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Air in Beijing, China, Simply Takes One’s Breath Away

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 11:35 AM
January 12, 2012

 News out of Australia, the United States and China report on the horrible smog now choking 19 million people in Beijing, China.  Technicians working in the U.S. Embassy there report yesterday that smog measurements were so high, “it was off the scale.”  The bad air caused 155 flights to be delayed or cancelled.

 Moreover, reports add that concentrations of Beijing’s air had small, very dangerous particles that could not be inhaled.  Such smog goes far beyond U.S. index measurements.  But, claiming that clouded air comes from fog, not smog, the Beijing Environmental Bureau insists that its air quality is “good.”

 The in Sydney, Australia, adds that Beijing’s sky is “often a murky color, something between grey and brown.”  This is becoming normal in this capital city that is crammed with cars and a huge growing population, where most citizens express anger as they choke on the city’s pollution.
 One person showed this outrage on an anonymous twitter-like site:  “It’s a consequence of a government only paying attention to short-term benefits, and the people are the innocent victims.”  Also, in response to the smog, over 20,000 Beijing residents have purchased respiratory masks on line.

 Driving visibility is horrible, if not impossible, at certain times.  Particles blocking breathing––including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide and larger substances––pose great health risk, as they can get into the lungs and blood stream.

 Environmental organizations around the world cite Beijing’s huge energy consumption––fueled by industrial coal burnings and five million cars––as causing one of the world’s most polluted areas.  Even the state-run media in Beijing admits that in 2010 the city burned some 27 million tons of coal.

 Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald reports Beijing’s air to be twice the level considered “hazardous”:  “Tuesday’s reading on its air quality index, which rates anything over 150 as unhealthy, over 200 as very unhealthy and over 300 as hazardous, breached the upper limit of 500, at which it stops giving figures.”

 One can only think of the current political climate in the United States, where we thought we had won hard-fought battles for clean, relatively unpolluted air.  Yet some politicians talk about closing the Environmental Protection Agency, and lifting restrictions on the rights of industries to fill the air with such pollutants as they see fit.  Hopefully, what is happening in Beijing presents a valuable lesson to Americans who still want to breathe clean air.

 One also thinks of Bible prophecies when Israel, enslaved in Babylon, complained:  “The breath of our nostrils, the anointed of The LORD, was taken in their pits, of whom we said, Under His shadow we shall live among the heathen” (Lamentations 4: 20).  It is indeed difficult to breathe in heathen lands.

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Too Little or Too Much Snow: Uneven Winter Hurts U.S. Economy

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 19:37 PM
January 10, 2012

 With much of the continental United States slightly hovering in this warmer winter weather, ski lodges and other businesses dependent upon a full snow season for economic survival have a rough go of it now.  On the other hand, sections of Alaska that expect heavy snow in winter, have been deluged with the heaviest snow in their history.

 This week the Associated Press explains:  “The big snowstorms of autumn are just memories in New England, where people who make their living off winter tourism are losing income and New Hampshire primary candidates lack picturesque winter landscape for photo ops.

 “Tourists in the West play golf instead of skiing. In Midwestern hockey country, you can barely slog a puck through the slush.  A continuing dearth of snow in many U.S. spots usually buried by this time of year has turned life upside down.”

 As of last Thursday, only 19 percent of the U.S. had snow covering, and that is less than 50% of average snow coverings this decade.  Meteorologists at the Duluth News Tribune adds:  “More than 300 record high temperatures were set in 21 U.S. states Thursday. But the heart of the unusual warmth concentrated in Plains, where some areas experienced temperatures 40 degrees above average.”

 The Weather Channel explains that we are not cold, because Canada is not cold.  Canada is “the source region for the nation’s supply of cold air.”  And there has been an “expansive area of warmth, relatively speaking, in much of Canada.”

 Those weather experts explain that, while the U.S. will have the mildest winter in five years, “only parts of Alaska have been colder than average.”  And folks in Cordova, Alaska, would say “amen” to that.

 Rachel D’Oro of the Associated Press reports that an unusual blanket of heavy snow has so pelted Cordova that the National Guard has been called out to help the town dig out.  People are trapped in their homes, roofs and buildings have collapsed and avalanches have let loose havoc along with the storm.  Snow drifts are 12 to 14 feet high.  Another storm brought rain weighing snow down more.

 Chris Dunlap of the Cordova Red Cross Shelter says:  “It’s a lot of snow. I’ve lived here 33 years and this is the most snow I’ve ever seen.”  The town that has no roads and is only accessible by boat or plane.

 Well did Job give Bible prophecies when he wrote:  “Fair weather cometh out of the north: with God is terrible majesty” (37: 22).  Those who do not understand Global Warming may wish to thank Canada for this mild winter.  But keep in mind God’s majesty.  These effects of Global Warming call for prayer!

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Part 3: Predictors in The Age of Catastrophism, 2012

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 18:34 PM
January 9, 2012

 To continue with our report on world-wide earthquakes in the last few months of last year as predictors of what we can expect in 2012, here is a review the numerous quakes the last month of 2011.

