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Japan’s 2012 Hari Kari: Is The Nation Destroying Itself?

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February 15, 2012

 Several new reports coming in from Japan make one wonder if the entire nation is on some type of suicide mission.  The government there seems incapable of steering its population in the right direction, or to prepare for the next nuclear disaster, or to comprehend that another earthquake may indeed be coming soon.

 This can be concluded from several factors:
 1)  The Fukushima  reactor is leaking and overheating again; 2)  The nation’s economy is very weak; 3)  The government is wasting billions to pay unskilled workers to “scrub” away radiation; 4)  Instead of allowing communities to be rebuilt for the greatest safety, elder generations insist that their ancestral villages to be completely restored so they have familiar surroundings in which to die;

 5)  For this reason, a much smaller population of younger generations are resisting traditional respect for elders’ wishes; 6) A United Nations nuclear watchdog committee says that the country and its utility companies do not have sufficient plans in place in the event of another disaster; 7) No one there seems to comprehend that two quakes 6.4 and 6.0 in strength have already hit close to Japan, and scientists claim these are signs that another massive quake is on the way.
 Tokyo Electric admits this week that the reactor is overheating at 82 degrees Celsius, which is higher then the newly established safety level of 80 degrees.  Yet, the govenment says it is ok as the temperature remains below 100, and the utility company says that “maybe the therometer is broken.”

 In his New York Times (NYC) article, Normitisu Onishi asks:  “In a country where power rests disproportionately among older people, how does Japan, which has the world’s most rapidly aging population, use its dwindling resources to build a society that looks to the future as much as to the past?”  When one mayor tried to steer rebuilding in a safer direction, the older generation voted him out.

 In another NYC article, “A Confused Nuclear Cleanup,” Hiroko Talbuchi quotes a day laborer as he wipes down windows of an abandoned school:  “We are all amateurs.  Nobody really knows how to clean up radiation.”  Their job is to “clean-up” an 8,000 square mile area so that 80,000 residents can return “home.”
One critic says it is all a scam as decontamination has become a big business.

 In addition, economists note that the earthquake and tsunami, Thailand’s floods, and slowing global trade cause Japan’s economy to severely contract.  Thus, the central bank must do what is necessary to bolster its currency.

 Japan’s bankers and governments seem stymied with no where to turn.  As they wait for the next earthquake, depression is setting in.  Bible prophecies promise that those with the ministry of intercession can pray, asking God, in The Name of Jesus, to turn the situation around for Japan (Romans 8: 26 – 27).

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