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The Kids Were Right: People Are Eating Elephants in Africa Too!

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 10:46 AM
January 31, 2012

 I was reading the Newspaper Boys and Girls last blog, and I thought I should add something to their most charming and entertaining news reports.  While their report is comic, the kids are telling the truth––in parts of Africa, starving people are eating elephants, not for sex organs or ivory tusks, but for food to survive.
 For over 10 years, the population of  Zimbabwe has been near starvation.  Continuing drought from Global Warming, failing economy, land reforms (i.e. government taking land from white owners), and sky-rocketing inflation make farming nearly impossible.  While the dictator Robert Mugabe won’t admit it, people in rural areas, even in his military, often resort to eating elephant meat.

 When they had not received paychecks for months, army soldiers, who oppress the population to keep Mugabe in power, began eating elephant meat.  A wildlife worker told the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) some months ago:   “Zimbabwean soldiers are being given elephant meat for their rations.  Jonny Rodrigues from the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said that several soldiers had complained to him that was the only meat they were given.” Zimbabwe has some 100,000 elephants twice the amount its parks can hold.  Further, BBC reports, “The pay of many civil servants is barely enough to pay for their transport to and from work, so most people survive by trading on the black market or on the money sent by relatives abroad.”

 Generally media outlets around the world will not touch this story, and photographs of people eating elephant meat are even rarer.   However, the EU Times ran a story about elephant eating in Zimbabwe along with the pics shown in this blog, with this caption:  “. . . a magnificent bull elephant struck down in his old age.  The carcass provided a vital source of food, and hundreds of desperate villagers in the Gonarezhou National Park descended on the dead animal within minutes of its discovery.  Using machetes, axes and knives made from tin cans they set upon the six-ton carcass, which was found deep in scrubland.”

 The EU report continues:  “It took just one hour and 47 minutes for the 13ft-tall elephant to be reduced to a skeleton. Every part was used for food, even the trunk and ears.  The women formed a ring around the elephant and the men stood inside, fighting and stabbing each other to get to the meat. The bones of the 70-year-old animal were taken to boil for soup and within 24 hours nothing was left but a blood-stained patch of earth.”  Some ate the meat raw where they stood!

 If anyone does not believe what the Book of Revelation (6:8) says about the fourth horseman having the power to kill with hunger, they had best think again.  It may start in Africa or Asia, but such hunger unto death is spreading around the world.  Drought and other fall-outs from Global Warming––as well as corrupt government practices––will see to that!  And only prayer can hold it back!

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The All-Kids Special Animal News Edition, Part 2

posted by Newspaper Boys @ 15:49 PM
January 27, 2012

 HURRY!  HURRY! HURRY!  Get your latest news about adults attacking helpless animals in this edition of Earth End-New Beginning.   Hot off the Presses for Newspaper Boys and Girls, Intl., (NBGI):  Are people really going crazy?

 For instance, take a look at this latest, latest, very latest news flash:  They are eating elephant meat in Thailand!  Can you hear that?  Killing elephants, not just for their ivory tusks, but now slaughtering them for food!  Officials in charge of animal safety in Thailand are horrified.  And they should be!

 Look, us kids are jumping up and down with anger.  This is absolutely shameful behavior.  Look at yesterday’s Associated Press News Release (AP) Damrong Phidet, director-general of Thailand’s Wildlife Agency said:  “The poachers took away the elephants’ sex organs and trunks . . . for human consumption . . . Some meat [is] consumed without cooking . . . .”

 Phidet then said, “If you keep hunting elephants for this, then they’ll become extinct!”  Well dah!!  Then the AP report glibly claims:   “Consuming elephant meat is not common in Thailand, but some Asian cultures believe consuming animals’ reproductive organs can boost sexual prowess.”

 Is that it?  Is that all grown-up adult people think about?  Ugh.  It is sickening.  Oh no wait––there’s also the money.  Elephant’s tusks sell for $ 31,600 to $ 63,000 while an elephant’s private part sells for about $ 950.00.
 Ugh! and triple ugh!  Are those two things all grown-ups want?  First Asian companies used elephants to haul for the logging industry, and for clown acts in circuses.  Now that most of the wood is gone and kids can get circus shows on pac-man games and such, people no longer need elephants, so they eat them?

