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Massive Street Demonstrations Against Austerity in Spain, Part 2

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 12:25 PM
July 23, 2012

    In much larger demonstrations in Madrid and 80 other cities in Spain against the government’s new austerity plan, civil servants, trade unionists, policemen, firemen, Civil Guards, miners, farmers, and other workers have enlarged daily demonstrations against the Prime Minister’s latest budget-cutting actions.

Many unemployed workers are walking hundreds of miles to join in these protests against the 65 billion euros of new spending cuts––including cuts in unemployment benefits, public sector wage cuts and sales tax increases to 21%––that Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced last week.

Reuters reports that demonstrators in Madrid set garbage cans on fire as riot police fired rubber bullets against them.  Police claim that six marchers were injured, and seven others were arrested.

In ‘Spain Police Clash with Austerity Protesters,’ com writes:  “Thick smoke hung in the air early on Friday from plastic bins set alight by protestors chased by police, who hit them with batons when some tried to reach the heavily-guarded parliament at the end of a mostly peaceful march.

“Hundreds of protesters, including fire-fighters wearing their helmets and police in black T-shirts, have marched through the streets of Madrid, blocking traffic and chanting.”

An auditor in the treasury, told Clare Kane and Feliciano Tisera of Reuters:  “We have to make some noise, because they’re making fun of us and of all working people.” Others sang “We’ve had it up to here,” and shouted “robbery.”

“We have lived through bad times, but this takes the biscuit,” fireman Francisco Vaquero, 58.  Another worker, Ines Corned, 44, said: ” They have already lowered and frozen our salary and this is the final blow.”

Ramon Pacheco, politics professor, told Kane and Tisera that there is widespread anger in Spain over the cuts:  “It has gone beyond an ideological issue . . . and it’s moved beyond the traditional groups that demonstrate. We have seen even the military threatening a demonstration.”

Critics argue the new austerity laws will worsen economic conditions for ordinary people, while doing nothing to affect companies and high income earners.

Spain’s parliament pushed through those budget cuts at the end of last week, and in turn Germany’s parliament voted to give Spain a 100 billion euro bailout.  The fourth largest economy in the euro-zone, Spain is also the fourth country in the zone to get bailout financing, after Greece, Ireland and Portugal.

Politicians everywhere should check with God’s Word which promises:  “He that oppresseth the poor to increase his riches, and he that giveth to the rich, shall surely come to want (Proverbs 22: 16).”  Perhaps marchers should put that on plus size Christian T-Shirts to remind leaders that God keeps His Word.

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