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Merkel Switches Positions on Greece; But March to WW3 Goes On!

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 0:40 AM
October 11, 2012

        Well the ‘mountain’ wouldn’t agree with Merkel.  So Merkel went to the ‘mountain’!  As the overwhelming majority of Greece: 1) Hates her austerity program; 2) Protests violently against it; 3) Fight Greek governments’ attempts to meet her economic demands––Merkel came to Greece to change ‘their’ minds!

Whether this was a public relations stunt, or an attempt to renegotiate her will, the German Chancellor’s visit surely gave police and security forces in Athens, the Greek capitol, a royal fit!  On the one hand, trying to protect Merkel, and on the other trying to hold back the crowd of some 25,000 protesters.

While crowds railed against her, Merkel called Greece a partner and friend of Germany.  Standing with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras, Merkel insisted that Greece had made much progress in cutting its deficit:

“It’s for this reason that I would like to say that a huge part of the journey has already been accomplished.  Germany and Greece are going to work very closely together.”  And Samaras called Merkel a friend of Greece.

CNN reporters Matthew Chance and Oliver Joy write:  “German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed solidarity with Greece Tuesday on a trip to Athens, even as tens of thousands of Greeks rallied to show their anger toward her over the hardship their country is suffering.  Critics see Merkel as the main enforcer of the European Union-imposed austerity measures that have left a large number of Greeks unemployed and streaming to soup kitchens for a hot meal.”

Greek President Karolos Papoulias spoke up for the Greek people:  “They have nearly exhausted how much they can take. And of course we need to think of measures that will give hope to these people that are suffering.”

There are several obvious reasons for Merkel changing her earlier position that Greece should never have been allowed to join the European Union (EU): First,  she is up for re-election in Germany this year, and most German people are against paying more bailout money to other nations.  Thus, she must show progress that the austerity program is working even in the weakest EU nation.

Second,  some other richer EU countries are threatening to pull out of the Union––again because they believe that poorer countries are damaging their own prosperity.  If these nations pull away, Merkel’s plan to unite all of Europe under Germany would collapse.  Third, the United States, and other non-EU nations have voiced objections to her ]austerity debacle.  High unemployment in the EU is even bringing China’s economy down.  World nations tire of her austerity program.

As Bible prophecies explain––“For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed (Isaiah 9: 16)”––these gyrations are what wars are made of.  Merkel, no doubt, will be re-elected.  Greece, and other poorer EU nations, will continue to suffer.  And Germany will continue her goose-stepping march toward World War III.

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