 Just when we were about to take a breather, another story hit the wires:  A federal judge in Nevada now says it is o.k. to “round up” (i.e. slaughter?) Mustangs!  Mustangs?  Is he crazy too?  Colleen Curry of ABC News says horses can now be legally butchered in the United States “for human consumption.”

 Egad!  Like Thailand, we are going to kill our prize animals to ship them overseas for other people to eat.  Its about money again.  David Duquette, president of United Horsemen, arguing to lift the ban on horse slaughter, said:  “It’s basic economics.  Horses used to be a $102 billion a year industry, with at least 500,000 direct jobs in horse industry. That’s been cut in half.” So now we make movies about great horses, while we kill and sell them overseas for ‘greeders’ to chomp!

 This is all just too much.  Us kids are exasperated, cause adults have just gone plain insane.  So we are going to print plus size Christian sweatshirts with Apostle John’s prayer.  When The LORD Jesus said, “Surely I come quickly,”  John answered, “Even so, come, LORD Jesus (Revelation 22: 20).” Please hurry LORD!

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The New Year of Whacky Weather Repeats the Old Year

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 23:59 PM
January 26, 2012

 We asked the Newspaper Boys and Girls, Intl., if we could interrupt their report for an update on the whacky weather that is continuing around the world.  Storms, floods, cyclones and tornadoes are already striking around the world.  Not only destroying property, these continuing weather attacks are killing people.

 Wendy:  Although other parts of the world have been hit much harder, we will start with recent tornadoes in this country.  Rare winter tornadoes in Alabama and North Carolina, have torn down both trailer and conventional homes, and left many residents injured.  In North Carolina, the National Weather Service assesses that some 60 buildings were damaged. 

 In Alabama, seven tornadoes carrying “long-track single supercell” strength––some as high as EF-4 force with wind peaks as high as 150 mph––killed two persons and destroyed schools and other properties in 40 of that state’s 67 counties.  But, Sarah,  isn’t it much worse in other countries. 

 Sarah:  Absolutely correct Wendy!  For instance, torrential rain storms in Brazil killed 33 people this month.  The storms produced floods and landslides severe enough to burst a dike in Rio de Janeiro, causing some 4,000 resident to flee from their homes.  According to AFP Press, one landslide alone killed 18 people.

 In the last two weeks in Mozambique, cyclones ‘Dando’ and ‘Funso,’ carried by winds as high as 195 kilometers an hour, and bring resulting floods, have killed at least 25 victims, and others are reported missing.   AFP says that some 5,000 victims have crossed the border to Malawi to escape cyclone and flood damage, and one official says that thousands more “are still marooned in dry patches of land in the flooded villages.”  And of course, maize fields and other agriculture are under water and innumerable live stocks have drowned.

 AFP also reports that in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji, a disastrous deluge and resulting floods have killed at least six people and displaced some 10,000 residents from their homes.  Power is out in most places, roads are closed, and with water supplies low, officials are fearful of coming water-borne illnesses.

 One official warned:  “Do not delay your evacuation. Roads will be congested or closed. You could become trapped and need rescue . . . Remaining in flooded areas is dangerous and may place your life at risk.” Governments of  France, Australia and New Zealand and aid workers are coordinating disaster aid.

 Wendy:  Also on the whacky weather list: snow fell in the Sahara Desert.  Nine News reports that some people welcomed the unusual site of snow in the desert, hoping the cold weather would kill palm tree parasites.

 Weather experts know that Global Warming is the cause of this whacky weather.  We must pray in these last days.  Bible verse cards promise that God calms the storms and stills the waves when we solely trust in Him (Psalm 107: 29).

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The NBGI Special All Animal News Edition

posted by Newspaper Boys @ 20:28 PM
January 25, 2012

 HURRY!  HURRY! HURRY!  Get your latest news at Earth End-New Beginning Hot off the Presses for Newspaper Boys and Girls, Intl., (NBGI).
All Earth-End reporters, editors and prayer teams are full to the brim with work assignments, so chief Editor, Jael Ever asked us to gather stories from our members around the world to publish the latest news about dangers in the animal kingdom.

 But us kids scratch our heads ‘cause we’ve been reporting the same things for years:  poachers still kill rhinos and elephants for their horns; tigers still slip toward extinction because people still their lands; Sea Shepherds still confront Japanese whale hunters; Japanese fishermen still kill sharks for their fins; birds are still sick; bees mysteriously disappear; bears are killed in Alaska; fish populations continue to wear thin; and harsh heartless people still slaughter seals.

