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Just Plain Rain! Newest Global Warming Killer

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 1:18 AM
August 15, 2012

        Strangely just plain rain is killing hundreds––and possibly thousands––of people around the world.  This does not include normal flooding, hurricanes, land slides, etc.   And those deaths are just the numbers various nations made public.

Usually secretive North Korea’s State Mews Agency told AFP Press earlier this month that torrential rains “killed 169 people and left 400 missing . . . also made 212,200 people homeless . . . and washed away 161,310 acres of cropland.”

United Nations and World Food Programme agencies are sending food there to help in “this summer’s deluge.”  Officials fear an outbreak of diarrhea because thousands of families urgently need clean drinking water.  But aid is limited because Pyongyang chose a failed rocket launch instead of international food aid.

India tells Voice of America that monsoon rains have sent 81 people to their graves, and made two million others homeless.  Railroad lines were broken, national parks wiped out and hilly tea crops destroyed.  It seems that no one in a nation that expects monsoon rains ever season were ready for such massive rains this time.  Doctors are now treating waterborne diseases.

The Extinction Protocol adds that these heavy rain falls forced an overloaded bus into a gorge in India, leaving 52 dead and 45 injured, resulting in one of the worst accidents in that country in recent years.

China’s state news media reports to The New York Times that the nation’s capitol, Beijing, has suffered the heaviest rainfall in 60 years, killing some 40 people and sending 50,000 others “from waterlogged neighborhoods and villages.”

The Extinction Protocol explains:   “More than six inches of rain fell overnight . . . collapsing roofs, downing power lines and turning highway underpasses into ponds that engulfed scores of cars and buses.  About 80,000 passengers at Beijing Capital International Airport were stranded overnight after fierce thunderstorms forced the cancellation of 500 flights.”  Beijing edges on the Gobi Desert, so its sewer system cannot handle minor flooding after rainstorms.

Arata Yamamoto of MSNBC News writes: “An unprecedented 20 inches of rain descended on the town of Aso in southwestern Japan, inundating homes and rice paddies and killing at least 15 people.”  Another 11 are missing.

Floyd Whaley, covering the Asia Pacific for The New York Times, relates that torrential rains have put a third of Manila, the Philippines’ overpopulated capital, under-water.  This week the intense storms have killed 50 victims there and evacuated 250,000 people.  Others beg to be rescued from roofs of their homes.

Clearly, certain parts of the world are being hit with above-average and very unexpected rain falls, and Global Warming is the only possible answer.  Farmers use to pray for “lady rain,” or a gentle downpour to feed their crops.  Christian messages make clear that heavier rains portend judgment:  “And I will rain upon him, and upon his bands, and upon the many people that are with him, an overflowing rain . . .(Ezekiel 38: 22).”  We had best start praying for “lady rain.”

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2012 To Be Hottest Year on Record––And More Yet to Come!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 9:00 AM
August 13, 2012

      Just as this blog and others have warned, Global Warming is increasing its record heat and other dangers. Not only is July the hottest month ever recorded in our nation, 2012 is also shaping up to be the hottest year in our history.

And while the federal government and major media are careful not to disclose nation-wide details, this searing weather is killing Americans in record numbers.  And it is making others terribly ill.

The Extinction Protocol, on information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, reports: “The July heat wave that wilted crops, shriveled rivers and fueled wildfires officially went into the books Wednesday as the hottest single month on record for the continental United States.

“And the past 12 months have been the warmest of any such period on record, topping a mark set between July 2011 and this past June.   Every U.S. state except Washington experienced warmer-than-average temperatures.”

While major media does speculate about the economic disaster this heat will have on food prices, it has not revealed any national statistics about deaths resulting from  this extreme weather.  But from the number dead in just four states, it could be estimated that some 500 to 700 Americans have fallen from the heat.

The New York Times reports that, as of the end of July, the heat has killed 150 victims in Texas.  By mid-July, Wisconsin officials told the Associated Press that eight of its citizens suffered heat-related deaths since the first of the month.

Health officials in Maryland confirmed that the heat killed 38 people in that state.  And the Chicago Sun Times reports that 18 people in Chicago and Cook County had succumbed to the heat––and that doesn’t include the rest of the state.

