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EU Members Planning A United States of Europe Minus Two?

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 1:12 AM
June 29, 2012

       We have discussed secret meetings about total unification of European Union nations from which England was excluded.  Another nation that German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made clear she does not want in unified Europe is Greece.  These two nations have one thing in common:  they are not Catholic!

In an earlier blog we covered the uniqueness of Greece as foundational of  early New Testament missions and original Biblical language; as more akin to Turkey, because both are the heritage of Alexander the Great; and as a Protestant, non-Catholic nation with its own Greek Orthodox Church.

Likewise, since King Henry VIII’s action in the 16th century to break away from the Catholic Church and establish the Church of England, that nation has not been in the Catholic fold.

And if the Catholic Church really does control the European Union (EU)––as the designer of its flag, taken from the shine of Mary believes––then exclusion of these two non-Catholic nations would be retribution for their revolts.

But there are additional problems and/or threats to the EU if those nations are excluded from the group.  It is believed that rulers in the Catholic Church were a major force in denying Turkey’s membership in the EU.

In 2010, Heather Brooke and Andrew Brown wrote in, “WikiLeaks cables: Pope wanted Muslim Turkey Kept Out of EU,” in the  “The pope is responsible for the Vatican’s growing hostility towards Turkey joining the EU, previously secret cables sent from the US embassy to the Holy See in Rome claim.
In 2004 Cardinal Ratzinger, the future pope, spoke out against letting a Muslim state join, although at the time the Vatican was formally neutral on the question.”

Thus, if it pushes Greece out, the EU will be taking the first step in setting up an alliance that––according to Bible prophecy––will eventually also include Turkey, Iran, Syria and Iraq.  Moreover, also, according to Bible prophecy, the European side of the rebellious equation will loose the lead as the anti-Christ emerges from Syria––which, it is noted, is already in a war for control within itself.

Thus, this blog cannot emphasize enough that, in this early 21st Century, we are living in end-time Bible prophecy, and that these prophecies are moving much faster than people realize.   Remember what The LORD Jesus promised St. John the Divine at the end of the Book of Revelation, “Surely I come quickly. Amen (22: 20).”  And know that The LORD always keeps His Word!  He is indeed coming quickly!

Next, more on other possible dangers the EU may face by excluding England from its Union, and what those dangers could mean for the United States, and other former colonies of the British empire!

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Fires Here, Fires There––Colorado On Fire Till Fall! Part 2

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 14:34 PM
June 27, 2012

   So far, little has been, or can be, done to stop at least six separate wildfires from raging through the state of Colorado.  As of today, the fires have chased some 32,000 people from their homes in Colorado City.  And weather experts expect the fires to keep jumping around the state until some months into the Fall.

Ed Payne reports for CNN News that the fire––complicated by thunderstorms––doubled last night to cover some 15,324 acres, and by this morning, forced many Colorado city residents to flee from their homes.

“This is a firestorm of epic proportions,” Richard Brown, the Colorado Springs Fire chief, said last night, as winds moving up to 65 mph swept through mountain canyons.  So far, only 5% of the 6,200-acre fire is contained.

As he surveyed the Waldo Canyon Fire, Governor John Hickenlooper said, “There were people’s homes burned to the ground. It was surreal.  There’s no question, it’s serious. It’s as serious as it gets.” There are two reported deaths.

Anne Rys-Sikora, spokeswoman for a multi-agency fire response team, says fire officials label this blaze “as exhibiting extreme fire behavior.” She explains “the fire conditions could not be worse.  It is like a convection oven out there.”

Yesterday, Colorado had a record high temperature of 101 degrees, with the expectation of hot, dry weather in the foreseeable future.  The flames from the Colorado City fire are nearing the U.S. Air Force Academy, and some 2,100 its residents have been evacuated.  Activities at the Academy have been canceled, and the U.S. Forest Service is using its runways for helicopters used to fight the fires.

When speaking of the hundreds of thousands of acres that the fires have already destroyed, meteorologist Dave Barjenbruch of the National Weather Service in Boulder says that this “past week has been hellish across Colorado.”

