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One Year After Japan’s Quake and Tsunami: A Warning to the World

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March 9, 2012

On this one year anniversary of Japan’s disaster, the impact of the earthquake and tsunami still rocks the nation to its core.  With the $ 210 billion dollars paid out in insurance loses, most funds have not gone to homeless citizens.  Some towns no longer exist at all, but victims still yearn for them as “home.”

 Monks openly mourn some 16,000 known dead, and the more than 3,000 still listed as missing.   Some victims plan to leave the country altogether, and scientists warn that another “big” quake could hit the nation soon.

 AFP News reports: “Twelve months on from the disaster, few have received the compensation payouts . . . from plant operator Tokyo Electric Power (TEPCO), . . . Pitted against the sometimes fearsome power of the company, refugees say they feel helpless, with one describing the battle for compensation as akin to ‘ants trying to tackle an elephant’.”

 Protected by its strong arm inside Japan’s government, TEPCO has only paid 13 of the 1,000 cases ‘now’ awaiting payment.  Some two million people are expected to file for compensation.  Although it promised victims $ 1,500 a month, TEPCO now requires re-application every three months on very long claim forms.
 One lawyer argues, “These evacuees need cash to live off now.  Their problem is how long the money will last for their daily life. TEPCO has shown no consideration for their desperate living conditions.”
 As the rest of the world watches, people must consider what happens when such disasters hit their shores.  The Independent, from England’s Guardian Newspaper, quotes “a report from Maplecroft, the global risk analysts, that of the 422 nuclear power stations in the world, more than one in ten are situated in places that are deemed to be at high or extreme risk from tsunamis [and/]or earthquakes.”

 Helen Hodge, Maplecroft’s spokesperson says:  ”Although Japanese nuclear facilities are particularly exposed, other countries could also face similar risks. South Korea, Taiwan, southern China, India, Pakistan and the west coast of the United States have operating or planned nuclear facilities on tsunami-exposed coastlines, while nuclear sites in areas of high or extreme risk of earthquakes can be found in western U.S., Taiwan, Armenia, Iran and Slovenia.”

 More on the Japanese pastor who plans to move all of his congregation to South Korea , and on Japanese citizens, once in the middle class, now struggling in poverty, in the next blog.  Clearly, TEPCO and the Japanese government have let them down.  For centuries, used Christian books have pointed to the Bible to show that such mistreatment of citizens reaps God’s judgement.  For instance, Isaiah 9: 16 says:  “For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.”  Hopefully, leaders of threatened nations plan to do better.

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