 So the kids on our NBGI board wants us to ask:  “When will adults ever learn that it is our job to take care of nature, not destroy it?”

 Just this week, South Africa said it must add more park rangers because of “an alarming jump in the number of rhinos slain by poachers for their horns.”  In Kruger National Park alone, poachers have killed some 252 rhinos, including the severely endangered black rhinos.  The problem is that no price seems to be too high for those in China and Vietnam who yearn for rhino horn power.

 Only one hotel chain in Hong Kong agreed to stop serving shark fin soup.  A luxury hotel, Shangri-La has 72 hotels with restaurants around the world. Shangri-La owners also promised to stop serving Bluefin tun and Chilean sea bass within a year, because these fish are also threatened with extinction.  The Peninsula Hotels group had promised to ban shark fin soup two months earlier, but all other international hotel groups––including Four Seasons, Hilton, Nikko and Regal––plan to continue this menu item.  AFP tells our reports that 73 million sharks are killed every year to make this soup, and now 180 shark species are threatened.

 But other fish are joining sharks in this rush to extinction.  Kids in Sydney, Australia, say the news there is that carbon dioxide (CO2) fumes are affecting brains and nerves of fish, along with everything else that is killing them.  In the journal “Nature,” scientists claim, of course, that climate change causes this gas.

 Other scientists from Purdue University now say that increasing levels of neonicotinoid insecticides––clothianidin and thiamethoxam––are highly toxic to bees.  “It’s like death by a thousand cuts for these bees,” one scientist said.

 We will have more on these and other animal stories tomorrow.  For now, we wish grown-ups would remember what God said about our responsibility for animals in wholesale Christian Bibles.  As we are made in His image and likeness, “dominion” over animals in Genesis 1: 26 does not mean the right to destroy them!

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Less Food To Go Around, Means Increasing Hunger, Part 3

posted by Dr Ad Versery and Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 19:35 PM
January 24, 2012

 Now to get to the promised story about food shortages around the world.  Although last year saw a bumper grain harvest, agriculture failed to feed the world.  At the same time, under the guise of needing more food, several international corporate monoliths are moving through Africa usurping land for mass agriculture.

 First, grain harvest around the world last year increased some 53 million tons more than in 2009, but at the same time consumption increased by 90 million tons.  Janet Larsen of explains that in seven of the last 12 years, grain production has fell short of consumption, lowing carryover stocks.

 Thus, Larsen says:  “ For poor families in developing countries who spend half or more of their incomes on food, often grain staples, this led to empty plates and frustration. Protests erupted in some 35 countries as the number of hungry people in the world climbed above 1 billion.”

 These shortages bring spikes in food prices which in 2010 “pushed an additional 44 million people down the economic ladder into extreme poverty, according to the World Bank.”  Water shortages and rising temperatures from Global Warming bringing unpredictable weather also affect these food shortages.

 Second, manufactured agriculture seems to have failed.  Tom Lasakawy of writes that Monsanto Chemical Company’s genetically modified seeds fail to live up the hype of greater productivity.  “Superweeds” among these seed plants are so rampant “farmers in some parts of the country are abandoning thousands of acres because weeds are out of control,” and the attacking corn rootworm are devastating corn crops of farmers who depend upon Monsanto’s pesticide.  Thus, America’s record as the largest agriculture producer in the world is threatened.

 Third, claiming the need for more agricultural land, China, India, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries, are flooding into Africa, working with corrupt leaders and kicking poor native people off of lands.

 For example, in “Ethiopia:  Thousands Driven Out in Land Grab, UPI writers expose how “tens of thousands of people in western Ethiopia are being driven off fertile ancestral lands so the government can lease or sell large tracts of farmland for commercial agriculture to investors, including foreign governments.”  In a disguised form of colonialism, millions of Africans will be forcibly relocated as their government sells their land at ridiculously low prices.  Obviously, food produced will go to those from investing nations, and these victims will be last.

 Dr. Ever’s study on shows that such food tyranny will ultimately lead to mass deaths.  We are asking John’s prayer warriors to pray even more about these extremely serious end-time issues, Bible prophecies say that hunger is one of Satan’s final weapons (Revelation 6: 8).