With almost 200 known deaths in just four states, this oppressive heat without doubt has killed many more citizens in the other 46 states.  Obviously, media, federal government––nor the corporate giants who do not want to change their profitable business operations––are not protecting Americans by refusing to tell the truth about Global Warming, and the increasing heat and death it brings.

In the next few weeks, this blog will attempt to gather additional information  on:  1) Actual numbers of heat-related deaths and illnesses across the country; 2)  The dreadful connection between industrial air pollution and Global Warming heat; 3) The influence that these high temperatures have on hurricanes and other whacky weather; and 4)  Health tips to keep people safe during soaring temperatures.

Bible-inspired Christian messages make clear that extreme heat bodes pending judgment:  “They shall be burnt with hunger, and devoured with burning heat, and with bitter destruction (Deuteronomy 32: 24);”  “And men were scorched with great heat, and blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues: and they repented not to give him glory (Revelation 16: 9)” etc.  And those messages will call on men and women to prayerfully repent of national sins!

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Oceans Chase “Unstoppable” Deaths Towards Earth’s Extinction

posted by Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
August 9, 2012

 Because “the world’s ocean is at high risk of entering a phase of extinction of marine species unprecedented in human history,” scientists plea:  “Stop Polluting, Overfishing and Other Ocean Killings Because All Ocean Life Is Quickly Falling Into Extinction.” 
 Scholars insist that oceanic destruction is of greater magnitude than previously understood:  1) Global Warming and acidification now cause hypoxia (loss of oxygen) in oceans; 2) Ocean changes are accelerating much faster than expected; 3) The cumulative impacts of human-caused changes in ocean life––i.e. corporate overfishing, climate change, nutrient runoffs, dead zones, ruination of corals, toxicity of heavy metals, plastics dumping, non-native invasive species, rising sea levels, loss of ice cover, etc.

 4)  Delays in changing the ways people mistreat oceans will come at greater financial cost; 5) Dangerous loss of genetic diversity; 5) Chemical pollutants, agriculture run-offs, sediment loads and extraction of too many components of food webs are collapsing the ecosystem; 6) The extinction threat to marine species is rapidly increasing; 7) World leaders are not listening!

 They urge governments to immediately reduce allowed fishing levels,  to close disreputable fisheries, and criminalize toxic ocean dumping.  They also urge that the United Nations to take over governance of the high seas.  Dr. Alex Rogers at Oxford’s Conservation Biology Department says blithely: “If the Ocean goes down, it’s game over.”

 By that, he means that if the “game” is over for the oceans, its also over for the earth!  Mankind has no more time to play games with earth’s destruction.  As Genesis 1: 22, Nehemiah 9: 6, Psalms 135: 6 say, the oceans remain vital parts of God’s creation; and Psalms 69: 34 makes clear that ocean beings are instruments of His praise. 

 Moreover, Psalms 24: 2 attests that The Holy God established the earth upon the oceans: “For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods.” 

 As it is unlikely that the United Nations will take control of oceans,  the plea for some kind of world-wide ruler is actually an unintended call for the antiChrist.  And this evil genius will care less about preserving ocean life, or even Planet Earth for that matter––unless of course he can rule over it.  Thus, man’s negligence moves earth toward what Bible prophecies say is the next-to-last end of time!

 Readers had best jump on that ‘Ole Ship of Zion,’ piloted by The LORD Jesus Christ––the Only One Who can pilot us through these rough waters and preserve our lives now and throughout all eternity!

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World on Fire: Expiration Dates of Present Age Cultures

posted by Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
August 8, 2012

 Varies types of scientists, environmentalists and earth-watchers now ratchet up noise levels of their warnings:  “The earth as we know it is coming apart!”   And most of them would add, “And if we don’t move urgently and collectively to hold it together it may be too late to reverse our tumble into nonexistence.”
 In his PBS program titled, “Plan B: Mobilizing to Save Civilization,” Lester Brown laments tipping points stumbling towards earth destruction.  Even if earth does survive, Brown––through Matt Damon’s narration ––questions if modern civilization can survive with it.
 Insufficient food and water for the soon-to-be 10 billion people; states failing because crime, rebellion and misdirected governments; civil wars; obvious dangers from nuclear weapons and nuclear and other exploitative energies––all make it doubtful that the structures supporting civilized societies can survive!

