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2012 and The Age of Cascading Disasters

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 14:39 PM
January 4, 2012

 Like many of the writers on this blog, in his December 31, 2011 article for London’s Daily Mail, Dominic Sandbrook sees nothing favorable coming in 2012.  He gives warnings of: 1) England and Europe “slipping into a second devastating recession;” 2) The Arab Spring in the Middle East turning into control by Islamic fundamentalists; and 3) The eurozone’s collapse bringing total meltdown of life and economy in the Continent.
 Sandbrook correctly equates the days we now live in to the era that brought about the rise of Adolph Hitler 80 years ago, when weak political leadership, the Wall Street crash, and sweeping panic started The Great Depression. 

 He theorizes: “Should the eurozone collapse . . .  The shockwaves across Europe—which could come as early as next spring—would see banks tottering, businesses crashing and millions thrown out of work. For British firms that trade with Europe, as well as holiday companies, airports, travel firms and the City of London itself, the meltdown of the eurozone would be a catastrophe.”

 At that point, Sandbrook (again correctly) believes that history will repeat itself, democracies will collapse as people yearn for sterner rule by dictatorship, and another Hitler-type leader will emerge.  He concludes:  “The experience of 1932 provides a desperately valuable lesson. As a result of the decisions taken in those 12 short months, millions of people later lost their lives. Today, on the brink of a new year that could well prove the most frightening in living memory, we can only pray that our history takes a very different path.”

 At Earth End-New Beginning, we refer to this emerging Hitler-type military/political leader as the third, and last, Anti-Christ.  But this time, Satan’s attempt at world domination will be accompanied with intensifying waves of natural disasters, such as began in 2011.

 After they published National Public Radio’s report on violent Typhoon Washi killing over a thousand people in bed asleep as it swept through the Philippines last month, editors of The Extinction Protocol coined a phrase:  “The world of cascading disasters is upon us: the rise of the Age of Catastrophism.”

 And indeed, 2012 will be of ‘The Age of Catastrophism.’  Two of the seven prophets of God in the Book of Genesis gave Bible prophecies warning about these last days.  Enoch cried: “Behold, The LORD cometh . . . to convince all that are ungodly . . . (Jude 1: 14 – 15).  And Noah, a preacher of righteousness, while he was building the Ark, invited everyone to get on board, and condemned those who refused to, who believed that life would go on as it always had been (2 Peter 2: 5, Hebrews 11: 7).  The LORD Jesus Christ is that Ark of Safety.  Today, we invite everyone to get on board His Ark before those cascading disasters pelt the earth with no let-up, and it may be too late for people to change the course of their lives.

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