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More Careless Malfeasance Around Japan’s Nuclear Accident

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July 24, 2012

    Well I’m back again with bad news about Japan.  Apparently, after last year’s radiation leakages, subcontractors forced workers at the Fukushima nuclear power plant to cover radiation detectors with lead resulting in under-reporting radiation amounts harmful to workers, enabling them to work for longer periods.

Like too many questionable practices among businesses and governments around the globe, this deception greatly endangered workers’ lives.  But it was uncovered by good journalism, which is it will take if the public is ever to know the truth about the many harrowing dangers of nuclear energy.

Reuters reports:  “The Asahi Shimbun newspaper reported . . . that an executive from Build-Up, a subcontractor to plant owner Tokyo Electric Power, told workers to cover the devices called dosimeters when working in high-radiation areas.  Dosimeters can be worn as badges or carried as devices around the size of a smartphone to detect radiation.”

David Guttenfelder of Associated Press adds:  “A subcontractor of plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co., or TEPCO, acknowledged having nine workers cover their dosimeters with lead plates late last year so the instrument would indicate a lower level of radiation exposure.”

While government-funded public television there claimed the lead covering only occurred once, Guttenfelder writes: “The investigation marks the first time the government has looked into the case, believed to be part of a widespread practice at the plant since it was hit by the worst atomic crisis since Chernobyl.”

Personal dosimeter readers are crucial records to determine how long individual workers should be exposed to radiation.  But after the Fukushima disaster, the government “more than doubled” the limits of radiation exposure for workers.  Only at the end of last year, did they lower it back to pre-accident levels.

Even Japan’s Health and Labor Ministry has repeatedly issued warnings to TEPCO about the company’s careless mismanagement of the amount of worker radiation exposure.  And TEPCO has admitted that workers had to share dosimeters because they were in short supply after the earthquake-tsunami damage.

Takashi Wada, president of the subcontractor Build-Up, acknowledged the dosimeter falsification.  “We should never have done that,” he told TBS news.  This last year has shown that leaders in Japan’s government and industry seem to have little regard for human life.

The more I report on Japan’s nuclear power, the more I believe in God’s final judgments against errant leadership.  As online Bible lessons assert:  “For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed (Isaiah 9: 16).”  World leaders should understand that God will hold them responsible for the people whose lives they needlessly endanger or cut short.

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