles against Global Warming, Planet Earth awaits nothing but overwhelming destruction.  Not to do everything possible to avoid such an inevitable future is just plain stupid.

God told Ezekiel in wholesale Christian Bibles that those who are so impudent and hardhearted as to refuse change, invite nothing but extinction (Ezekiel 2: 4, 3: 7).  As much as we cry over the loss of comfortable vacation spots, we must look forward to more sensible reconstruction for the nation’s future!

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