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2011: The Year of Great Drought

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 19:32 PM
December 16, 2011

Undoubtedly the most under-reported and politically-ignored natural disaster in the United States this year is the intransigent drought in the South and Southwest.  The same unrelenting drought conditions reach deeply into Mexico, and are also seen in parts of Europe.  And the fault lies solely with Global Warming.

Reporting for the Associated Press, Betsy Blaney labels this dry season, “the worst drought in Texas’ history.”  She adds” this drought has led to the largest-ever one-year decline in the leading cattle-state’s cow herd, raising the likelihood of increased beef prices as the number of animals decline . . .”

David Anderson from the Texas AgriLife Extension Service says that some 200,000 cattle in Texas have been slaughtered.  Cattle and other farm products have been lost because of lack of water in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia and Arkansas as well.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that beef prices will increase by 5.5 percent next year, on top of a 9 percent increase already this year, and other prices will most likely rise also.

Blaney reveals that:  “Across Texas, the drought has caused an estimated $5.2 billion in losses to farmers and livestock producers, and that figure is expected to rise.”  Not only beef, but corn, cotton, Christmas trees, peanuts and other crops are also severely affected by these drought conditions in Texas and other states.

In their story, ‘Texas Drought 2011: Depleted Lakes Expose Ghost Towns, Graves And Prehistoric Bones,’ two other Associated Press reporters, Michael Graczyk and Angela K. Brown, concentrate on disappearing lakes in Texas.  They point out a historical anthropologists hay-day as centuries-old cemeteries now appear in lake beds once covered by 20 to 30 feet of water.

The same conditions prevail in Mexico.  “This is the most severe drought the country has registered,” President Felipe Calderon told Terra  A farmer laments, “It practically hasn’t rained this year.”  One Mexico official says:  “Dry conditions have affected 1.7 million head of cattle, including 50,000 that have died . . . the nine worst-affected states represent almost half the country.”

In Europe, the dried-up Danube severely hampers shipping.  “There is just no water! The situation is critical not only here on the lower Danube but also upriver in Hungary, Austria, Germany . . . Shipping costs are soaring,” Ivan Ivanov, deputy chief of Bulgarian River Shipping, told AFP World News.

We are grateful to photographer Jay Janner and reporter Brenda Bell of Austin for putting the human face on the Texas drought.  Through them we see why some Texans are praying.  May believers view Bible prophecy in Haggai 1: 11 where God says, “And I called for a drought upon the land . . . upon all the labor of the hands,” as the time for urgent repentant prayer!

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2011 Broke Insurance Pay-Out Records World-Wide

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 20:58 PM
December 15, 2011

 As expected, insurance companies report that all records of insurance pay-out were spectacularly broken with $350 billion in disaster losses in 2011.  Perhaps the only thing that kept some insurance companies solvent is because some areas in the United States and Japan covered losses instead.  Yet some smaller insurers in the U.S. have fallen and regulators have taken them over.

 Insurance Journal quotes reinsurer Swiss Re:  2011 is the  “year with the highest catastrophe-related economic losses in history, . . . total insured losses for the global insurance industry from natural catastrophes and man-made disasters reached $108 billion in 2011––more than twice the $48 billion in 2010 . . . Claims from natural catastrophes alone reached $103 billion in 2011, compared to only $43 billion last year.”  The only positive factor is that there were less hurricanes.

 Erik Holm and Leslie Scism report for The Wall Street Journal:  “The disasters that plagued the globe this year will send 2011 into the record books as the most costly year for catastrophes on record.  Japan’s powerful tsunami, earthquakes in New Zealand, floods in Thailand and a series of severe tornadoes in the U.S. all contributed . . . ” 

 And their revelations include information that major media has heretofore ignored or under-stressed:  “The long list of calamities crippled factories and cut supply chains, rippling through the world’s economies.
 “In Christchurch, New Zealand, entire city blocks remain uninhabitable; in Alabama and Missouri, neighborhoods have been wiped off the map.”  Perhaps it is acceptable that Americans did not know about Christchurch, but who, in major media, can explain why few, if any, knew about the two states in this country?

