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Hurricane Sandy Awakens U.S. to Global Warming Realities

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 23:40 PM
October 30, 2012

With all of its devastation, Hurricane Sandy––the worst disaster ever to hit the East coast––may have jolted this nation’s political leaders into openly discussing Global Warming as the most serious threat our nation faces.

The wide-ranging hurricane leaves: At least 50 people dead; States and cities trying to cope with unprecedented flooding in streets, subways, and airports; Power outages in some seven million homes; Public drinking water shut-off, and flood water mixing with odious overflowing sewerage; Crushed cars, trucks, boardwalks, and houses ripped off their foundations floating away in streets of rivers, etc.

The U.S. has not seen a disaster like this in more than a century.  Usually safe locations, such as shelters and hospitals––simply failed.  Hospital generators shut down, requiring patients to be moved elsewhere.  In some operating hospitals, workers had to lug fuel up flights of stairs to keep emergency generations going.

As of Tuesday morning, some 750,000 people were without power in New York City with heating, air conditioning, ventilation systems, etc. shut down.  The head of Con Ed says that the damage from Hurricane Sandy is “unprecedented in scope.”  Another 2.4 million Americans in New Jersey are without power.

Raging winds drove fires to burn over 100 homes to the ground in New York city as firemen watched hopelessly because they had no water power to fight with.
The Salvation Army and Red Cross scramble to provide meals in scores of shelters.

The 110 year New York subway is completely flooded, and late Tuesday evening officials asked the Army Corp of Engineers to help drain the seven flooded subway tunnels.  Scant parts of bus services are finally back up, but most streets are so packed with sand that movement is impossible.  Schools are closed.

Amtrak can provide some transportation service.  But not airports.  Eighteen thousand flights in the U.S. and around the world are still cancelled because the great New York airports are completely flooded.  Moreover, with no subways running, most airport workers can’t make it to work.

And oh yes, Sandy also brought three feet of snow to the hills of West Virginia, and full damage there is still not reported.  Insurance companies estimate Sandy’s wreckage will reach billions of dollars.  However, only tomorrow when Wall Street tries to reopen, after Sandy left it in a historic two-day shut-down, may we begin to know just how heavy she may have hit the American economy.

As New York governor Andrew Cuomo said, Sandy is the second hurricane of ‘a life-time’ that has hit the East Coast in two years. Therefore, our nation must do some re-thinking.  About Global Warming.?  Do ya think?

Let us turn ourselves to urgent prayer to The Most High God.  As King David says in Bible prophecies in Psalm 62: 11: “God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God.”  He has the power to turn our leaders to see the truth about Global Warming, and to change the nation’s direction.

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