 Quakes continued to move through China.  On December 2, AFP News Service alerted the world that, after three quakes had destroyed some 2,000 homes in China in November, a fourth quake destroyed 300 more houses in China’s Kashi prefecture, again in the vast Xinjiang region.  China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs reports:  “Nearly 1,500 people were evacuated from their homes.  Tents and other relief materials were being transported to the quake-hit region.”

 On December 4th, scientists at The Extinction Protocol reported scores of earthquakes moving around the world:  “Growing seismic disturbances along the Caribbean plate, the Pacific Plate near Kermadec, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, and Alaska have reverberated in tremors across the planet. Indonesia, Taiwan and New Zealand were hit by mid-magnitude tremors this morning followed by the moderate earthquake eruption of a 4.9 and a 5.2 along the divergent boundary of the North Mid-Atlantic Ridge which separates the North American Plate from the Eurasian plate. That was followed by a quick succession of progressively moderate earthquakes including a 5.1 near Kermadec, a 5.2 south of Baja, California and a 5.3 near the east coast of Kamchatka.”

 That night, a quake hit the Bodmin area of Cornwall in the United Kingdom.  Only of 2.2 mg, the tremor could be felt scores of miles away.  One resident said, “It was very loud, like a whooshing and the house and bed were shaking.”

 Extinction Protocol scientists insist that this comparatively moderate string of earthquakes rattling tectonic plates, indications that a larger scale seismic quake is waiting to erupt:  “There was the 9.1 to 9.3 magnitude earthquake in the Indian Ocean in 2004, a 8.8 in Chile in 2010 and a 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan in 2011- all of which shifted the planet on its axis.  Is this mere coincidence?”

 In future blogs, I will go in-depth on erupting volcanoes in the same time period in 2011.  Again, scientists discuss connections between these eruptions, this outbreak of earthquakes, as well as recent landslides and sink holes––and how these evidences of shifting earth may be connected to man-made Global Warming and oil and gas fracking technology, as well as to the end of time as we know it.

 In this series, I cite Bible prophecies about earthquakes and the end of time.  These prophecies include connections between earthquakes and collapsing nations, such as dictators falling in the Middle East, and quivering stock markets.  Mark 13: 8 is an additional reference:  “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be earthquakes in divers places, and there shall be famines and troubles: these are the beginnings of sorrows.”  Time to pray!

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2012 and The Age of Cascading Disasters

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 14:39 PM
January 4, 2012

 Like many of the writers on this blog, in his December 31, 2011 article for London’s Daily Mail, Dominic Sandbrook sees nothing favorable coming in 2012.  He gives warnings of: 1) England and Europe “slipping into a second devastating recession;” 2) The Arab Spring in the Middle East turning into control by Islamic fundamentalists; and 3) The eurozone’s collapse bringing total meltdown of life and economy in the Continent.
 Sandbrook correctly equates the days we now live in to the era that brought about the rise of Adolph Hitler 80 years ago, when weak political leadership, the Wall Street crash, and sweeping panic started The Great Depression. 

 He theorizes: “Should the eurozone collapse . . .  The shockwaves across Europe—which could come as early as next spring—would see banks tottering, businesses crashing and millions thrown out of work. For British firms that trade with Europe, as well as holiday companies, airports, travel firms and the City of London itself, the meltdown of the eurozone would be a catastrophe.”

 At that point, Sandbrook (again correctly) believes that history will repeat itself, democracies will collapse as people yearn for sterner rule by dictatorship, and another Hitler-type leader will emerge.  He concludes:  “The experience of 1932 provides a desperately valuable lesson. As a result of the decisions taken in those 12 short months, millions of people later lost their lives. Today, on the brink of a new year that could well prove the most frightening in living memory, we can only pray that our history takes a very different path.”

 At Earth End-New Beginning, we refer to this emerging Hitler-type military/political leader as the third, and last, Anti-Christ.  But this time, Satan’s attempt at world domination will be accompanied with intensifying waves of natural disasters, such as began in 2011.

 After they published National Public Radio’s report on violent Typhoon Washi killing over a thousand people in bed asleep as it swept through the Philippines last month, editors of The Extinction Protocol coined a phrase:  “The world of cascading disasters is upon us: the rise of the Age of Catastrophism.”

 And indeed, 2012 will be of ‘The Age of Catastrophism.’  Two of the seven prophets of God in the Book of Genesis gave Bible prophecies warning about these last days.  Enoch cried: “Behold, The LORD cometh . . . to convince all that are ungodly . . . (Jude 1: 14 – 15).  And Noah, a preacher of righteousness, while he was building the Ark, invited everyone to get on board, and condemned those who refused to, who believed that life would go on as it always had been (2 Peter 2: 5, Hebrews 11: 7).  The LORD Jesus Christ is that Ark of Safety.  Today, we invite everyone to get on board His Ark before those cascading disasters pelt the earth with no let-up, and it may be too late for people to change the course of their lives.

