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Our Future Food: Explained and Unexplainable Fish Kills, Part 2

posted by Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 1:12 AM
May 23, 2012

Just today thousands of dead fish came up floating on the banks of the Mula–Mutha (Bheema) river––again!  The reported cause is pollution:  “The fish apparently died because of thick blackish water flowing in the river bed.”
And, on yes, fishermen still took the dead fish to market and sold them!

These thousands of fish kills––probably millions in world-wide aggregate––pose serious health issues.  Even if fish are able to stay alive in polluted water, they still pose a danger to the people who eat them.  In this instance, Mozambique Tilapia fish are quite resilient, usually able to survive poor water environments.

Of related interest, scientists now know that fish grown in hatcheries and then thrown into natural waters are harmful to wild fish.  SPX News reports:  “A new collection of more than 20 studies by leading university scientists and government fishery researchers gives mounting evidence that salmon raised in man-made hatcheries harm wild salmon.

The studies indicate “that fast-growing hatchery fish compete with wild fish for food and habitat in the ocean as well as in the rivers where they return to spawn. The research also questions whether the ocean can supply enough food to support future increases in hatchery fish while sustaining wild salmon.”

Thus, these man-raised fish seem to eliminate fish in the natural wild.  Pete Rand, a biologist at the Wild Salmon Center, says “What we’re seeing here in example after example is growing scientific evidence that hatchery fish can actually edge out wild populations.”

Scientists invented hatcheries to supplement loses dams cost the Pacific salmon commercial fishing industry: “to offset losses of wild salmon that have suffered serious declines due to dams and habitat degradation.”  But they didn’t consider harm from dams, and they didn’t consider it for fish hatcheries either.

Moreover, salmon are not the only type of fish that man-made hatcheries threaten.  Naturalists are just beginning to understand that man-made manipulation of natural fish resources is doing nothing but destroying the same resources.

Thus, we are killing our own food––food for today and food for tomorrow––with water “blackened” by industrial waste dumped into fish habitats: with water made too warm from man-made Global Warming; with water our own misshaping of natural seasons drains of oxygen; and with whacky fish hatchery inventions.

Such food idiocy is suicide.  Hosea 4: 1-3 points out that arrogant sinfulness can result in the loss of all sea life:  “Hear the word of The LORD . . . there is no knowledge of God in the land.   . . . Therefore . . . every one shall languish . . . yea, the fishes of the sea also shall be taken away.”  Wholesale Christian books renders such a loss ultimate judgment from God.  We must save this urgently important food source.  In doing so, we may well save ourselves!

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