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Cold Records in Europe; Children Freezing in America’s War

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February 14, 2012

 Jael:  We cannot stress this enough:  people must understand that weather in Europe and elsewhere is not normal!  The death toll from freezing weather in Europe is over 600, and children in Afghanistan are dying from this winter’s cold!

 Wendy Weathersbee:  That’s right Jael.  Look, even in Russia, where people are certainly use to the cold, temperatures have been as low as minus 63 degrees Fahrenheit.  At last count, what AFP News calls “abnormally cold winter weather” has killed  215 people there.  Another 5,546 suffer from hypothermia and frostbite.

 In Carligul Mic, Romania, firemen and volunteers dig tunnels through snow just to reach the roofs of some houses.  Authorities claim that “an estimated 30,000 people were still cut off in Romania, and more than 110,000 in the Balkans as well, including 60,000 in Montenegro, nearly 10 percent of the population.”

 Jael:  To prove that this weather is not normal:  A 78 year old Romanian resident told AFP News, “I’ve never seen as much snow in my whole life.”  And with villages that snow has made unapproachable, the mayor of Campana, Italy, summarizes: this weather is like “an earthquake without the shaking.”  Moreover, a report from Budapest quotes an official adding:  “And for the first time time since World War II, Azerbaijan set up shelters for homeless people in the capital Baku.”
 Dr. Adversery Bored:  Now that is something Jael.  Please let me add that–– although the Afghan government tried for weeks to downplay the situation there––it has now come out that dozens of children are dying from cold and hunger because this outrageously heavy winter weather is in Afghanistan too.

 New York Times reporter Rod Nordland reports this week that some six thousands refugees in the Charahi Qambar camp are living under freezing conditions without heat or food.  Apparently, these victims are escapees from battles between U.S. warriors and Al Quida, so the military, State Department and the aid community have moved quickly to get families blankets and food.
        But, Nordland says, these efforts are “chaotic and disorganized, with some camps receiving little aid and others being deluged with duplicated aid.”  The additional shock of it is that most of these camps are in the Afghan capital, Kabul.   When a member of that nation’s Parliament visited a camp where 10 children froze to death, “he was shocked by the conditions of the tent-and-mud-hut camps, most of them within Kabul and many next to comparatively well-off neighborhoods.”  He said, “It is not a life for a human, it is a life for animals.”

 Jael:  So, why is most of major media in the U. S.saying so little about the devastating weather overseas?  What are they “protecting” Americans from?  Do commercial interests have the power to suppress bad news because it interrupts commerce?  If so, too many Americans are enslaved by materialism which is why wholesale Christian Bibles promise:  “The truth shall set you free! (John 8: 32).”

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