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    Jael:  Oooooo.kayyy.  The gang’s pushing me out the way, cause they want to talk.  So have at it folks, and remember to leave space for others to talk!  So in case I don’t get back on line to say it, have a Happy July 4th, and stay safe!

Newspaper Boys and Girls, Intl.:  Well, its been long times since we’s seen ya’ll.  But we’s been sendin’ our stories to Jael, Ally, Sarah, et al.  God Bless, and  remember people in most other countries don’t have a July 4th to celebrate!

Animal Rights Kids:  Please stay away from these new spiders invading our country.  Some of their bites can kill!  Join us.  We’s organizin’ a Kids Animal Rights Revolt gainst Jael, just as soon as we get permission from Rev. Repriestly.

John:  Did you ever hear that song, “Didn’t Hear Nobody Prayin?”  Well, its too true.  But Jude, the girls and I’s still holdin’ prayer meetins even in this hot weather.  Make sure to send your prayin request-is to us through Jael. Thanks!

Dr. Ad Versery:  Listen!  No spider, mosquito, fly, etc. bites.  No dirty food or swimming water.  Cook everything well done!  And put antiseptic on all cuts.  If you feel sick for anything, go see a doctor.  Just too many new diseases out there!

Maleekie Ambularie:  Right doc!  And John, people are still praying overseas.  Nowadays, that’s the only way they can survive diseases, drought, etc.!

Frank Butterman:  And remember, stay safe this holiday.  No dangerous fireworks, especially around kids.  And no leaving kids and pets in hot cars!

Ally Fearmeno:  Attention Americans!  While I’m stuck here in Japan where all rhyme and reason seems gone, I think about the great United States, and how blessed we are.  So please, please don’t forget to be thankful to God for our nation.

Sarah Newsworthy:  We get many more news stories about hurricanes, floods, killer rain storms, volcano eruptions, and other whacky weather than we have space to write about.  We always try to send you, what we think is most important for your health, safety and comfort.  So please keep reading out blogs.  Your support means our success.  And don’t forget to visit our sister site: for the latest end time news!

Wendy Weathersbee:  Be prepared this summer.  As we have seen from fires out west, and strange storms in the East, nothing in modern life is guaranteed.  So while we celebrate July 4th, remember to have back-up survival plans:  keep cell phones fully charged; have warning code signals; establish alternative meeting places in cases of nature’s emergencies; stock up on non-perishable foods, etc.

Rev. Repriestly:  If there were ever one among Bible verse cards we must remember, it is:  “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints (Ephesians 6: 18).”  As Maleekie says, we all really need God’s help to survive whatever comes.  And our prayers keep us in touch with Him and His will at all times!

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