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Science Knows: Earth Now Spins Off Orbit and Out of Shape, Part 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 7:00 AM
January 3, 2012

 Both geological, space and atmospheric scientists conclude that man-made Global Warming has so melted ices on earth’s polar regions that Planet Earth is loosing both its shape and its orbit.  This catastrophe includes the fading of the magnetic field, which shielded earth from solar storms and other cosmic radiations.

 In her article “Earth Getting Fatter” for Inside Science News Service, Katharine Gammon writes about this mis-shapened planet:  “The increased bulge is due to the melting of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets.”  Like other science writers, Gammon gets her information from NASA’s GRACE––Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment––Project, which launched twin satellites to measure Earth’s gravity field, monitor its ice mass, and measure sea water gains and losses.

 Gammon reports further:  “They found that melting glaciers Greenland and Antarctica were indeed the biggest contributors to the Earth’s growing spare tire, as the huge amount of water was pulled to the equator. According to the researchers, the two regions are losing a combined 382 billion tons of ice a year.”

 Indicating that the planet is dangerously changing, melted polar ice “means that the point on the Earth’s surface furthest away from its center is not the summit of Everest but rather the top of an Ecuadorian volcano.”

 Russian scholars concur.  According to the site, these scientists insist that this shift of earth’s center “has caused near simultaneous earthquakes in both the countries of Indonesia and its antipodal counterparts of Panama, Venezuela and Nicaragua.”  Areas also around recent volcano outbreaks.

 Those up in arms about yesterday’s mention of God’s judgment against earth shown in Genesis 1: 1 – 2, must engage in deeper Biblical study.  Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible is ideal for this depth.  Bible prophecies usually look back into God’s dealing with men and devils for correct understand of what His future actions will be.  In his look backward at Genesis, when he saw the earth without form and void, Jeremiah adds:  “I beheld, and, lo, the fruitful place was a wilderness, and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of The LORD, and by His fierce anger (4: 26).”  Cities mean people were living then.

 Isaiah adds that this first judgement was caused by Satan’s, as well as man’s, rebellion.  Watching Satan’s final end, Isaiah foresees fallen kings greeting that fiend’s descent into hell:  “Is this the man that made the earth to tremble, that did shake kingdoms; That made the world as a wilderness, and destroyed the cities thereof (14: 16 – 17)?”  Peter calls that first judgment “the world that then was” (2 Peter 3: 6).  People now live on the planet that Noah saved, but they must understand that God does not change (Malachi 3:6).  Unless man stops following Satan’s lead toward destruction, that double judgment will come again soon.

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What Science Knows About Earth’s Recent Skewed Shape and Orbit

posted by Jael Ever @ 12:06 PM
January 2, 2012

 Those scientists who will not allow politics to obfuscate truth are well aware that man-made Global Warming is in the process of dislodging both the shape and and orbit of Planet Earth.
 In everything from rapidly melting glaciers at polar nodes; to several high-intensity level earthquakes; to the multiplying destruction of continuously violent storms, extreme winds and other whacky weather––Mother Earth cries out in the pangs of coming apart. 

 One scientists from Extinction Protocol 2012 writes in complaint:  “Even before the March 11, 2011 9.0 earthquake which struck Japan, on December 25, 2010, I warned that the planet’s stability was eroding due to a consecutive string of large-scale seismic events impacting the globe.”

 Other scholars of the physical world suggest that these compounding conditions could be leading to a magnetic field reversal which occurred on earth some 780,000 years ago:  “ . . . do these events lend themselves to the prophetic warnings from the ancients suggesting major changes have already begun altering the biosphere of the planet we know as Earth?”

 In addition, conditions leading up to a weakened magnetic field make Earth and its inhabitants much more susceptible to increased solar radiation and other charged particles from space.  But Patrick Lynch of the Goddard Space Flight Center insists that “Earth’s magnetic field has flipped its polarity many times over the millennia . . . a polarity reversal would not affect the rotation axis of Earth.”
 Lynch, as well as scientists from NASA, dismiss concerns about altered earth conditions as hysterical “doomsday” science.  In response, scientists in the United States, Europe and Russia argue that their concerns are knowledge-based and have nothing to do with emotional hysteria. 

 Again, a scientist from Extinction Protocol 2012, explains that Earth in “Its lopsided physique, which has been repeatedly battered by 3 very strong earthquakes over the short span of 9 years, is an indication of the dangerous deformation of the planet’s stability, which is only further stressed by angular momentum.  It’s a deformed geoid that’s becoming more stressed to spin.”

 In other words, it is harder and harder for Mother Earth to keep going under the load of man’s ignorance and sin.  Whether it happened 780,000 years ago or not, Bible prophecies compare the maladies Earth suffers today with those in Genesis 1: 1 – 2 when the perfect Earth that God made was skewed and void as His judgment over-threw that world of man’s sin-filled systems.  The prophet Jeremiah seeing visions of that judgment, writes: “I beheld the earth, and lo, it was without form . . . (4: 23a).”  Ah, he says, the planet lost its shape then!  Sound familiar?

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