 Frank Joseph Smecker and Derrick Jensen in their editorial, “You Can’t Kill a Planet and Live on It, Too,” for agree:  “With an entire planet being slaughtered before our eyes, it’s terrifying to watch the very culture responsible for this––the culture of industrial civilization, fueled by a finite source of fossil fuels, primarily a dwindling supply of oil––thrust forward wantonly to fuel its insatiable appetite for “growth.” 

 They argue that Western civilization suffers from the psychosis of technomania in “a genocidal mega-state,” as it marches “closer to self-annihilation.”  Stemming from an interview with Derrick Jensen, author of “The Culture of Make Believe,” the authors explain that today’s society is just an expansion of Hitler’s Nazism wherein systematic mass murder is acceptable in an orderly universe where a few employed people do what necessitates keeping a job.

 David writes in Psalms 127:1, “Except The LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except The LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.”  The same can be said of Planet Earth: to paraphrase, “Except The LORD saves this planet and those remaining on it, and those leaders who do nothing to save it, are all working on comparatively trivial things in vain.”
 In his Bible prophecies, Apostle Mark offers some hope:  “And except that The LORD had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved: but for the elect’s sake, whom He hath chosen, He hath shortened the days” (13: 20).  Rather than to be in that group of “no flesh should be saved,” everyone had best surrender life and soul to Jesus Christ now and join His protected elect.

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Is Man Free to Slaughter God’s Works of Art?

posted by Jael Ever @ 9:00 AM
August 7, 2012

 What if a sane person walked into a famous museum and deliberately slashed a Van Gogh, Picasso or other famous painting brutally with a sharp steel knife, making restoration impossible?  When caught, that person would be jailed for a very long time.  Right? 
 Moreover, artists, critics and art lovers around the world would be outraged, demanding that the culprit be given life imprisonment or even execution.  Such are systems of human laws, systems measuring treasures which societies agree have worth without measure, values that must be protected at all cost.

 Therefore, can someone please explain why men feel free to kill God’s living works of art in nature without any reason other than the sport of it?  And why they expect to get away with it?  Do they really believe that driving His works of art into extinction are not crimes requiring punishment?
 Take the beautiful nyala antelope, found mainly in the southern horn of Africa, in the mountains of South Africa and Ethiopia.  The male nyala stands some four feet high to his shoulders and have unbelievably beautiful horns twisting high up towards the heavens.  The females feature soft, dainty fawn-like qualities.   

        Numbering between eight and twelve thousand in the 1960s, nyala numbers are now down less than a thousand, and some researchers say down to only 150.  In addition to habitat loss, high-altitude farm cultivation, and harassment from dogs, the nyala antelope has primarily been prey to illegal hunting. 

 While nyala are supposedly fully protected by local and international conservation laws, enforcement of those laws is generally lacking.  Most western hunters simply kill them for sporting trophies, while native hunters kill them for meat, use their horns for local medicines and make nipples for milk bottles.  Of course, these hunters live in cities with grocery stores everywhere.  So no need!

 At this rate in a few years, this exquisite example of God’s artistic design will be gone forever.   Sometimes feral dogs prey on these magnificent creatures.  The Bible speaks of two kinds of dogs.  One is the four-legged kind.  The other is the human kind. 
 Bible prophecy says that the human ones will not be allowed in heaven:  “For without are dogs, and sorcerers, and whoremongers, and murderers, and idolaters, and whosoever loveth and maketh a lie” (Revelation 22.15). 

        Hmm. Sounds like those who kill animals like the nyala for sport, game and play, who destroy God’s works of art for no viable reason, unless these hunters repent and call out for His mercy through Christ Jesus, they will incur much greater punishment than that which may come from slashing works of art by men.

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Global Warming Bringing Increased Human Illnesses!

