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The New Year of Whacky Weather Repeats the Old Year

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 23:59 PM
January 26, 2012

 We asked the Newspaper Boys and Girls, Intl., if we could interrupt their report for an update on the whacky weather that is continuing around the world.  Storms, floods, cyclones and tornadoes are already striking around the world.  Not only destroying property, these continuing weather attacks are killing people.

 Wendy:  Although other parts of the world have been hit much harder, we will start with recent tornadoes in this country.  Rare winter tornadoes in Alabama and North Carolina, have torn down both trailer and conventional homes, and left many residents injured.  In North Carolina, the National Weather Service assesses that some 60 buildings were damaged. 

 In Alabama, seven tornadoes carrying “long-track single supercell” strength––some as high as EF-4 force with wind peaks as high as 150 mph––killed two persons and destroyed schools and other properties in 40 of that state’s 67 counties.  But, Sarah,  isn’t it much worse in other countries. 

 Sarah:  Absolutely correct Wendy!  For instance, torrential rain storms in Brazil killed 33 people this month.  The storms produced floods and landslides severe enough to burst a dike in Rio de Janeiro, causing some 4,000 resident to flee from their homes.  According to AFP Press, one landslide alone killed 18 people.

 In the last two weeks in Mozambique, cyclones ‘Dando’ and ‘Funso,’ carried by winds as high as 195 kilometers an hour, and bring resulting floods, have killed at least 25 victims, and others are reported missing.   AFP says that some 5,000 victims have crossed the border to Malawi to escape cyclone and flood damage, and one official says that thousands more “are still marooned in dry patches of land in the flooded villages.”  And of course, maize fields and other agriculture are under water and innumerable live stocks have drowned.

 AFP also reports that in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, a disastrous deluge and resulting floods have killed at least six people and displaced some 10,000 residents from their homes.  Power is out in most places, roads are closed, and with water supplies low, officials are fearful of coming water-borne illnesses.

 One official warned:  “Do not delay your evacuation. Roads will be congested or closed. You could become trapped and need rescue . . . Remaining in flooded areas is dangerous and may place your life at risk.” Governments of  France, Australia and New Zealand and aid workers are coordinating disaster aid.

 Wendy:  Also on the whacky weather list: snow fell in the Sahara Desert.  Nine News reports that some people welcomed the unusual site of snow in the desert, hoping the cold weather would kill palm tree parasites.

 Weather experts know that Global Warming is the cause of this whacky weather.  We must pray in these last days.  Bible verse cards promise that God calms the storms and stills the waves when we solely trust in Him (Psalm 107: 29).

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