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Newspaper Boys & Girls, Intl: All-Animal News Special

posted by Newspaper Boys @ 13:55 PM
March 30, 2012

 Ooookay, we ‘younger-than-teen’ newspaper delivery kids said we would go on strike.  No news door to door,  if Ms. Doc Jael don’t let us say somethin’ ‘bout the animals.  Cause if we don’t work, the public don’t get the news.  So she gave in, but now we must do a week of what they call ‘patience submission training.’ Oeyvey!  What we kids must do for the animals, cause you adults sure don’t.
 Janet:  Yes, how come it took all these years for you smart grown people to figure out that ‘clothianidin’ pesticide spray is killing the bees?  Environmental News Service (ENS) says that last week “more than a million citizens signed an emergency legal petition” with the EPA to please stop spray killing our bees.

 This stuff has been killing bees since 2003.  And Jael’s been writing for years about it.  Don’t you know that without bees, we won’t have food?  Are ya’ll grown ups idiots or what?  Well, need I ask that?

 David:  Did ya’ll know that these big grocery stores sell whale meat?  Janet is right! Some o’ this stuff, the gang’s here been writing ‘bout for years.  Why encourage those bullies with big gun boats to kill whales by selling whale meat?  This news outlet’s been yellin’ about whale murder forrreeverrr!

 So recently ENS says “tens of thousands of people took action via Twitter, Facebook and HSI’s petition” to tell Jeff Bezos, head of to stop selling whale meat.  So he took “145 food products” with whale meat off the site!  Way to go people! Way to go!

 Janet:  En David, did you hear that law makers in New York are trying to stop the sell of shark fins there?  Bout time.  And it should spread across the nation.

 Howie:  Well this one’s a Zowie.  Those huge windmills they’re building for a new kind of energy may be killing eagles and bats.  UPI and say that windmills and the birds depend on the same air currents.  Its a big problem for these animals cause the wind power people want the right to “harm” the birds.

 Annie:  Our newspaper boys and girls in Britain tweeted that thousands of lambs are dying in England and Europe and scientists don’t know why.  Baby lambs are either born dead or come with such crocked bodies that they cannot live.
 David:  We’s got to follow up on that one Annie. It’s like in Tennessee horses and cattle are dying mysteriously and the docs can’t figure out why.

 Older Teen:  That’s enough ‘bout animals you guys.  Ya’ll complained your way into havin’ your say.  But you got to get to Dr. Repriestly’s ‘patience and submission’ class NOW.  We all got to learn to submit to God’s order of authority.

 Your wholesale Christian kids t-shirts from Colossians 1: 11 say believers are strengthened by “patience and longsuffering with joyfulness.”  All you guys do is complain about the animals.  And complaining all the time ain’t being joyful.

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How Greece’s ‘Rescue’ Affects ‘The Rest of Us’, Part 2

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 13:25 PM
March 28, 2012

 Dr. Ad Versery:  And now the second part of our report.  Yesterday, I gave an account of how the European Union’s (EU) ‘rescue’ of Greece has ruined that nation’s health care system.  Today, Ida B. Wells, IV further reveals that world powers demanded EU to prevent Greece from defaulting or we ALL go down!

 Ida B. Wells, IV:  Thanks Doc!  This may help simplify the answer!  Remember these strange terms: ‘credit-default swap contracts’ and ‘derivatives’?  You know those deliberately chopped up international ‘stock’ transactions that debilitated (collapsed as in Greece’s health systems) the American housing market.

 Well, according to reports from prominent finance journalists, if Greece had defaulted on its debt, that whole faceless ‘credit-default swap’ mess would have come down on the entire world, including the United States.

 Charles Hugh Smith of, explains:  Greece’s “default will trigger credit-default swap contracts, derivatives known as CDS that protect the owner from events such as default.  This will implode the shadow-banking system and the visible banking system, as those who sold the CDS (financial institutions) do not have enough cash or assets to pay the owners of the CDS.”