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 9:00 AM
August 6, 2012

 Global Warming’s extreme heat is re-distributing diseases all across the globe.  Increasing floods, droughts, hurricanes, etc. also caused by Global Warming, add to this new influx of disease attacks.  Moreover, as the warming planet melts both the permafrost in arctic polar regions and high altitude mountain ranges, diseases entirely new to present generations may be released.
 The Union of Concerned Scientists reports:  “ . . . warmer temperatures and greater moisture will favor extensions of the geographical range and season for vector organisms such as insects, rodents, and snails.  This . . . leads to an expansion of the zone of potential transmission for many vector-borne diseases, among them malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and some forms of viral encephalitis.”
 These scientists add that mosquitoes and other insects carrying malaria, dengue fever, encephalitis, West Nile Virus, Lyme disease, yellow fever, plague, avian bird flu, and related diseases can only survive in warmer or hot weather.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention adds, for instance, that West Nile Virus had not been documented in the Western Hemisphere before 1999. 
 That there are no longer national or geographical boundaries to such diseases, National Geographic News agrees.  Adding “Babesia, cholera, intestinal and external parasites, red tides, Rift Valley fever, sleeping sickness and tuberculosis” to the list, the magazine designates these diseases “the deadly dozen.”

 “Nat Geo” insists that an international wildlife-monitoring network be formed to give people an “early warning system” of protection from such diseases.  Christine Dell’Amore,  says: “Of 14,000 known infectious organisms, 600 are shared between animals and humans.  The deadly dozen were chosen . . . as some of the most ominous health threats.”

 In “Eye to the Past,” Ciara Curtin writes: “Hidden beneath layers of sediment or deep in the permafrost are the remnants  of past life on Earth. Neanderthals, dinosaurs, and ancient equids once roamed the Earth’s forests and plains.”  She explains, “after spending thousands of years under dirt or ice, DNA strands and proteins begin to break down. DNA is prone to fragmentation, diagenic lesions and cytosine deamination. . . an ancient DNA sample dating back 30,000 to 40,000 years would have an average fragment length of 50 to 100 base pairs.” Obviously, modern man would not have resistance to coming pre-historic maladies.

 These days are not times for people to be careless about germ-bearing insects, diseases and death.  When warning of the need for repentance before taking holy communion the Apostle Paul writes in Bible prophecies, “For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep” (1 Corinthians 11: 30).

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America’s Corn: Food, Ethanol, Government Subsidies and Loss

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 13:36 PM
August 3, 2012

Ida B. Wells:  Thanks for allowing me to join you on this blog Sarah.

    Sarah Newsworthy:  No problem Ida.  I know that this drought across over half the lower U.S. is a tremendous economic problem for the entire country.

Ida:  As CNN’s meteorologist Dave Hennen points out this kind of drought has not happened in the U.S. in almost 100 years.  He said:  “You’d have to go back to the 1930s to find any drought as widespread as this one.”  And there is other economic history that the U.S. needs to think about as well.  For instance, the bad decision to use corn for ethanol fuel.

Sarah:  Yes.  Just yesterday, the Baltimore Sun ran a story demanding that the U.S. government ease the ethanol mandate, because U.S. consumers will see a three to four percent increase or higher in food prices, and Maryland’s poultry farmers are squeezed because they rely on corn to feed their chickens.

So the Sun asks the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to waive the requirement that 40 percent of our corn crop be used to produce biofuel.  If the EPA doesn’t relent, then mean prices will rise even more.  The Sun says that if the EPA doesn’t act, poultry, pork and beef farmers will also raise prices and their workers will lose jobs.  Like Ally Feermeno always says, this is just insane!

Ida:  The L.A. Times also says that prices will go up for milk and eggs.   Another bad decision is that 90% of the products in this country are dependent upon corn, such as ethanol, high fructose corn syrup, and animal feed. Melissa C. Lott of Scientific American says that “for every 10 ears of corn grown in the United States today, only 2 are consumed directly by humans as food.”

Sarah:  All government-subsidized.  As says, “The United States currently supplies almost half of the world’s corn and soybeans which are used in various food products and to feed livestock.” But U.S. corn supplies are low and other countries will have to make up corn and soybean productions.  CNN’s Jennifer Liberto writes that the government also subsidizes billions of dollars in crop insurance. But who is going to subsidize the American consumer?