 Moreover, because many in the U.S. suffered losses from flooding––as in the case from Hurricane Irene––they were not covered by regular insurers.  In those cases, pay-outs were only for wind damage.  Apparently in Japan, the government, businesses and homeowners paid much of property losses.

 As for those who withstood losses without insurance, Robert Hartwig, President of the Insurance Information Institute, believes that “total economic losses arising from catastrophes equaled about 0.5% of the global economy this year.”  Yet, cost for insurance coverage is going up and up!  And companies are deciding which disaster-prone areas to drop from coverage altogether.

 We will report later this month on the tremendous toll of lives lost and injuries sustained; but for now, all should pause and contemplate what Global Warming is doing to those remaining on this planet.  Bible prophecies in the Book of Revelation and Daniel foretell that the worse is even yet to come.  These reports from the insurance industry are sober reminders that it is past time, for prayers.

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Our Year of Messages From the Birds: Curses, Omens and Mysteries!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 20:22 PM
December 14, 2011

 Well we started off 2011 with literally thousands of birds falling out of the sky in the Southern part of the United States––i.e. Arkansas, Louisiana, Kentucky, etc.–– and around the world––in Italy, Sweden, New Zealand, etc.––and it looks like we are ending it the same way.

 Thousands of migratory birds crashed onto a Wall-Mart parking lot and several other parts of southern Utah Monday night.   The birds––grebes, duck-like aquatic birds––may have been looking for lakes or other bodies of water, but they fell instead on asphalt pavements and other land areas in St. George, Utah.

 While rescuers saved more than 2,000 birds, three or four times that number died on impact.  The saved birds are distributed into several lakes, ponds and other water sources in the area.  Officials believe the birds were making their way to Mexico for the winter.  Rescue efforts began Tuesday and are continue.

 Teresa Griffin, Wildlife Program Manager for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, said this was the worse bird downing she has ever witnessed:  “They’re just everywhere.  All our employees are driving around picking them up, and we’ve got so many people coming to our office and dropping them off.”

 Officials explain that the birds mistook the parking lot for water:  “The storm clouds over the top of the city lights made it look like a nice, flat body of water. All the conditions were right.  So the birds landed to rest, but ended up slamming into the pavement.”   But scientists at Extinction Protocol say that explanation makes no sense.  Birds know what water is and they fly into storm clouds often and this doesn’t happen.  So it must be something else.

 It could be revenge for the 10,000 slaughtered song birds seized in Hungary last month.  Wildlife, says those dead birds were “Eurasian skylarks, but the haul also included Calandra larks, red-throated pipits, bluethroats, European goldfinches, fieldfares, mistle thrushes, reed buntings and white wagtails.”

 Highly organized criminals in south-east and central Europe illegally shoot and smuggle so many wild birds that the European Union established agencies to regulate wildlife trade.  Bird hunting “shifted from Hungary to Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Albania and Croatia.” The birds end up on restaurant tables in Italy.

 Or it could be revenge for climate change driving birds to higher and higher elevations as they fight for survival.  Of course other revengers are the unprecedented number of ducks now attacking rice crops in Australia.  Scholars of Nostradamas insists that birds falling from skies to death are ominous curses.  But Bible prophecies promise that the birds will have their final revenge when they eat off the dead flesh of the billions who will war against God (Revelation 19:17 – 21).

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Nail in Global Warming Coffin: Canada Pulls Out of Kyoto – Blames U.S.

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 18:33 PM
December 13, 2011

 As if to follow up on our foreboding in yesterday’s Blog, Canada announced today that it is entirely pulling out of the Kyoto Protocol because of the Conference’s recent “binding” agreement.  And The United Nations, as well as China, is begging our neighbors up north to reconsider.  Canada was one of the earliest First World nations to sign up for Kyoto a decade ago.

  Canada’s Environment Minister Peter Kent had indicated displeasure with the proceedings even during the Conference in Durban, South Africa, but no one, especially United Nation’s Climate Chief Christiana Figueres, expected such a rash announcement on the heels of the 194-nation meeting.

 She issued this rushed reaction to Kent’s announcement:  “I regret that Canada has announced it will withdraw and am surprised over its timing.  Whether or not Canada is a party to the Kyoto Protocol, it has a legal obligation under the convention to reduce its emissions, and a moral obligation to itself and future generations to lead in the global effort.”