 Further he exclaims: “So the failure of one counterparty can trigger a systemic failure akin to a row of dominoes being toppled by the fall of one domino. . . If Greece defaults . . . then the system will quickly unravel.  Empires tend to fall when the interests of their Elites diverge. We are at such a point in the global financial Empire.”
 In “Greece Debt Crisis Triggers Massive Credit Default Contract Swap Worth Billions,”  Business Insider adds:  “It’s for real this time. . . . Greece’s bond swap has triggered a credit event.
 “Because the market is so opaque and because many financial institutions are on both sides of this trade, credit default swaps have compounded concerns about the contagion that would occur as a result of a financial shock”––i.e. Greece’s default.”

 Even worse this report says:  “On one hand, sovereign CDS contracts are the only securities that allow investors to hedge and speculate directly against governments.”  So that’s it.  These so-called banking interests are leveraging other people’s money to make highly risky bets for or against the fall of governments!

 Dr. Ad Versery:  Apparently no one’s house, neighborhood or government is safe!  If Christians are ever to believe God’s Word––i.e. “It is better to trust in The LORD than to put confidence in man.  It is better to trust in The LORD than to put confidence in princes (Psalm 118: 8-9)”––they had better do it now!  Those are Bible Prophecies.  As Extinction Protocol 2012 says, things are unraveling quickly!

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Greece’s ‘Rescue’: Political Medicine and ‘The Rest of Us’

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 9:00 AM
March 27, 2012

 Ida B. Wells:  Doc and I will cover the drastic decline of health care in the Greek population resulting from the European Union’s ‘rescue.’   I will report on economists who say that this ‘rescue’ was for the good of “the rest of us.”  And Doc reveals catastrophes in the Greek population resulting from that ‘rescue.’

 Dr. Ad Versery:  Medical officials in Greece report that the health care system there is collapsing.  Dr. Reveka Papadopoulos, head of Médecins sans Frontières Greece, says that Greek’s medical and social services are “under very severe strain, if not in a state of breakdown. . . . a system that cannot cope.”

 She points out that Europe’s demand for “blind” budget cuts brought a 40% reduction for hospital funding, while at the same time there was a 24% increase in demand for hospital services.

 Papadopoulos told John Henley of Britain’s : “The extraordinary increase in HIV/Aids among drug users, due largely to the suspension or cancellation of free needle exchange program, has been accompanied by a 52% increase in the general population.” The Guardian story is accompanied with a photo showing “doctors, nurses and paramedics clashing with police . . . as a protest against cuts.”

 Citing soaring rates of HIV/Aids, malaria, tuberculosis, Nile fever, and other communicable diseases, Papadopoulos adds: “This is something we are used to seeing in sub-Saharan Africa, not Europe.”

 She says that such sharp increases in communicable diseases are indications of the coming breakdown:  “The simple fact of the reappearance of malaria, with 100-odd cases in southern Greece last year and 20 to 30 more elsewhere, shows barriers to healthcare access have risen.  Malaria is treatable, it shouldn’t spread if the system is working.”

 In his article, “Greece’s Health System Faces Collapse,” Robert Stevens asserts:  “The austerity measures being forced onto the Greek population by the . . . government are literally killing people.”

 Alvin Conway believes that the Greek decline signals a coming collapse of Western civilization:  “It’s a sobering lesson for the U.S. and the rest of the Western world when the day of reckoning finally comes.”  Conway writes in “Extinction Protocol 2012 and Beyond”:  “It took millennia to build civilizations on this planet but we will watch them unravel over the span of a few years.”

 Ida B. Wells, IV:  Even used Christian Bibles tell us:  “It is better to trust in The LORD than to put confidence in princes (Psalms 118:9).”  Because Europe’s ruling class has forced this ‘rescue’ on Greece, the blood of many will be on their hands in the coming judgment day.  Hopefully, some citizens in Greece are keeping their trust in The LORD to help them to survive this death watch!

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Cause for Unexplainable Loud Noises: More Earthquakes?

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 7:14 AM
March 26, 2012

       This weekend, according to the Associated Press, the United States Geological Service (USGS) somewhat admitted that the large booming noises keeping people awake in the U.S. and elsewhere MAY be caused by  earthquakes.

Geophysicist Paul Caruso told AP reporter Dinesh Ramde:  “booming noises have been known to accompany earthquakes. It’s possible the mysterious sounds that town officials have been investigating are linked to the quake.”

Then Caruso followed up with:  “To be honest, I’m skeptical that there’d be a sound report associated with such a small earthquake, but it’s possible.”

