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This One is For The Birds! Another All-Kids Animal News Edition

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February 21, 2012

 HURRY!  HURRY! HURRY!  Get the latest news from us, the Newspaper Boys and Girls Association, Int’l (NBGI) about the people vs. animal “games.”  People––adult people we mean––are still ahead:  Score 2012 to 3.  Sure, maybe animals get in a few licks, but believe us, people kill far more animals than that.
 So, this one is for the birds, beautiful, precious, earth-necessary animals being driven to extinction by: man-made Global Warming, man-induced alien species, and man-caused loss of habitat, etc.  Need we say more????

 Look,  us kids are growing up with  So we know that editors of this blog have been writing about bird decline for years.  Yet you adults in charge of everything have done nothing to change this situation.
 How can we stress this enough? Bird life is declining around the world.  Even in the United States, birds are threatened with extinction!  In 2009, Mat McDermott wrote in that a third of the birds native to the United States are in severe decline.  And that number has only skyrocketed since then!

 For instance, Hawaii, our 50th state, has some of the most beautiful birds in the world.  But a recent study by Cornell University and the U.S. Interior Department, says “Nearly All Native Birds in Hawaii Are In Peril.”

 Dr. John Fitzpatrick, Director of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, says that Hawaii “is the epicenter of extinctions and near-extinctions.  Hawaii is a borderline ecological disaster.”  Kids want to know, how did this happen?  Who is to blame?

 The U.S. Geological Survey, which published the report, says:  “Hawaii’s native birds are threatened by the destruction of their habitats by invasive plant species and feral animals like pigs, goats and sheep.  Diseases, especially those borne by mosquitoes, are another killer.”
 Mosquitoes?  Are you kidding?  Yep, like we we kids have been saying for months, when it comes to animals you adults are nuts!! You are going to let wild pigs, which are even not native to Hawaii, and sprayable-away mosquitoes deface one of the most beautiful spots on earth?  Hey with no birds, ain’t no Hawaii!
 The PLoS ONE Journal published another report this year saying:  “Native birds at Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge [in Hawaii] are in unprecedented trouble.”  Two professors at the University of Hawaii say that the birds are molting much longer than normal because they are starving to death.  Need we say more?

 That’s it!  We’s turning you folks over to God!  In her Christian messages, Rev. Repriestly quotes God’s Word that He will “destroy them which destroy the earth (Revelation 11: 18).”  So ya’ll better start caring more ‘bout birds now cause they’re God beautiful creatures!  Or else!  Like we said, This One Is For The Birds!

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