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Please Give! Pastors Under Attack in The Ivory Coast

posted by Jael Ever @ 13:43 PM
January 23, 2012

Emergency! Our ministry supports an independent group of some 100 rural churches in the struggling nation of Cote d’Ivoire (better known as the Ivory Coast). This group is not a part of any major denomination, rather its pastors have churches in rural villages, far outside of Abidjan, the nation’s capital city.

Dr. O’Neale, founder and editor of Earth End-New Beginning blog, has ministered with Head Pastor, Kudio Dioba. She has taught Bible students and traveled with them and Pastor Dioba to establish new churches in small villages.

This weekend she got an emergency call from Pastor Dioba. His country has been in chaos for months. Before getting its “independence,” the Ivory Coast was a French colony. Last April, supported by France, a Muslim, Alassane Ouattara, was manipulated into office, and a Christian president, Laurent Gbagbo, was ousted. (See Associated Press article, “Pro-Gbagbo Rally Attacked in Ivory Coast, Many Injured,” January 21, 2012).

Since that time, Christian pastors have been harshly oppressed. Food is scarce. Pastors had to run for safety. Muslim gangs robbed Christian homes and businesses. There are no police in rural areas, and where police do exist, they have no guns. Recently things seemed to have calmed down.

But this weekend, gangs attacked the home of a pastor from an Assemblies of God church. They shot his wife eight times and killed her. After stealing that pastor’s valuables, they marched him to the home of a pastor in Dr. Dioba’s group. Again, they stole everything and shot, but did not kill, that pastor’s wife. She is now in a small clinic, as there are no hospitals within hundreds of miles.

Pastor Dioba called Dr. O’Neale, asking for emergency help. The large denomination will care for the pastor in their church. But the pastors in Dioba’s group only have the support of the O’Neale family, and a few other individuals in the United States. People in Cote Ivoire must pay for all medical treatments themselves. Dioba asks for funds to pay for medical bills, and to transfer the injured pastor’s wife to a hospital, and to replenished their home and finances.

We ask readers of Earth End for contributions. Dr. O’Neale’s daughter started an IRS-approved non-profit organization, “Continuum of Care Collaborative, Inc.” to help the working poor in the United States, and to continue the family’s outreach in Cote Ivoire and other Third World countries.

We are attempting to set up a system in Pay Pal for donations. Until then, contributions can be sent to: Continuum of Care Collaborative, Suite 298, 18530 Mack Avenue, Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan 48236. Contributions will receive tax deductible receipts, and will pay medical bills for the pastor’s wife, and to care for others in the ministry. Above all, please pray for these pastors, for their families and churches, and for full peace to return to the Ivory Coast.

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Less Food To Go Around, With New Poisons Too, Part 2

posted by Dr Ad Versery and Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 17:38 PM
January 20, 2012

Again, because there is such an emergence today of poisonous chemicals within common foods in more prosperous nations, we will have to make the story about less food available in the developing world as Part 3 of this series next week.

Our readers must be alerted to a major “food story” that broke this week, namely that farm pigs are greatly resisting antibiotics intended to protect against E. coli bacteria in pork.  Not only are the animals resisting even low doses of antibiotics, the bacteria in their stomachs also multiplied drug-resistant genes.

Emily Sohn of Discovery News reports that “even after farmers stop using antibiotics, pig mothers still pass their drug resistant flora down to their offspring for generations.”  Thad Stanton, microbiologist for the U.S. Drug and Food Administration, says that scientists were surprised when, after injecting antibiotics in pigs, “E. coli populations . . . went up by 20 to 100-fold.  That’s a big change.”

Moreover, Sohn says that test results “add to concerns that regular use of antibiotics in farm animals could spread dangerous and drug-resistant varieties of bacteria throughout the environment and into our food and water.”

Michael Reilly, also of Discovery News, adds that since modern society started wide spread use of penicillin in the 1940s, dangerous germ microbes have shown up “in sharks and fish at the top of the food chain from the waters off Belize to the Florida Keys to Martha’s Vineyard.”  Again, the fear is that drug-resistant bacteria in fish could end up in human meals.

In other “food news,” scientists at Harvard Medical School reveal that high levels of the chemical bisphenol A, familiarly known as BPA,  is being absorbed from linings of canned foods into foods the cans contain.