But such equivocating didn’t stop Clintonville (Wisconsin) City Administrator Lisa Kuss from announcing, “the mystery is solved.” She claimed that USGS representatives “described the event as a swarm of several small earthquakes in a very short time.”

Kuss added other assumptions to the tepid USGS report: “In other places in the United States, a 1.5 earthquake would not be felt . . . But the type of rock Wisconsin has transmits seismic energy very well.”  Kuss is under a great deal of political pressure.  Angry Clintonville residents awakened in the middle of the night by loud booms and shaking grounds demand answers.

Earthquakes, volcanoes, hot spring weather, blasting winters, and now sudden loud and very long unexplained noises.  Apparently, people in various parts of the world have reported so many of these noises, that some authorities (at least in the United States) have issued a disinformation campaign against them.

The scientific experts at Extinction Protocol 2012 have published press releases about these noises.  Those reports indicate that what happened in towns like Clintonville cannot be denied.  There are just too many witnesses, in areas like Southport, Sunset Harbor and other cities in North Carolina; Richmond Hill, Georgia; Barrie, Ontario in Canada; Killarney, Ireland, etc.!

In these times of such mysteries and other uncontrollable events in nature, our fellow bloggers, John, Jude and their team hold strong prayer meetings.  I hope that other believers are doing so as well.  The Body of Christ functions because God gives all true believers different gifts: “Now there are diversities of gifts, but the same Spirit (1 Corinthians 12: 4).”

Everyone is not a teacher or pastor.  But everyone can pray!  The LORD Jesus gave requirements for The Body of Christ to function.  One requirement is love––non-pretended, patiently practiced love.  Another is the for each one to wholeheartedly carry out the qualities of the gifts He bestows.  Our online Bible lessons teach that prayer is essential for The Body of Christ.  Such prayer may open everyone’s eyes to the reason for these strange noises:  “Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity (2 Timothy 2: 19).”

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Older Teens Take Over This All-Kids Animal News Edition

posted by Newspaper Boys @ 9:47 AM
March 22, 2012

 HURRY!  HURRY! HURRY!  Get the latest news from us, the Newspaper Boys and Girls Association, Intl (NBGI).  The younger kids are on sort of a strike cause we ain’t done no animal stories lately. So us older ones are in charge.

 They knows it’s so much going on everywhere, but they still say the boss must give more assignments ‘bout animals, hungry sea life, beached dolphins, exploding pythons, and stuff.  So I promised to pass it on!

 But first, let’s start with our classified section.  Our staff still needs to fill the position for an “Outer Space Science Person.”  Now we need a sound and military specialist to investigate these eerie sounds disturbing people in the U.S. and elsewhere.

 OK, as for everyone else:  Dr. Jael is working on our sister blog:  Boy, the stuff there is new, exciting and a bit scary.  You ought to check it out real soon.

 Information keeps flowing into Ally I. Feermeno about Japan’s nuclear radiation-earthquake-volcano problems.  She is also working on recent leaks at nuclear power plants in the U.S. and other countries, as well as on Russia’s recent threats to use nukes in the next war––and that in view of the fact that Russia has moved its armament to Syria to aid in oppressing the people there.
 As they keep up with new diseases appearing and reappearing across the globe, Maleekie Ambularie and Ad Versery Bored are bracing for attacks of Lyme disease from “black-legged ticks” in the northeastern United States.  Also, they are preparing a full report on what they say is a soon to  come global water shortages.

 And they are working with Mr. Butterman on population starvations, food shortages, food poisons and geo-engineered foods trial for world-wide food needs.

 Sarah Newsworthy and Wendy Weathersbee are working overtime to cover what they call “weird weather everywhere.”  But Sarah is turning weather news over to Wendy this summer ‘cause she expects an outbreak of volcano explosions and earthquakes as the earth poles tilt more and more.

 While they have prayer meetings, John, Jude and the prayer partners are stressing the urgency of prayer in these last days.  And Rev. Repriestly is too.

 And Ida B. Wells, IV keeps a watchful eye on the U.S. economy as well as on fragile economies in Europe and other countries.  But she says look out!  Something big is going to blast open financial markets sooner than we think!