‘Hell’ is a good term.  Another good term is major media amnesia.  While the main stream press may report on casualties when they happen, it usually ignores the results of those tragedies days and years later.

Why can’t we see that something is direly amiss in our nation:  these unrelenting fires; massive flooding last year leaving some citizens still living in temporary government housing; New Orleans not yet recovered from Hurricane Katrina; Florida residents still suffering from that oil spill; massive droughts, etc.

We are like those in the Christian messages of Amos, chapter 4, to whom The LORD said, “I have given you . . . want of bread in all your places: . . . I have withholden the rain from you,  . . .   I have smitten you with blasting and mildew . . . I have sent among you the pestilence . . . I have overthrown some of you, . . . yet have ye not returned unto Me . . . Therefore, prepare to meet Thy God.”  How much more is it going to take for America to get the message?

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A Tiny Island Forecast for U.S. East Coast––Sea Levels Rising!!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 16:10 PM
June 26, 2012

    News services and Global Warming watchers are releasing stories this week about record Sea Level Rises on the East Coast of the United States.  While the obvious cause is glacier melting from Global Warming, scientists do not know why this section of the world’s oceans is rising much faster than all others.

These reports are based on U.S. Geological Survey findings released this week.  As Seth Borenstein of the Associated Press writes: “From Cape Hatteras, N.C., to just north of Boston, sea levels are rising much faster than they are around the globe, putting one of the world’s most costly coasts in danger of flooding.”

Likewise, AFP News insists:  “The sea level on a stretch of the US Atlantic coast that features the cities of New York, Norfolk and Boston is rising up to four times faster than the global average.  This increases the flood risk for one of the world’s most densely-populated coastal areas and threatens wetland habitats.”

In research just released in the ‘Journal Nature Climate Change,’ USGS scientists call the 600-mile area of our East Coast “a hot spot” for climbing sea levels that are “rising at an annual rate three times to four times faster than the global average since 1990.”

Using typical opaque scientific research language, that Journal states:  “Halting SLR [i.e. Sea Level Rising] within a few centuries is likely to be achieved only with the large-scale deployment of CO2 removal efforts, for example, combining large-scale bio-energy systems with carbon capture and storage.”

In other words to stop this fast coming ocean assault on America’s East Coast, the United States must do everything possible to Stop Global Warming Now [SGWN]!  And we must do it before it is too late!

To prove the destruction that rising sea levels can bring to major American cities, most media uses the remains of what  was once the Maryland town of Holland Island, now an almost totally eroded island in the Chesapeake Bay.

Originally settled in the 1600s, the Island was once home for watermen and farmers.  By 1910, it held some 360 residents, which made it––according to Wikipedia––the most inhabited island in the Bay.  It had farms, businesses, homes, a post office, a two-room school, a church, a doctor and a community center.

But that is all gone now.  In October, 2010, rising sea levels collapsed the last house––one built in 1888––on Holland Island.  Made of clay and silt, not rock, the island at half its original size, is now marsh and, at high tide, is underwater.

If it is too late to stop the Global Warming rush of Rising Sea Levels, we have one other choice:  Open those used Christian Bibles, and Cry Out to God for Help!  After all, the Bible says that “Whatsoever The LORD pleased, that did He in heaven, and in earth, in the seas, and all deep places (Psalms 135: 6).  So pray!!

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Fires Here, Fires There––Global Warming Everywhere!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 21:44 PM
June 25, 2012

     Generally Jael does not assign us stories that are adequately covered by main stream media.  But after the fires in Colorado and in Russia got out of hand, AND after it was obvious that news outlets around the world were not going to mention Global Warming as the obvious cause, she asked us to report on the fires.

As Thomas Peipert of the Associated Press reports, “Half the nation’s firefighting fleet is now battling fires in Colorado, [and] C-130 military transport planes from Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs.

