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Deadly Heavy Rains Displace 400,000 Strand 5,500 in Japan

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July 16, 2012

    Unbelievably heavy rains are taking their toll around the globe.  Now it has hit the island nation of Japan, which still hasn’t recovered from the Fukushima nuclear disaster.  So far, record-setting rain storms have killed 25, uprooted some 400,000 from their homes and separated another 5,400 from the mainland.

Over 4.3 inches of rain an hour have pelted Japan since Wednesday bringing severe flash flooding and cascading mudslides.  Nine people are reported missing.  Police have ordered thousands to leave their homes to prevent more deaths.

In some areas, governments advise Japanese citizens to vacate homes and possessions in order to avoid life-threatening disaster.  They tell displaced persons to go to designated shelters, such as schools and other public facilities.

BBC News says “Water levels along the Yamakuni river in Oita prefecture could be seen climbing up to the height of the roof of a riverside drive-in restaurant. In the Fukuoka prefecture 181 mudslides left at least 820 homes damaged or destroyed and three bridges were washed away.”

So far, most of the fatalities are from victims buried in landslides and or underneath collapsed houses.  But a Kumamoto spokesman said to expect dead and missing numbers to rise.

The Sydney Morning Herald adds that in many areas, the elderly have not survived the storm, being swept away by raging rivers after their homes were destroyed.  Some areas look like earthquake damage rather than rain storms.

The Japan Meteorological Agency tells Kyodo News Agency: “Particularly in Kumamoto and Oita prefectures, we are seeing the heaviest rain that the region has ever experienced.”  Yame resident Tsuneo Otsu, 63, tells the Japanese Times:  “I’ve been living here for 60 years, but I’ve never experienced this before.”

Inquirer News from India reports:  “Television footage showed torrents of muddy, debris-strewn water and flooded houses following what officials described as “unprecedented” downpours from a seasonal rain front.”

As this powerful seasonal rain storm hovers over most of the nation, forecasters expect this sporadic deluge of torrential rains to continue for some time.

Our editor, Jael Ever, has ordered Newspaper Boys and Girls Intl., to get all stories on such unusual rains from around the world to Sarah Newsworthy and Wendy Weathersby as soon as possible.  Obviously this is another example of Global Warming and climate change bringing nations of the world more disaster.

My heart goes out to the Japanese people who have already suffered so much.  May we obey Our LORD’s commandments in wholesale Christian Bibles to “pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5: 17)” for the nation of Japan.  One wonders just how much one country can take.  But unfortunately, in these last days on planet Earth, many places now experience multiplying upheavals of destruction.

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