 In fact, all of us feel that way.  Our news carrier kids around the world all say they are holding their breath, waiting for the next “big one.”  All of us––reporters and delivery boys and girls––sense 2012 is going to be the year that all of everything breaks out.  But our leaders, Jael and Rev. Repriestly, remind us always to wear wholesale Christian kids t-shirts that talk about faith, cause whatever happens, we got to remember that “the just shall live by faith (Hebrews 10: 38).”

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Enjoying This Warm Spring? Then Get Ready for HOT Summer!

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 16:04 PM
March 20, 2012

 Better not get too comfortable in this Spring’s Summer Heat!  If Europe’s harshest winter in decades is an indicator, the warm Spring heat now may blast this coming Summer all to––well, you know where.

 It’s more Weirdsville:  i.e. states east of the Mississippi break all heat records, while Arizona is overcome with an aberrant winter storm and Hawaii is pelted with unheard of tornadoes and hail stones.

 Jason Samenow of the Capital Weather Gang reports:  “In some places, temperatures have been an eye-popping 30-40 degrees above normal, nearing or surpassing the warmest temperatures ever recorded so early in the season.  Since Sunday, an amazing 943 new record highs have been broken or tied across the U.S. compared to just 9 record lows.”

 Writing for, Andrew Freedman says:  “The March heat wave continues to shatter longstanding records from the Upper Midwest to the Northeast, with more than 2,200 warm temperature records set during the month.”
 In U.S. weather histories dating back to the 19th century, this March heat wave breaks records because of  “the wide geographic scope of the heat wave, the duration of the event and the time of year when it is occurring.”

 Deke Arndt from the National Climatic Data Center reports, “This will be a March event that we’ll look back on as one of the big March events of modern history.”

 However, Freedman says that this extremely warm spring forebodes an extremely hot summer:  “The weather pattern resulting in this heat wave is remarkably similar to ones that lead to prolonged periods of extreme heat during the summertime, with a huge dome of high pressure blocking the eastward movement of storms and cooler air off the Pacific.

 “Some meteorologists are studying whether global warming is leading to more such ‘blocking patterns,’ and there are some indications that this may be the case . . .”  Ahh., there we have it.  The same Global Warming winter from which Europe is still recovering, will now bring the U.S. an unrelenting horrible summer!

 Yes, it is Weirdsville, but as Joe Romm says in “Climate Progress:” “Unfortunately, it’s all too real — and [its] just going to get worse and worse until we act to sharply reduce emissions of industrial carbon pollution.”  Ohey vey, Weirdsville is nothing but Global Warming all over again.

 How much Summer heat will it take before Christians start calling upon God for His help in stopping Global Warming?  Or will the believers of this age be as Christian messages rile:  “They are all hot as an oven; . . . there is none among them that calleth unto Me (Hosea 7: 7).”  Is that the question, or is it the answer?

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Volcanoes, Earth’s Pole Shift, and the End of Time Part 3

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 19:18 PM
March 19, 2012

Before we get to more examples of the many volcanoes erupting or rumbling toward eruption, let’s discuss the the major reason why so many scientists predicted this avalanche of world-wide eruptions:  the Earth’s pole shift!

 Scientists and journalists increasingly report that the Earth’s magnetic polar shifts are affecting all the recent weather anomalies that regions around the world now suffer:  massive rain and snow storms, unprecedented flooding, virulent earthquakes, species declines, etc.

 Extinction Protocol 2012 and Beyond writes:  “We are entering a period of extreme volcanism. Chaitén (Chile) erupted after being dormant for 9500 years, Eyjafjallajökull (Iceland) erupted after 187 years, and Sinabung volcano (Indonesia) erupted after 400 years.

 “Planetary tremors have begun shaking the globe. They will intensify. Earth’s magnetic field is faltering and moving towards a polarity reversal as we approach the solar maximum (2012-2013).”

 The Full Helium website and Terrence Aym of exclaim:  “NASA has been warning about it…scientific papers have been written about it…geologists have seen its traces in rock strata and ice core samples . . .

 “Now ‘it’ is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shift that has sped up and is causing life-threatening havoc with the world’s weather.  When the field shifts, when it fluctuates, when it goes into flux and begins to become unstable anything can happen. And what normally happens is that all hell breaks loose.”

 Further, insists that exploding volcanoes are the natural result of these polar shifts:  “Of course all volcanoes will explode, as this is going to be a very severe pole shift. What about the months and years preceding the pole shift? It is no secret that Mammoth Lake and the caldera of Yellowstone are warming up.

