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Global Warming, Melting Ice & Deadly Sooted Water, Part 2

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 15:08 PM
March 2, 2012

 Not only have two centuries of man’s industrial revolution eventually led to Global Warming and Climate Change, now melting glaciers are returning carbon poisons from that revolution back into the oceans and air of the Earth. 
 Reporting from the Woods Hole Research Center in Massachusetts, SPX News writes:  “Globally, glacier ice loss is accelerating, driven in part by the deposition of carbon in the form of soot or ‘black carbon,’ which darkens glacier surfaces and increases their absorption of light and heat.”  Thus, even more heat!

 Moreover, the relatively new practice of “deforestation” that real estate developers and industrial agriculturalists use to clear massive tracts of lands have added major sources of black carbon to the atmosphere, as well as has other huge fires or burning of biomass (trees, leaves and other vegetation).
 Such burnings now take place around the globe, especially in areas of Africa, Latin America and Asia, where Western industrialists and China want to eliminate natural land masses as quickly as possible.  At the same time, locations suffering from continuing drought––such as swathes of Texas––eventually lead to ‘endless’ fires that again deposit carbon soot into the atmosphere.

 Such findings from a scientific study group, headed by Robert Spencer from Woods Hole Research Center, are to be published in this month’s issue of ‘Nature Geoscience.’  Much of their work was carried out at the Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska.   This area in the Gulf of Alaska gets a high rate of rain and snow, which returns deposits of black carbon soot gathered from around the Earth.

 While some scientists believe that the source of this carbon matter dates back to “ancient forests and peatlands overrun by the glaciers,” radiocarbon dating and “ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry,” prove that this soot comes from today’s sources of Global Warming––i.e. burning of fossil fuels and biomass.

 Eventually, the carbon soot, along with any germ-filled organic matters within it, moves downstream through melted water and enters food cycles for animals and men.  Thus, Spencer explains:  “Improving our understanding of glacier biogeochemistry is of great urgency, as glacier environments are among the most sensitive to Climate Change and the effects of industrial pollution.”

 Obviously then, Global Warming and Climate Change now poisons the air and water.  Those poisons kill millions of people.  But the deaths are attributed to asthma, cancer or some other malady, when in fact, mankind is killing himself.

 A few knowledgeable scholars have questioned the new inventions of this modern age.  As Bible prophecies promise:  “The foolishness of man perverteth his way: and his heart fretteth against The LORD (Proverbs 19:3).” But warring against  an omnipotent God, and the simpler life He had planned for man, is unwinnable!

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