“With eight wildfires burning, including a fire that has scorched more than 118 square miles and destroyed at least 191 homes near Fort Collins, Colorado is having its worst wildfire season in a decade.”

In this the start of the peak tourist season in Colorado, fires have destroyed some 191 homes near Fort Collins, as well as vacation cabins and public park sites, and sent thousands of people to evacuation centers.

At the end of last month, wild fires were raging across six states in the U.S., including Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico and California.  Several towns were evacuated, hikers had to be rescued, and 130 square miles of land vegetation and forests were destroyed.  While arson is suspected in some cases, lighting strikes were also responsible.

Russia declared a state of emergency because of wildfires.  NASA reports, “Dry conditions, agricultural burning, lightning and human involvement have contributed to many wildfires across Siberia over the last few weeks.”  NASA images from space indicate dozens of of fire hot spots in Russia’s Siberia region. Russian Krivobok news service says that at least eight fire fighters have been killed, among some 1,120 people fighting blazes from at least 38 forest fires.  And even with 17 aircraft, 186 specialized vehicles, plus the human resources, that nation has not been able to save hundreds of acres of forest lands.

But as the National Wildlife Federation said concerning these fires on opposite sides of the globe, “media coverage focuses only on effects while ignoring a major cause. . . . There’s compelling evidence that talking about . . . wildfires without mentioning climate change is like talking about lung cancer without mentioning cigarettes.”

The Federation says intense droughts from Global Warming make lands more vulnerable to these awesome blazes.  But even as these fires burn, politicians deny Global Warming even exists.  This must stop.  As God told Israel “Understand therefore, that The LORD Thy God giveth thee not this good land to possess it for thy righteousness; for thou art a stiffnecked people (Deuteronomy 9: 6).”  As church flags suggest, we must repent, thank God for our lands, and end Global Warming.

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Some EU Members Planning A United States of Europe!

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 23:59 PM
June 22, 2012

       Often planned in secret meetings, and sometimes hinted about in public, the European Union (EU) is said to be planning to implicitly disembowel nation states into one massive country to be headed by an unknown––and unelected––leader!

If implemented, the present EU plot will combine the positions of President of the European Council and President of the European Commission, and British politicians are furious at the concept.

England has not been invited to these secret meetings, but Lord David Stoddart insists:  “This is a plot by people who want to abolish nation states and create a United States of Europe.”

And Euro-MP Paul Nuttall, of the UK Independence Party, said: “This is a truly ridiculous idea that must never be allowed to happen.  It sounds as if they are trying to go back to the days of the Holy Roman Emperor.”

In a Hitler-Style move, according to Mercer Hall of UK News, “The new bureaucrat, who would not be directly elected by voters, is set to get sweeping control over the entire EU and force member countries into ever-greater political and economic union.”

Tory MP Douglas Carswell told “It doesn’t matter how you arrange the offices of these technocrats, they are useless at arranging our lives for us and they are not elected so they have no legitimacy.”

But Herman Van Rompuy, the first permanent President of the European Council, and Prime Minister of Belgian, has made it absolutely clear that in his mind, the concept of individual nation states is over:  “The age of the nation state is over and the idea that countries can stand alone is an ‘illusion’ and a ‘lie’.”

Making his remarks at the recent G20 Summit in Seoul, South Korea, on the 21st anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, Van Rompuy labels those who disagree with this view as suffering “Euroscepticism.” He says that countries such as Britain are the greatest threat to peace.  “We have together to fight the danger of a new Euroscepticism.  This is no longer the monopoly of a few countries.”

This is all so much like a slow-moving night mare where one can see a massive monster pushing billions of powerless people toward a steep cliff.  But aware of their coming fall, the dreamer can do nothing but cry out in the night.  And the dreamer can’t wake up.

So you can just put on your plus size Christian t-shirts and go back to sleep.  But if you are one of the few who understand the coming nightmare for Europe and the rest of the world, “Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober (1 Thessalonians 5: 6).”  A few of us must stay awake and scream loud warnings to others!