 “All volcanoes that have been active within the memory of man will begin spewing and burping and oozing, and many that were not expected to become active will reactive. . . . All volcanoes that have been active within the memory of man will begin spewing and burping and oozing, and many that were not expected to become active will reactive.”

 In its book, Extinction Protocol writes:  “Our planet is dying and this is no mere rendezvous with a date on a Mayan calendar in 2012. It’s the mass termination of life on planet Earth. Nature is under a scientific directive. It is irreversible. It is the extinction protocol.”  Bible prophecies assess volcanoes as a curse against sin and evil:  “As the fire burneth a wood, and as the flame setteth the mountains on fire; So persecute them with thy tempest, and make them afraid with thy storm. . . that they may seek Thy Name, O LORD.”  So let’s seek Him NOW!

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Coordinated Volcanoes in Violent Eruptions Everywhere, Part 2

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 10:58 AM
March 16, 2012

 Again, has anyone noticed that volcanoes seem to be awakening more than ever this year?  The answer is “yes!” Volcano experts around the world report to news outlets and internet sites that something has awakened these fiery mountains.

 The says that Russia’s Volcano Bezymianny volcano has been put on “aviation color code red, the highest alert given by the Kanchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT).”

 Russian authorities proclaim that code red warns of imminent eruption:  “Activity of the volcano continuously increases.  Strong ash explosions up to 42,640 ft (13 km) a.s.l. possible at any time. Ongoing activity could affect international and low-flying aircraft.”

 E Science News says geologist now warn that “Santorini––history’s most dreaded volcano––awakes and is rapidly inflating.”  In 2011, the BBC named Santorini “the world’s best island.”  But now this Greek vacation spot “is awake again and rapidly deforming at levels never seen before.”

 Andrew Newman, a geophysicist in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Georgia Tech, who has studied Santorini since 2006, says a series of earthquakes and deformation began in the Santorini caldera last year.  He asserts, if Santorini erupts it would bring the same disaster it caused 450 years ago:  “It could cause local tsunamis and affect boat traffic, including cruise ships, in the caldera. Earthquakes could damage homes and produce landslides along the cliffs.”

 John Seach has been reporting “Volcano News” on the Internet for 12 years. He writes:  “Lamongan volcano in Indonesia has shown signs of unrest. The normal background seismicity is about 3 volcanic earthquakes per month. Between 23-29 February 2012 there were 69 volcanic earthquakes.
 “Between 1-7 March 2012, 77 volcanic earthquakes were recorded, this increased to 135 earthquakes in 12 hours on 8th March. On 9th March 112 volcanic earthquakes occurred in an 11 hour period and continuous tremor was recorded. On 9th March the alert status for Lamongan volcano was raised from level 1 to level 2.  . . .  The last confirmed eruptions of Lamongan volcano were in 1933.”

 Again on Indonesia, “Volcano Discovery” reports that increased activity now raises the Alert Status of the Ijen volcano in East Java 3 (out of 4).  In the last three months, tremors lasting up to 25 minutes have now increased up to 306 tremor episodes in a ten-day period.  Volcanologist think eruption is imminent!

 More on erupting volcanoes in Part 3. We must understand: collectively exploding volcanoes is but one sign of the last days.  The LORD Jesus Christ gave Bible prophecies that in these times men would “say to the mountains, Fall on us; and to the hills, Cover us” (Luke 23: 30), because they would rather face volcano fire than the wrath of Almighty God.  Still there’s time to call on Him for salvation!

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Volcanoes in Violent Coordinated Erupting Around the World

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 19:23 PM
March 15, 2012

 Has anyone noticed that volcanoes seem to be awakening more than ever this year.  Some eruptions that have been dormant for years have joined threatening noises from other fiery mountains around the world.
 Even in the United States, fiery volcanoes have come alive in at least two states.  The Illiama and Cleveland volcanoes in Alaska and the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii––all now bubble with possibilities for major overflows.

 This week, according to the Alaska Public News Service, the Cleveland volcano has exploded for the third time in seven days.  Although no ash could be detected, authorities have not put real-time monitoring equipment there.  But distant seismometers and microphones measured the explosion on March 8th as sending forth airways traveling at the speed of sound. 

