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Largest Anti-Nuke Rally Ever in Japan Even During Flooding

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July 17, 2012

        Even as most of their nation tries to recover from historic rain storms, some 170,000 people braved extraordinary 90 degree heat on Monday and gathered in a Tokyo square to protest the restart of Japan’s nuclear reactors.

According to Adam Westlake of the Japan Daily Press, this historical rally included such notables as Kenzaburo Oe, a 77-year old Nobel Prize winner, and an outspoken anti-nuclear power critic.

Oe complained that the restart represents a betrayal of democracy:  “The government allowed the Oi nuclear reactors to restart and it’s going to allow more reactors to restart.  We feel we are insulted by the government.”

Westlake writes: “Prime Minister Noda gave his approval to restart the Oi facility, regardless of the rapidly increasing anti-nuclear sentiment among the Japanese people, as well as the independent parliamentary review that determined the Fukushima disaster was essentially man-made and could have been prevented.”

In his story for The New York Times, Kiroko Tabuchi quotes Oscar-winning musician Ryuichi Sakamoto voice to the crowd:  “To stay silent in the wake of Fukushima is inhuman.”

A 71-year old Fukushima evacuee voiced his anger at the way both the government and Fukushima officials have been slow to reimburse victims who lost their homes in the nuclear fallout, as well as the failures of decontamination.

A smaller group of protesters rally every week in front of the home of the new Prime Minister, Yoshihiko Noda, who went against popular opinion and decided to restart a nuclear power Oi, Fukui Prefecture plant in Western Japan.

Because of the Japanese cultural norms of submission, protesters have been especially careful to make their regular weekly rallies non-violent and peaceful, even encouraging parents to bring children, and always dispersing by 8 p.m.

Justin McCurry of adds:  “The group has presented the government with some of the 7.5 million signatures it has already collected.”
McCurry agrees with Adam Westlake that the majority of Japanese people are against restarting any nuclear power plants, but that Noda has ignored polls.

Would to God that Noda heed the voice of protesters.  At what point will world leaders realize that human life is more important than top dollar profits. Last summer, after Fukushima, when all nuclear plants were shut down, it was hot in offices, but corporation workers and executives wore short sleeve shirts without ties, brought fans to work, and got jobs done.  Sacrifices like these can be made without endangering thousands of lives with this dangerous power system.

Scientists have strongly warned that stronger earthquakes and tsumanis are coming, but as used Christian Bibles admonish:  “He, that being often reproved hardeneth his neck, shall suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy (Proverbs 29: 1.”

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