 Like China, Japan, Russia and the U.S., Canada’s conservative government believes that Kyoto restrictions would disrupt its continuing economic growth. Kent and other officials emphasized that nothing can be done unless the United States and China agree to clamp down on industrial pollution.  Now, United Nation’s officials fear that other First World nations will follow Canada’s lead.  Of course, Canada’s environmentalists are outraged by Kent’s announcement.

 While Canada’s decision made headlines in today’s news, what should have made headlines instead is that scientists from NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies now conclude that deterioration from Global Warming will speed up.

 By comparing today’s global meltdown to that in paleoclimate history, Goddard researchers foresee:  more rapid changes to earth’s atmosphere:  multiple meters of sea level rising, faster movement of polar ice sheet losses,  stronger levels of carbon dioxide in the air we breathe, double that of the middle ages,  etc.

 In pre-historical times those changes happened slowly over centuries, but James E. Hansen, Goddard Institute Director, warns:  “We don’t have a substantial cushion between today’s climate and dangerous warming. . . . Humans have overwhelmed the natural, slow changes that occur on geologic timescales.”

 World leaders are just being stubborn, each one daring the others to blink.  Meanwhile earth plunges toward its death knell.  Other animals know life’s time on earth is running out;  only humans refuse to face realities of Global Warming.  Bible prophecies warn, “. . . stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry (1 Samuel 15: 23).”  The idolatry is faith in the modern right to industrial profits.  The sin-filled iniquity is loving that profit’s money enough to kill billions of people on Planet Earth!  Only God’s also rapidly approaching judgment can stop such destruction.

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UN Climate Change Conference in South Africa Ends in Mixed Results

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 21:16 PM
December 12, 2011

 Holding meetings two days past the conference-ending date, the 194-member nation UN Framework Convention on Climate Change reached consensus on an updated ‘legally-binding’ treaty limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

 Yet the position of the United States on this new agreement seems clouded.  Associated Press reporter, Arthur Max, presents this dubious position from U.S. Climate Envoy Todd Stern:  “This is a very significant package. None of us likes everything in it. Believe me, there is plenty the United States is not thrilled about.”

 Samantha Smith of the World Wildlife Federation seems to agree:  “They haven’t reached a real deal.  They watered things down so everyone could get on board.”  She sternly added:  “Overall, the responsibility for this lies with a handful of entrenched governments ––like the U.S., Japan, Russia, and Canada––who have consistently resisted raising the level of ambition on climate change.”

 Representatives from Greenpeace International were particularly upset with the outcome.  Kumi Naidoo, their Executive Director, argued:  “The grim news is that the blockers led by the U.S. have succeeded in inserting a vital get-out clause that could easily prevent the next big climate deal being legally binding. If that loophole is exploited it could be a disaster. And the deal is due to be implemented ‘from 2020’ leaving almost no room for increasing the depth of carbon cuts in this decade when scientists say we need emissions to peak.”

 But U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the deal represents “an important advance in our work on climate change.”  While the members instituted new systems to guarantee billions for Third World countries to comply with the new standards, there are still escape loopholes for those in the First World.

 Predicting disappointment before the Conference started, Michael Jarraud, Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization, said:  “Even if we managed to halt our greenhouse-gas emissions today––and this is far from the case ––they would continue to linger in the atmosphere for decades to come and so continue to affect the delicate balance of our living planet and our climate.”

 Thus, the results of the Conference in Durban do nothing but invite more catastrophe.  In their statement this week titled, “CO2 Emissions Take Biggest Leap in History,” the Center for Biological Diversity reveals astonishing news: “According to a new analysis by scientists at the Global Carbon Project, last year our CO2 emissions rose by a scary 5.9 percent––the biggest jump in recorded history.”  As the world’s second-largest greenhouse emitter, the United States “spewed out 1.5 billion tons last year,” leaving little hope to end total destruction.

 This is insane.  To know you are destroying yourself, as well as everyone else, and to keep on doing it must be satanically inspired.  As Biblical prophecies say, “This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is . . . devilish(James 3: 15)”.