 Explosions, most probably caused by earthquakes, have emitted from Alaska Illiamna volcano for the last thee months, apparently on an ongoing basis.  And the Kiluea Volcano in Hawaii continuously sends forth so much lava that it has created a path to the Pacific Ocean.  Lava is also flowing out from the other direction away from the ocean, and it’s fires have destroyed the house of at least one fisherman in the village that sits right in the flow’s path.

 Moreover, the National Center for Disaster Prevention in Mexico reports that its Popocatepetl “has expelled nine low-intensity exhalation accompanied by emissions of water vapor and gas, and sometimes small amounts of ash.”  Cronica News Service says that the entire area around this mountain is on evacuation alert.

 And, as if Japan did not have enough concerns with this week’s new 6.9 quake and the following tsunami, its Sakurajima Volcano is now spewing hot rocks and ash as it violently shakes, sending up plumes as high as 10,000 feet.  Even this much activity is unusual for Sakurajima which Volcano Discovery says is one of the few volcanoes in the world that has persistent activity.

 In the next blog, we will cover other apparently coordinated volcanic explosions up around the world, with a discussion of the possible causes.  Fiery mountains sending up deadly lavas in Columbia, Costa Rica, Greece, Russia, Montserrat, Indonesia the Philippines, Mexico, etc.  We will also explore secular prophecies about super-volcanoes set to go off in December, 2012.

 A famous hymn once asked, “Where will you be when the world’s on fire.”  Print that question on Wholesale Christian T-Shirts so that everyone gets the message.  Fire on mountains symbolizes God’s anger toward the unrepentant sins of ignoring His laws and His creation:  “For a fire is kindled in mine anger, and shall burn unto the lowest hell, and shall consume the earth with her increase, and set on fire the foundations of the mountains (Deuteronomy 32: 22).”  Its time to everyone to repent––even Christians as well as sinners!

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Rising Sea Levels: Creeping Death Coming Upon the World

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 13:33 PM
March 13, 2012

 People with good sense can see rising sea levels, ocean poisonings and other effects of Global Warming, and they do something about it!  Others––notably some politicians in the United States––simply shout that Global Warming is a hoax. 
 According to Think Progress and Planetsave, leaders of the Maldives Islands are planning to move their entire population of 350,000 to Australia.  But then Australia is constantly flooded from killer storms and unmanageable seas as it is.  So the Maldives back-up plan is possibly Sri Lanka or India.

 President Mohamed Nasheed, head of Maldives government, has been screaming his head off to anyone who will listen that rising sea levels caused by Global Warming is like creeping death for the world.
 He told the Sydney Morning Herald:  “It is increasingly becoming difficult to sustain the islands, in the natural manner that these islands have been.  If nations won’t do good for themselves, they really must do good for everyone around, simply in your self-interest as well. I think it’s really quite necessary for Australians and for every rich country to understand that this is unlike any other thing that’s happened before.”

 And, as Andres Marantz, reports in Harper’s Magazine, “the approaching end times for the Maldives has given rise to a strange blend of doomed apathy and anxious resignation among the citizenry there.”

 And, unlike First World leaders, those in the Maldives saved their money in preparation for such catastrophes:  “The country has established a sovereign wealth fund, drawn from its tourist revenue, to be used to buy land overseas and finance the relocation of the country . . . .”  But what about poorer nations, such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, and countries in East Africa, that have no such savings?

 Just last week, Mat McDermott of Science / Climate Change reports that the nation of Kiribati “is making plans to move the entire population of its 32 islands to Fiji in order to avoid rising seas.”  The president of Kiribati, Anote Tong says:

 “This is the last resort, there is no way out of this one. Our people will have to move as the tides have reached our homes and villages. We don’t want 100,000 people from Kiribati coming to Fiji in one go. They need to find employment, not as refugees but as immigrant people with skills to offer, people who have a place in the community, people who will not be seen as second-class citizens.”

 When such destruction comes, people often blame it on God.  But Global Warming comes from man’s excesses, and man can turn it back.  However, this destruction also reeks havoc upon the world that God made.  Thus, He promises in the Book of Revelation that He will, “destroy them which destroy the earth (11: 18).”  World leaders can also repent, and ask God to help them save this planet!

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