According to Paul Taylor of the Globe and Mail, the Harvard study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, spikes fear of canned foods as BPA––also used in clear plastics, and dentistry composites and seals––is linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity, and other sicknesses.

Brian Skoloff of the Associated Press reports that heads of iceberg lettuce were moved from the shelves of 200 grocery stores in seven states recently “after salmonella was found in an Arizona field adjacent” to fields owned by the California company, “Growers Express.”  The U.S. Food and Drug Administration called the removals “voluntary market withdrawal” and took no other action.

Thus, while developing nations suffer from lack of food, in countries, such as the United States, where there is an abundance of food––that food is not always safe.  We must follow Our LORD’s example by helping the poor, and praying for God to bless our health with every meal (Matthew 15: 36, Mark 8: 7, Luke 9: 16).

We follow Our LORD’s example in Bible prophecies by helping the poor, and praying for God to bless our health with every meal (Matthew 15: 36, Mark 8: 7, Luke 9: 16).

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2012: The Year of Increasing Visibility of The Invisible World

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 17:53 PM
January 19, 2012

Here is a post from the sister blog

Just as Dante, Milton and Old and New Testament Scriptures make clear that an invisible spirit world exists all around Planet Earth, other Christian discussions of Bible prophecy also reveal what the Bible says about beings in that invisible world getting closer to earth now at this end of time.

On the internet, The Extinction Protocol is just one outlet combining Scriptural truths with scientific and economic phenomena for evidence that beings from that invisible world are closer to earth now more than ever. While it may not be intentionally Biblical, both History Channels also present such Biblical truths.

Moreover, it is astounding that––perhaps ignorant of such Biblical significance––mainstream media ignores, refuses to publicize, the same evidence: 1) Reports of UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) skyrocketing; 2) Dozens of loud unexplained noises crackling around the world; 3) And India, with the second largest population on earth, beginning to turn itself into a cashless society––ALL of which have hurriedly occurred in this first month of 2012.

The Extinction Protocol 2012 and Beyond (EP) reports that in the first week of 2012, UFO eyewitness reports flooded in from everywhere around the world. In the United States, “The Colorado-based Mutual UFO Network, the largest UFO investigative organization in the world, received many reports of UFOs during the first week of the year from eyewitnesses in 36 out of 50 states.”

Quoting 2 Thessalonicans 2: 9––“Even him, whose coming is after the working of Satan with all power and signs and lying wonders,” Extinction Protocol writes, “The increasing number of appearances of these unidentified sun chariots of Lucifer is an omen of more troubling things emerging on the horizon. Each paranormal UFO event is pushing the world closer to what some are calling full disclosure from government agencies or worst, a broadcasted UFO public event that will be seen by billions.”

People around the globe also report a series of unexplained noises. Coming from all directions, as if from several sources, sounds described “from ‘bizarre and creepy’ to ‘industrial and mechanical’,” these noises blare from above or beneath the earth, last for extended time or recur periodically. In Malaysia on the 11th, these strange sounds recurred every three seconds from 3 a.m. until dawn. Several folks in Mexico recorded similar phenomena from the 12th to the 14th this month.

Finally, India begins the practice of “marking” the eligible poor instead of giving them cash. In an article titled, “Cashless Society: India Implements First Biometric ID Program for all of its 1.2 Billion Residents,” Brandon Turbeville of warns that this bodily identification will soon be used by banks, governments and other institutions there. Thus, “the mark of the beast,” prophesied in Revelation 16: 2 as necessary for billions to survive has begun!

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Mysterious New Diseases Cropping Up Everywhere in 2012

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 17:51 PM
January 18, 2012

 Last year we did a series on old and new diseases around the world––especially those spread by insects.  But this new year of 2012 brings more unheard of diseases to baffle medical workers in every nation, including the United States.

 Doctors and school officials in upstate New York have no viable answers for the maladies that have struck 12 cheerleaders at LeRoy Junior-Senior High School.  After waking up from short “power” naps, each girl began uncontrollable stuttering and jerk-like body movement tics.  The girls and their parents dispute doctors’ catchall claims of self-induced stress-related psychological traumas.

