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More Freezing Deaths in Europe and Heavy Floods in Australia

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February 6, 2012

 While the U.S. may be enjoying a relatively mild winter, extremely whacky weather is hammering the rest of the world.  Freezing death tolls in Europe are rising, and heavy flooding is driving thousands of Australians from their homes. But Americans should remember that before this Siberian cold snap hit Europe just a few days ago, the continent had enjoyed a relatively mild winter. and AFP News now claim that numbers killed by the bitter cold and snow in Europe has hit 300, with some half of those coming from Ukraine.
 Moreover, the death bearing arctic weather moved across the Mediterranean into North Africa with heavy snowfalls in Algeria. reports that “at least 16 people have died and at least 122 there have been injured.  The Algerian capital, Algiers, saw snow of at least 10 cm deep, the first in eight years.”

 To summarize news from Europe’s weather:  In addition to Belgrade and other cities fighting to keep its people alive, they also struggle to keep caged zoo animals protected as well; Most airports are totally closed, and London canceled most air flights; Italy has passed out 2,000 shovels for residents to help clear snow; more than 300 passengers and crew were saved a ferry hit a breakwater; the heaviest snowfall in three decades brings life in Rome to a halt; Poland canceled its annual swim in ice event; and Greece reroutes river waters to avoid flooding,  etc.

 In Australia and New South Wales, untold numbers of people now live in temporary shelters after severe rainfalls and rising flood waters chased them from their homes.  AFP recounts:  “Thousands of people were stranded by flood waters in eastern Australia . . . as the surging deluge poured into hundreds of homes . . . in neighboring New South Wales, officials said 16,550 people were stranded.”  Rescue helicopters still search for stranded victims.

 What makes these flood waters more painful is that both areas had just suffered two epic floods during the same months last year.  At that time the flooding “swamped a huge area of Queensland, inundating thousands of homes and businesses, sweeping away small villages and leaving more than 30 people dead.”
Concerns now include: keeping a weakened levee from failing which would flood away a town, and the will to rebuild in the midst of recurring weather damages.

 While these calamities have not hit the United States this year, the world is reaching a tipping point caused by Global Warming’s weather.  How long can we expect to see all nations suffer from such abnormal weather and not conclude that something is horribly wrong?  In Bible prophecies, Apostle James warns:  “ . .  ye know not what shall be on the morrow. . . . But now ye rejoice in your boastings: all such rejoicing is evil.  Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.”  It is time that we lead the world against Global Warming!

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More News Pouring In: 2012’s Endless Whacky Winter, Part 3

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February 3, 2012

 It is urgent that readers understand that the winter weather pelting Europe and Asia is very much far from normal; and, moreover, that this abnormal weather indicates Global Warming is edging the planet closer to final disaster.  Now the same record-breaking snows and cold have hit the lower 48 states in this country.

 The Associated Press warns:  the powerful record-breaking winter storm sweeping across Colorado today is reaching to the mid-Western United States, including Kansas, Wyoming, Nebraska and New Mexico.  Forecasters expect this massive storm to hover in place for hours or days before moving further East.

 In Denver, and surrounding areas, officials closed schools and universities, cancelled airline flights to and from the city and discouraged driving as highways are “snow-packed and icy.”  Grocers say customers are rushing in to buy up food staples, and that supplies of food essentials in stores are running low.

 The National Weather Service advises that snow is falling at two inches an hour producing blizzard conditions.  Also, “The Colorado Avalanche Information Center issued a warning through Friday east of the Continental Divide, saying 2 feet of snow or more could overwhelm a weak snow pack, with natural and human-triggered avalanches likely Friday [today].”

 In Europe, AFP reports that the total death toll from this weather is moving upwards to 250, and full reports have not come in from isolated areas, such as in the Serbian mountains where snow traps 11,000 villagers from outside help.  Siberia records air at temperatures at -50 degrees Centigrade, which is -58 degrees Fahrenheit.  And in  Russia proper, the current temperature is 10 degrees below normal.  It has even snowed in Rome, a city which usually has no taste of winter.

 In an article titled, “Earth’s Climate Spiraling into Greater Chaos as Planetary Crisis Intensifies,” The Extinction Protocol cites: severe flooding in New South Wales and Australia, as well as killer droughts in Hawaii and  Kenya all as indications––along with these deadly snow storms––that Global Warming has thrown the planet so off track that it may not be able to recover.

 Although some Washington politicians deny that Global Warming exists, NASA, and other government agencies, report this week that Global Warming is both real and man-made.  This week, USA Today published reports from NASA proving that man continues to heat up the Earth: “The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that all 11 years of the 21st century so far (2001–2011) rank among the 13 warmest in the 132-year period of record.” 

 A phrase repeated four times in Bible prophecies is Habakkuk 2: 4:  “Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.”  It is God’s answer when everything seems to be coming apart.  Beloved, we now live in such times, and we can  only survive by keeping our faith in Him.