Ida:  Yes, drought is a tremendous economic loss.  Bible prophecies point out that God told Haggai He sent drought because His people took more concern for their own affairs than for His:

“And I called for a drought upon the land, and upon the mountains, and upon the corn, and upon the new wine, and upon the oil, and upon that which the ground bringeth forth, and upon men, and upon cattle, and upon all the labour of the hands (1: 11).”  Thus, disregard for the God’s laws resulted in the nation’s economic loss.

Sarah:  When they repented, God ended the drought, and sent an abundance of rain.  So what will it take for Americans to give up their idols of wealth, political hatred, weak religion, sensual sins, etc., and return to Him!

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Drought Getting Worse in Nation’s Lower Half ; USDA Helps Cattle

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 18:10 PM
August 2, 2012

   Half the counties in the United States––1,584 county areas in 32 states––suffer under extreme drought alerts.  Tom Vilsack, Agriculture Secretary has ordered the U.S. Department of Agriculture has categorized them as disaster areas.

Today’s weekly U.S. Drought Monitor Survey shows that some two-thirds of the lower 48 states are in drought condition.  Survey numbers increased two percentage points to 22.3 because of increasingly bad conditions in Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska and Oklahoma.

Associated Press reporter Jim Suhr adds that once USDA added 218 areas in Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee and Wyoming––Vilsack was forced to provide additional emergency aid to farmers and rangers.

Thus, he opened up 3.8 million acres of conservation land for ranchers to feed cattle.  Vilsack posits:  “The assistance announced today will help U.S. livestock producers dealing with climbing feed prices, critical shortages of hay and deteriorating pasture lands.”  He adds that crop insurers will give farmers ‘facing cash-flow issues’ a penalty-free, 30 day grace period on 2012 premiums.

Half the U.S. corn crop is rated poor or very poor.  And 37 percent of the nation’s U.S. soybeans are likewise rated, while some three-quarters of U.S. cattle grazing land is drought-affected.

Obviously Vilsack and other officials are concerned that drought conditions will affect the nation’s economy.  This week’s Mid-America Business Conditions Index shows that continuing drought conditions, as well as global economic problems, is negatively affecting nine Midwest and Plains states.

Suhr writes:  “The drought stretches from Ohio west to California and runs from Texas north to the Dakotas. Only in the 1930s and the 1950s has a drought covered more of the U.S., according to National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C.”  In some areas, local officials have instituted water restrictions, and in others they just ask people to conserve.

In only temporary solutions, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback allows farmers, ranchers and others to draw water from the state’s 28 fishing lakes; and he permits ranchers to take four to five thousand gallons of water from tanks on semi-trucks.  He adds:  “Folks can’t do that long term because of the cost of hauling the water. If they are buying feed, too, they may just have to sell the cattle.”

Jeremiah has an interesting verse that should be put on all plus size christian t-shirts:  “A drought is upon her waters; and they shall be dried up: for it is the land of graven images, and they are mad upon their idols (50: 38).”  A nation should realize that substituting idols for God invites punishment. Either we give up idols and return to God––or we should expect more destruction.

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Egad!! Japan Having Not Just Nuclear Power, But Nuclear Weapons

posted by admin @ 17:43 PM
August 1, 2012

    This is it!  This is beyond the pale!!  Sometimes carelessness causes things to go wrong.  And sometimes its just plain criminal fraud.  But to allow Japan to build nuclear weapons to supplement financial losses––that is just plain insane.

Now that the first conservative government in Japan in 50 years is convinced that their voters do not want nuclear power, they have decided that the best way to recoup their profits is to turn their present nuclear research toward weapons.

In his report for the Associated Press yesterday, Yuri Kageyama explains:  “ . . . as Japan weighs whether to phase out nuclear power, some conservatives, including some influential politicians and thinkers, are becoming more vocal about their belief that Japan should have at least the ability to make nuclear weapons.”

Kageyama indicates that since nuclear plants and weapons are connected, existing plants in Japan can produce fuel for nuclear weapons.  (That is why Iran and North Korea are thought to be building nuclear bombs, not power plants).