 Neurologist Dr. Laszlo Mechtler labels their malady as “conversion disorder or mass hysteria” that has happened in other places.  Dr. Gail Saltz adds that the girls need psychological treatment, as physical treatment does not work.  Begging for real answers, the girls infer such diagnosis is irresponsible “hogwash.”

 In Uganda, another mystery disease has killed 100 victims and infected another 2,000.  Called the “nodding disease,” it affects children and adults who exhibit head nodding (even while eating), mental retardation, and inhibited growth. reports that researchers from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been researching nodding disease since 2009 to no avail.  The World Health Organization will join CDC’s research efforts.

  Also, a new deadlier form of tuberculosis has struck India and Iran.  According to the Times of India, this new strain, unmistakably called “Totally Drug-Resistant TB (TDR-TB),” is “the latest mutation of the bacilli after Multi-Drug-Resistant TB (MDR-TB ) and Extremely Drug-Resistant TB (XDR-TB) diagnosed earlier.”  Already TB rampantly kills 1,000 people a day in India.
 Doctors in the Philippines are horrified that after last December’s floods had killed thousands and left thousands more homeless, some flood survivors are now sick and dying from leptospirosis, a disease left by the deluge.

 The Philippine Daily Inquirer reports that, while doctors widely distributed doses of antibiotics doxycycline for flood survivors to take, apparently many refused this preventive medicine. Leptospirosis prevails in flooded areas  through infected rats, dogs, cats and other animals.  As flood survivors wade flood waters looking for missing relatives or to retrieve belongings, many contract the disease.
 The Extinction Protocol correctly identifies the rise of these new diseases with new appearances of unidentified flying objects as satanic carriers zoning sicknesses to regions they influence.  Repeatedly in Bible prophecies, The LORD Jesus identified Satan as the ultimate cause of sickness, disease and death (John 10: 10, Deuteronomy 7: 15; 28 all; Matthew 10: 1, etc.).  Surely, Christians must pray!

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Less Food to Go Around, And Now With New Poisons, Part 1

posted by Dr Ad Versery and Frank Butterman Food Inspector @ 16:42 PM
January 13, 2012

 We had planned to do a joint blog entry on the growing lack of food across the world––despite increased mass production––but that will have to wait, as new dangers of poisons in everyday food is now prominent in this nation.

 While Americans are eating less meat, now there is a problem of dangerous poisons in our meats.  Mark Bittman has an article titled, “Bacteria 1, F.D.A. 0,” in The New York Times Opinion Pages wherein he points out that almost half of the meats sold in the U.S. contain staphylococcus aureus.
 Bittman cites a study from a Phoenix research center that analyzed 80 brands of beef, port, chicken and turkey from five U.S. Cities which found that 47 percent contained the staphylococcus aureus bacteria.  We certainly agree with Bittman that this dangerous germ “can cause anything from minor skin infections to pneumonia and sepsis, more technically called systemic inflammatory response syndrome (SIRS), and commonly known as blood poisoning.”

 Such evidence is much more alarming than the ground turkey scare this summer when Cargill had to recall 36 million pounds of ground turkey that may have been tainted with salmonella.  But yet again, Hannaford grocery chain in Maine issued a ground beef recall last month, because some 14 people were sickened with another strain of salmonella that greatly resists antibiotic treatment.
 These types of health risks in our meat is a national problem that began with the injection of penicillin and tetracycline into healthy farm animals.  And when the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) started this practice in 1977, that agency was aware it included health risks.  Yet, today, 80 percent of the antibiotics sold in the United States are pumped into farm animals.

 Now, as underfunded as it is, and dependent on large meat producers to “voluntarily” protect the health of the American people, the F.D.A. is virtually powerless to keep our meats safe.  Studies also identify other poisons in foods.

   Yesterday, after a competitor accused the soft drink company, Coca-Cola admitted to federal regulators that fungicide carbendazim is in Minute Maid and Simply Orange brands of orange juice.  While carbendazim is not approved for foods in the United States, it is used in Brazil, which exports its oranges here. 

 And, lest we forget, the F.D.A. may also “crack down” on arsenic in apple juice––only after consumer advocates insist that arsenic is even in children’s apple juice.  When praying over every meal, remember what wholesale Christian Bibles say about our prosperity:  “Being enriched in every thing to all bountifulness, which causeth through us thanksgiving to God (2 Corinthians 9: 11).”

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