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New and Continuously ‘Mysterious’ Diseases

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 13:54 PM
June 7, 2012

  Yesterday, I blogged about the outbreak of mysterious spiders in various locations around the world, but today we must discuss the various mysterious diseases that are also breaking out, even in the ‘more healthy’ United States.

In Nepal, not far from Kathmandu, at least 200 people “at Neta of Arman Village Development Committee in Myagdi district,” are sick from an unidentified disease.   Harka Bahadur Chhantyal, a teacher in the Mangala Higher Secondary School, says the disease has hit most members of some 50 families.

He says symptoms are shaking body, fever and unconsciousness.  The old and children are most affected.  Villagers are panicked at the disease’s rapid spread.
The Arman Health Post has arranged a health camp to distribute medicine among the sick.  However,  we wait to get more information on scientific analyses that has been done on this disease.  But news comes slowly from so far away.

While it’s closer to home, researchers don’t know what causes Kawasaki Disease, a rare autoimmune disorder among children that inflames their blood vessels.  However, while researching arteries of young patients who died from this malady, Dr. Anne Rowley, pediatrics professor at Northwestern University may have found the cause:  a new virus family.  Research is ongoing.

And, while the cases we know of are in the United States, news media here scantily covers the five cases of “flesh eating bacteria” in the South:  Georgia, South Carolina and Florida.  But in Nebraska doctors have dealt with five cases of this disease in the last month.  Yet, I still cannot report that research is ongoing!

The best coverage of the Southern cases is from the Daily Mail in Britain (i.e. not a U.S. news organization).  It states: “ . . . victims are recovering in hospitals . . . after picking up the bacteria from cuts and wounds.  Necrotizing fasciitis, . . known as ‘flesh-eating disease’, is a . . . vicious bacterial infection [that causes] body tissue to die, . . .[It] can destroy skin, muscles and fat.”

In a new book, “Surviving the ‘Flesh-Eating ‘Bacteria:”  Understanding, Preventing, Treating, and Living Living with The Effects of Necrotizing Fasciitis,” Jacqueline A. Roemmele and Donna Batdorff say that victims catch this bug from sources like: C-sections or other abdominal surgeries; scratching a rash; giving birth vaginally; a tiny scratch, or cut; a routine blood draw; or no trauma at all.”

These in-depth researchers suggest it is most important to keep skin in tact. They insist on the use of antibiotic ointments, and avoidance of Strep infection.

Further, I advise that we see diseases through the eyes of  God, Who views all diseases as evil.  So He sent His Son to destroy them:  “. . . He gave them power against unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease (Matthew 10: 1).”  Make up Bible verse cards around words like sickness, illness, diseases, etc., and then say them.  You’ll see.  Its good medicine!

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