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Japan At ‘War’ With China and with the Rest of East Asia

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September 30, 2012

       The United States has warned Japan and China that if their international squabbling over several islands of disputed ownership standing between their countries––and other Asian nations––doesn’t stop, it could ultimately lead to a ‘hot’ war.  Even now nations are posturing war ships in the area.

Apparently, an abundance of fish in this limited location in the East China Sea––known as the Diayu Islands in China, but called the Senkaku Islands islands in Japan––has been a bone of contention in the area for years.  Also natural undersea gas and oil fields around the islands enhance their value.

But when Japan purchased three of the islands for $ 26 million from a private Japanese owner, China insisted Japan was stealing its property, and that China would ‘assert’ its rule over the islands.  While Koichiro Yoshida, vice president of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, says he does not believe the quarrel will lead to war, he adds:  “But if it does and the Chinese vessels enter the territorial waters around the Islands, Japan should take aggressive measures. We must protect the rights of our citizens and our sovereignty over the islands.

The dispute can hurt both nations economically. reports:  “Nissan Motor’s sales in August fell and many joint events as well as Chinese tours to Japan have been canceled.”  Yet Yoshida vows that this squirmish will not interfere with the economic health of either nation:  “Japan is a major investor and China is our largest trading partner. Although Chinese consumers might not buy Japanese brands because of this. I suspect there is too much at risk for both countries, but it will be more damaging for China.”

Meanwhile, according to Ben Blanchard and Jason Lee of Reuters News Service, violent anti-Japan protests have broken out in China and other Asian nations.  Chinese officials struggle to contain populist anger.  Demonstrators assaulted the Japanese embassy, looted Japanese shops, destroyed Japanese cars, and disrupted Japanese factories, yelling “Japan, get the hell out of China!”

Taiwan has jumped into the fray by dispatching 40 fishing boats and 12 patrol ships to the islands, which that nation also says belong to them.  Moreover, South Korea’s Foreign Minister Kim Sung-hwan asserts that it joins China and Taiwan against Japan because:  “We are [all] victims of Japanese colonial rule.”

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta recently advised:  “. . . when these countries engage in provocations . . . it raises the possibility that a misjudgment . . . could result in violence in . . . a potentially expanding conflict.”

This escalating conflict is one example of end-times “wars and rumors of wars” that The LORD Jesus speaks of in Mark 13: 7, a verse that should be printed on plus size Christian sweatshirts to prepare believers for the coming Final War.

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