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2012 Whacky Winter: Deep Freeze Spreads in Asia and Europe, Part 2

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February 2, 2012

 Killer winter storms that have knocked Europe on its heels have spread further south in Europe and east into Asia.  And more reports of people freezing to death, or needing emergency medication from the cold, flow into news services.
 The heaviest of snow and deadly cold temperatures not seen in years now bring havoc and death to Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Poland, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, the Balkans, Serbia, Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Russia, the United Kingdom, Korea and Japan.

 Italy has closed parts of its motor-ways in Bologna and Milan, and banned trucks with heavy goods in “the central regions of Marche, Tuscany and Umbria, until further notice,” according to AFP News.  Because of delays on Italy’s rail network, train schedules run slower if at all.  Moreover, major football matches are canceled; and, due to this impossible weather, “a major hospital in Turin” has been closed.  Forecasts are for more snow and cold with temperatures to reach minus four degrees Fahrenheit in the Alps.

 Daily life in Turkey, especially in Istanbul is paralyzed.  Government offices close early, motor-ways are closed because of dozens of traffic accidents, and ferry trips and airline schedules remain canceled.  Accident victims plunging into a frozen river are  rescued and hospitalized.   One man died.

 The Finnish Meteorological Institute expect the weather which set “a new cold record for this winter” will last into next week.  In the eastern part of that nation, temperatures have dropped as low as -35 degrees Celsius, which is -31 degrees Fahrenheit in the U.S.  And that same frigid air is pouring into Russia.

 Associated Press reports that an avalanche in northern Japan killed three bathers at a hot spring.  Officials in Tokyo claim that “snowstorms have battered coastal cities along the Sea of Japan and large parts of northern Japan since late last year. Some areas have received more than twice as much snow as normal.”  These endless snow storms have killed some 56 people in Japan and injured 750 others.

 Back in the Ukraine, the snow has closed some 3,000 schools keeping nearly a half million children at home.  Emergency Services have distributed medicine to hundreds more people with frostbite and hypothermia.  The death toll of people––mostly the homeless––dying from hypothermia nears 50 there.  Seven were found dead in their home.  Hoping to save more of its citizens from the cold, Ukraine has now opened 2,000 shelters.

 And in our country, parts of Alaska now face fuel shortages as people battle to survive until winter is over.  Well did Apostle Paul advise in Christian messages “to come before winter (2 Timothy 4: 21).”  Those who refuse to come to Christ before the winter of life sneaks in, may not have time to come to Him at all!

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Another Whacky Winter: Freezing and Death in Europe and Asia

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 9:50 AM
February 1, 2012

 We wrote you recently about killer rain and storms attacking the rest of the world.  These storms have been followed by extreme deadly snow storms.  At last count, this winter’s below freezing cold and snow has killed scores of people, injured hundreds, and cut off heating power, thereby driving thousands to shelters.

 News reports still coming in from scattered remote places indicate an unusually harsh winter.  AFP News reports:  “Freezing weather has killed dozens of people in central and eastern Europe over the past few days and temperatures are set to drop even further.”  In some places, temperatures drop below -15F.

 The BBC reports today:  “At least At least 30 people have died in Ukraine and 10 in Poland after heavy snow fall and a drop in temperatures across much of central and Eastern Europe.  Three deaths were also reported in Serbia and one in Bulgaria.”  Such freezing persist in the Czech Republic and other nations in Eastern Europe as “nearly 24,000 people sought refuge in some 1,590 shelters.”

 [Cordova, a small town in Alaska, is the only part of the United States that has had a taste of the type of winter that most of the rest of the world is suffering through.  In that village snow drifts up to 25 feet high have covered homes to such a level that the National Guard has been called up to free trapped citizens.]

 In Kashmir, India, the heaviest cold and snow falls in 20 years have killed at least six people.  AFP News says:  “Snow and freezing temperatures have severed road links, downed electricity and telephone lines, and led to widespread power cuts and water shortages in the restive region of more than 10 million people.”

 AFP further issues warning about South Korea where record low temperatures have forced government officials to order homes and offices not to provide heat at more than 64F.  Fearful that fuel shortages, and shrinking power reserves will lead to power outages, officials have even imposed rolling blackouts of several hours for some two million homes and businesses.

 The situation is so severe that “employees pile on more layers of clothing starting with underwear. To stop shivering at their desks, they use hot packs — air-activated pads for pockets or under vests — and blankets.”  Office workers complain that, because guards check thermostats regularly, “Everyone works wearing a jacket, scarf and gloves because it’s so cold even in the office.”

 We should be grateful that such weather has not come to the lower 48 states, but remember winter is not over yet!  Remember to study your Bible Verse Cards which tell us “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you (1 Thessalonians 5: 18).”  No, God does not send such horrible storms of death, but He wants us to remember to keep our hearts in love, joy and thanksgiving before Him when they do come.  This is the way we defeat Satan, the one who sends all death and destruction (John 10: 10).

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