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Why ‘Working’ Americans Should Care About Eurozone ‘Problems’

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 17:45 PM
June 21, 2012

    Several factors have led to Europe’s seemingly intractable problems.  Perhaps the greatest of which are part-time work for full-time pay, short work weeks, early age retirements, extended vacations, etc.  And when such activities (or lack thereof) helped to lead to two world wars, there were always allies to help out.

In his article, “The European Farce:  Will the Continent Act to Avert An Economic Cataclysm?,” Niall Ferguson points out that in the midst Europe’s economic breakdown:  1) France just elected a socialist who promised to lower the retirement age even more; 2) The Greeks voted to have another election; 3) London transportation is still late because workers don’t show up; 4) The average German now works 1,000 hours a year less than the average South Korean, etc.

Anyone who has worked with overseas companies is familiar with offices in Germany where a boss may have two secretaries who work every other day, each at full pay.  And that person knows how difficult it is to fire any incompetent employee there, without paying out full salary unemployment benefits for years.

Such socialistic arrangements are difficult for Americans to understand as our economy is structured on more of a capitalistic system.  And the Protestant Work ethic––i.e. work hard at least 40 hours a week with two weeks annual vacation and retirement at age 65––has been our basic employment structure.

And with that structure, we have built the greatest country on Earth, winning two World Wars, sustaining an industrial base within a two-party democratic system, educating our kids, and establishing a strong Middle Class.

But, no matter, Europe still suffers from a sense of imperialism––i.e. their ‘work’ system is the inherited privilege of ‘superiority.’  Of course the colonies work harder and longer.  And, even if the United States is suppose to be an ex-colony, she will still serve when called upon.

Such thinking has already dragged us into two European World Wars.    And it is why our national budget is overburdened with military spending, while Europe spends much, much less, while calling upon us to protect their assets with our massive war machine.

As Nobel prize winner Thomas Sargent points out, “. . .  a collapse of the financial system in Europe will cause a massive global recession.  Once the global economy slides into another major recession, it is going to take years to recover.  The pain is going to be immense.”

World War II was started in the midst of economic depression. Only strong Christian messages, and true repentance can stop the next War.  But sometimes the strongest prayers can’t delay judgment.  As God told Jeremiah, “Though Moses and Samuel stood before me, yet my mind could not be toward this people (15: 1). Let us pray that it is not too late to stop the coming judgment of World War III.

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Why Americans Should Care About Greece, Spain, etc.? Pt. 2

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 17:08 PM
June 20, 2012

    Alright.  Let’s get down to brass tacks!  Again!  Americans should care about what is happening in Europe because the events there are slowly driving our country and the rest of the world into one big globe-wide depression.

And that depression––with the now upward 50% unemployment rate among youth eager to get involved in changing things–– will further fatten the ranks of Neo-Nazis now organized through out Europe (see recent blogs in to plunge the planet into World War III.

Sound radical?  Then listen to some noted economists:  In “Avoiding A Global Catastrophe,” for the Washington Post former Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers details problems with the eurozone. “The first is the question of who really has control. If decisions are . . . to be made by members of the euro zone, it is far from clear . . . that there is any kind of . . . support for responsible policies. . . Maybe all of this can be resolved, but surely it will not happen quickly.”

Nouriel Roubini in his article for, “A Global Perfect Storm” adds:  “Dark, lowering financial and economic clouds are, it seems, rolling in from every direction: the eurozone, the United States, China, and elsewhere. Indeed, the global economy in 2013 could be a very difficult environment in which to find shelter.  For starters, the eurozone crisis is worsening . . . “

And Peter Boone of the London School of Economics and Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund in “The Euro Awaits Its Verdict, write: “European banks have been operating on a great deal of debt and very little shareholder capital––the essential buffer against potential losses. Any shock to sovereign debt or further downturn in local economies will be transmitted through an over-leveraged and under-capitalized banking system to other European countries and––quite possibly––elsewhere, including the United States.”

