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Ignore EU Hype: Now People in Spain Revolting Against Austerity

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 17:31 PM
July 12, 2012

    How is it that everyone elsewhere in the world has been told that problems in Europe are over, that all banks in the euro-zone are satisfied, and that fears in the populations there are ameliorated?

If so, then why are thousands of people in Spain––this time Spain, not Greece, Ireland or Italy, etc.––rioting in the streets over anger with Germany’s austerity program for their country, the fourth largest economy in the euro-zone?

The protests began with miners marching 280 miles over two and a half weeks toward Madrid in what they called the ‘Black March’ demonstration.  Along the way, they were joined by other miners and supporters for large protest demonstrations yesterday and Tuesday outside the Industry Ministry.

Police fired rubber bullets and used batons against protesters, resulting in injuries to some 43 protesters and 33 police officers.  In other types of protests, analysts say the new austerity measures will only deepen Spain’s recession.

CNN reporter, Al Goodman, says: “The miners are protesting a 64% cut in the government subsidy to the mining sector this year––from 301 million euros to 111 million euros.  Unions say this endangers the jobs of 8,000 miners and 22,000 auxiliary jobs that serve mining regions where 200,000 people depend on mines.”

The demonstrations came as Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy’s announced an increase in general tax from 18% to 21 %, along with spending reductions, employee benefit cuts, and elimination of some government bureaus.  In addition to indirect taxes on energy, Rajoy plans to privatize ports, airports and rail services.

Rajoy promised, “We will significantly reduce the number of public institutions.”  He aims to slash the budget by $ 80 billion over two and a half years.  Meeting budget deficit reduction targets will require austerity and more efficiency, including cuts to government bureaucracy.” Some Spanish economists disagree!

Of course, Germany and the European Commission were delighted with these drastic cuts.  Spain’s Efe News Agency quoted them as saying, “it was an important step toward Spain meeting its deficit target for the year.”

Like so many other struggling nations within the European Union, Spain has been in economic stagnation and recession for more than five years.  It’s unemployment rate is over 24%, with more than half of those without jobs being under age 25.  Again, this will only lead to more youth joining far-right militias.

In “The Pain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain Folks:  Lies, Deceit, and an Austerity Sales Tax of 21%,” Extinction Protocol implies that the privatization of public services is the ulterior motive of Rajoy who represents a center right party.

Perhaps only when people stop believing government hype, when they use Christian prayer books as guides to seek God for the truth, maybe then can such deception be uncovered, not only in Spain and the EU, but in the U.S. as well.

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