Before this year’s elections, Japan had publicly pledged to the Non-Nuclear Proliferation Treaty, and had relied upon its safety under what is called the nuclear umbrella of the United States.

However, Japanese public broadcaster NHK and The Associated Press obtained evidence through public records requests which shows that the Japanese government has been talking secretly for years about developing nuclear weapons, particularly in view of the fact that its arch-enemy China has abundant  nukes.

In his 2009 article for ‘Arms Control Today,’ titled “The Role of Nuclear Weapons:  Japan, the U.S., and ‘Sole Purpose’,” Masa Takubo insists that Japan keeps continual “pressure on the United States to avoid taking any significant steps to reduce the salience of nuclear weapons in its security and military doctrines and thus impedes progress on freeing the world of nuclear weapons.”

In other words, if the United States continues to push for nuclear disarmament around the world, Japan retains the right to build its own nuclear arsenal.  So if the Japanese public no longer want nuclear power, what do they think about having nuclear weapons on their island’s shores?

My question are:  1)  How can anyone trust a nation that cannot maintain standard safety regulations at nuclear power plants to safely build and store nuclear bombs?  2) How can the United States, the country which twice hit Japan with nuclear bombs 67 years ago this month, not expect those new nukes to be pointed its way, rather than toward China?  Do we think buying more Toyotas will help?

And third, What about the poor Japanese people?  After the Fukushima meltdown, nuclear plants or bombs won’t make them feel more safe.  As Christian messages assert, Job lived in fear:  “I was not in safety, neither had I rest, neither was I quiet; yet trouble came (3: 26).” Like Job, either way, the Japanese people still lose!

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Pepco Turns Another Deaf Ear to Its Weary Customers

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 9:24 AM
August 1, 2012

    Would you believe that Pepco is telling its many complaining customers that it moved “quickly”  to restore service in the last power outage?  Besides, beleaguered company officials said they “moved more quickly than other utilities.”

In the self-evaluation, Pepco sent to Maryland regulators, the utility company’s executives moaned that they didn’t have the usual advance notice that comes with a hurricane:  “Pepco restored power as quickly as possible, particularly given the sheer number of outages. . . . Pepco mobilized quickly . . . .”

However, the company’s laissez-faire attitude did nothing but invite new criticisms.  Among complaints that it is tone-deaf not only the wishes of its customers, but also to politicians and regulators, Pepco heard:  “It’s more excuse-making. They are like the failing student that blames the teacher, the course and the books — everyone but themselves,” said Del. Tom Hucker (D-Montgomery).

U.S. Congressman Chris Van Hollen compared Pepco performance with that of Dominion Power:  “A day after the violent June 29 storm left hundreds of thousands of people without power, Dominion Power had 3,000 line crews out to turn on the lights.  Pepco had 1,000. By then, Dominion had fixed 120,000 outages; Pepco, 13,000.”  Van Hollen’s analysis showed that Pepco had 3,000 crews working, while Dominion had 5,600.  But Pepco president Thomas H. Graham argued that the two companies served different areas of different sizes.

Graham added that it is unreasonable for customers to be upset just because they are without power for a week or longer.  Graham also seemed tone-deaf to thousands of customer complaints about Pepco not returning calls, or directing customers to automated answering services.

Although he later apologized for his remarks, to say that customers complaints were unwarranted shows no appreciation for the hundreds of thousands of his customers trying to stay sane in hot, dark houses with no air conditioning in 90 to 100 degree weather––and with no idea as to when service would be restored.

Van Hollen joined 30 other Maryland officials to urge the Maryland Public Service Commission not to grant Pepco its 4 percent rate increase request.  While giving Pepco millions in new revenue, that increase would raise each customers bill by $ 5.50 a month.  That’s some reward for such bad service.

As this blogger and others have been saying, this country needs to urgently move in two responsible directions on utility power:  1)  For the sake of national security, and public safety, all utility power must be federalized; and 2) There must be national funding to move all above power lines underground.

Wholesale Christian Bibles instruct Christian leaders to:  “See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil (Ephesians 5: 15 – 16).”  This nation’s time and energy are running out.

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