And acerbically, in “The European Farce,” Niall Ferguson concludes:  “Understandably, many American investors have simply given up on Europe. After two years of the world’s most tedious soap opera (“Can Angela get on with François, the new boy in town? Is Mario the real thing after phony old Silvio?”), they have come to the conclusion that it is only a matter of time before the whole euro zone comes crashing down.”

Again, why should Americans care?  Because Europe is our largest trading partner!  Because this complex inter-connected economic world that modern man has built is inexhaustibly together.  And, like I have been shouting––that is the plan:  1) Slow downward economies; 2) Eventual economic depression; 3) Massive rise of Neo-Nazi armies led by the Anti-Christ and World War III!  Just as Bible prophecies predict.  Only all of this is happening much much sooner, than later!

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Why Should Americans Care About Germany, Greece, Spain, etc.?

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 10:37 AM
June 19, 2012

OK. So (after Germany spent massive amounts of money on negative warnings about the consequences of leaving the euro) Greece voted to stay in the European Union (EU).  And now the drama shifts to Spain, no Italy, no Ireland, no . . . But why should Americans care?

   Well, Wall Street watchers insists that the more the euro keeps Europe in turmoil pushes investors’ money to the United States, where––although not perfect––the market is safer, and will at least bring decent returns.

Need another reason?  OK.  The G-20 Leaders––including Germany––promise to emphasize growth and job creation instead of austerity.  In a leaked draft communique, these leaders promise to:  “act together to strengthen recovery and address financial market tensions . . . All G20 members will take the necessary actions to strengthen global growth and restore confidence.” But ‘draft’!  OK?

Let’s see, for reason three:  Even Germany’s site admits that all sorts of nations are insisting that Germany and the rest of the EU get their act together.  The BRICS––Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa––and other emerging nations at the G20 Conference even pressed Germany to solve the euro crisis before it spreads.  (Note that word:  “spreads.”)

For instance, Yonhap News Agency reported that “Chinese Deputy Finance Minister Zhu Guangyao said the summit was important for limiting the risk of the crisis spreading. South Korean President Lee Myung-bak called for a radical overhaul of the eurozone’s financial system.”

Ah, but Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission, retorted that EU members would not be “lectured to by other G20 nations.”   Yonhap and quotes Barroso as saying:  “Frankly, we are not coming here to receive lessons in terms of democracy or in terms of how to run our economy.”

OK OK back to good reasons.  Well Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund that G20 members “had promised a total of $456 billion (361 billion euros) for its new crisis fund. The amount is $26 billion more than a target that was set in April.”  Hm. Why give more than is needed?

“Countries large and small have rallied to our call for action, and more may join.  I salute them and their commitment to multilateralism.”  Lagarde said.  These added donations doubled IMF’s lending capacity.  Hm. Someone must see needs!

Ahhh.  There’s more ‘good news,’ but I’ve run out of space.  One last thing:  Americans should care because Germany’s moves to control European finances is part of its economic attack on Europe and the world.  These veiled economic war moves lead to World War III.    Like Christian word puzzles, one must read and understand God’s Word––i.e. “rightly dividing The Word of Truth (2 Timothy 2: 15)” to solve Germany’s open riddle! Isn’t that good news??

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14 E. Coli Cases in U.S., 2,200 Sick and Scores Dead in Europe

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 17:17 PM
June 18, 2012

    Emergency!  Beware of an E.coli outbreak in the U.S.  Already in six states, this dangerous bacteria has killed an infant and left 13 others sick.  E. Coli is running rampart in Germany and other parts of Europe where over 2,200 people have been sickened and some two dozen are dead.  Scientists advise that the “high-prevalence season” for E.coli is from April through September!

Thus far, the source of the germ in the U. S., or in Europe, has not be determined.  Ironically, the majority of cases in the U.S. are in Georgia, where the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is located.  The other states with infected victims are Alabama, Florida, Tennessee, Louisiana and California.

As they attempt to track down the source of the E.coli bacteria, a CDC spokesperson said, “The investigation is looking at both food and non-food sources as a part of the ongoing investigation.”

Dr. Alfredo G. Torres, of the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, calls this germ “. . . a relatively rare and lethal form of the bacteria.   Germany has experienced the largest outbreak of E. coli ever seen in Europe.”

J. Patrick O’Neal of the Georgia Department of Health tells ABC News:  “We know that these cases are all linked, and that would suggest that there was a common source somewhere along the way.  We just don’t know where.”

The infant, Maelan Elizabeth Graffagnini, was just 21 months old when she died in a hospital in New Orleans.  Two other victims in the New Orleans area have also been stricken with the same E. coli strain. This strain is called 0145.

Researchers are shifting carefully through all reported data attempting to find a common factor connecting all struck down by the disease.  Tom Gasparoli from the Louisiana Department of Health believes “The likely exposure is a food source.  But this has yet to be confirmed. Often, the contact source is not found.”

To prevent the disease from touching you or your family, follow these simple rules: 1) Wash hands thoroughly after using the bathroom, changing diapers or touching animals––singing ‘Happy Birthday to You’ at least twice; 2)  Cook all meat thoroughly, especially hamburger, to at least 160 degrees; 3) Do not drink unpasteurized milk, juice or other dairy products; 4) Scrub all fruits and vegetables, and where possible, cook them––i.e. avoid raw vegetables; 5)  Wash hands after handling poultry; 6) Do not swallow water when swimming.

Above all, consult Christian prayer books for verses on disease prevention and healing such as:  “. . . I Am The LORD that healeth thee (Exodus 15: 26);”  “Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases (Psalm 103: 3);” “If my people . . . shall humble themselves, and pray, . .   then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land (2 Chronicles 7: 14).”

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Is It Now Or Never For Greece and the European Union?

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 20:16 PM
June 15, 2012

No one is sure just how the Greek vote this weekend will turn out, but everyone in Greece, and in the rest of the European Union (EU), is on edge about the outcome.  The election on May 6th left no party with enough of a majority to form a government.  And political sides wouldn’t compromise and form coalitions.

In anticipation that the result of the vote will be that its nation exit the euro, and perhaps the EU, since May 6, the Greek people have drawn at least a billion euros a day from Greek banks and transfered their funds to other EU countries.

Robert Marquand of Reuters News summarizes:  “Nearly 80 percent of the Greek population say in polls they want to stay in the eurozone, but they do not want a crippling austerity-based financing of their debt that would sentence them to penury for the foreseeable future.”

Those bank runs signal collapse of the entire Greek banking system, as ETF Daily estimates that if the nation votes to abandon the euro, every bank account in the Greek system would lose 50% of its value.
Several Greek officials have plainly stated that the country will be absolutely broke within the next two weeks:  i.e. there will be no retirement checks, no government worker checks, hospitals, insurance, etc.  The country––which already has an unemployment rate of 22 percent––would be at an standstill.

“The Greeks are being asked to do the impossible,” in austerity reforms, says Mr. Simon Tilford of the Center for European Reform in London. “Capping public spending in a severe recession…. the terms are mathematically impossible.”

The Associated Press article states: “The debt-ridden country’s two-year financial crisis has left much of the nation in tatters, tearing at its social fabric. Hospitals have run out of supplies, suicides have been on the increase and unemployment has skyrocketed to above 22 percent as tens of thousands of businesses shut down.”

Additionally, ETF Daily avows “A Greek exit from the euro would not only result in a run on Spanish and Italian bonds, but it would also likely result in a run on Spanish and Italian banks.”  Eventually, “The whole house of cards will come down.” As Angelo Drusiani from Banca Albertini says, Italy could face:  “massive devaluation, three to five years of hyperinflation, and unbearable unemployment.”

The last polls indicate that Sunday’s vote will not resolve the issue, as opposing sides––to leave or stay in the EU––are tied.  But unless Germany wants to see her prized EU fall apart, she had best compromise first!  Christian word puzzles have the answer:  “Whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God (1 Corinthians 10: 31).”  That means end people’s suffering now and compromise!

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