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Get Ready for Winter! Winds in Scotland/Britain 165 mph!

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 15:29 PM
December 9, 2011

 U.K.’s Sky News reports that unbelievably fierce winds swooping in at 165 mph virtually shut down Scotland and northern Britain yesterday.  All schools were closed and all methods of transportation––except emergency vehicles––were closed.  With people warned to stay indoors, and wind turbines snapping apart, power outages left many stranded, and hospitals treating cases of hypothermia.
 But these ultra-powerful winds stirred up the region’s greatest fear––flooding. Sky News reports:  “Localized flooding has also caused major disruptions on roads. . . Flood warnings were issued for parts of northern England.”

 As I wrote yesterday, the same type of wind, snow and flooding-wet weather is in store for the U.S.  So I have asked John and his crew to send me some of their winter preparation points that I can share with you:

 Make your living space as small as possible.  After closing heat vents and sealing windows with plastic sheeting or other covers, shut off all unused rooms.  Seal all cracks, including those in basement and attic.

 Have an expert check your furnace to make sure it is functioning properly and that pipes are sealed.  Wrap pipes if needed.  Vacuum out all heat ducts.

 Install storm windows, and then seal with sheets of plastic, or Aunt Bea
recommends using beautiful blankets and quilts to seal out cold air, and help  to fight the winter blues.  Shut-off and seal all water sources outside.

 Seal all doors leading toward outside with new weather-stripping, and don’t forget to put additional protection at the bottom of doors to keep cold out.

 Check prior blogs wherein John recommends all readers to acquire alternative heating sources.  These can include fireplaces, wood-burning stoves with proper ventilation, and even your own outside generator with minimal capability to run the furnace and necessary indoor lighting.

 Miss Ethel reminds everyone to keep children, and even grown-ups, dressed with several layers of clothing when going outside, and that includes heavy socks, cloth-lined boots, hats, ear-muffs, and thick cloth or fur-lined gloves.

 Also Bea repeats that it is a Must! to stock up Now with staples: canned goods, powered milks and creams, frozen foods (inside of a freezer that includes bags of ice in case of power outages), smoked meats, etc.  She says everything must be done to lessen trips outside.

 Jude advises to have all vehicles winterized, including antifreeze added, tires checked, chains tested, heaters updated, jumper cables ready, wind-shield wipers updated, and hand-warmers and blankets in the trunk just in case!

 I cannot stress this enough:  Prepare!  Remember, in wholesale Christian Bibles, Jonah was not prepared for every eventuality, but God was!  Winter comes in everyone’s life, but only through The LORD Jesus can one survive until spring.

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Winter Weather For the Rest of the World: Horrible As Well!

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 16:11 PM
December 8, 2011

 For those planning to leave the United States to find better weather this winter, bad news!  Forecasters in all parts of the world expect winter in their locations to be one of the worse ever!

 Just today, officials in Scotland have issued Red Warnings, their highest level of emergency preparedness, because of “dangerous” storms bringing winds of up to 90 miles an hour.  Public transportation is shut down, all schools closed early,  and police discourage driving as main roads and bridges will close, and power supplies and properties are threatened.
 In his “Preliminary UK-Europe Winter Forecast 2011-2012,” Mark Vogan writes with alarm, “The 2011-12 may be one of worst overall UK winters in last 100 Years with the past two years a mere curtain raise.”

 And in “Another Cold Central European Winter Coming . . ,” written for, P. Gosselin adds that the prognosis for 2011/2012 winter and Christmas weather is “snow and water without end . . . . Eastern and Northern Europe will be significantly too cold.”  Meteorologists Sergei Rodionov adds, “Another anomalously cold winter appears to be in store for Europe.”

 Flooding in South America and Asia continues to dominate human existence there.  It is well known that never-ending flooding has killed over 1,000 people in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, etc.  The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) reports, “To date, nearly nine million people have been affected by torrential rains and overflowing rivers.  Flooding in many parts of Southeast Asia remains dire after months of being inundated, and more rains are expected.”

 The president of Columbia, Juan Manuel Santos, laments:  “In 16 months, in government, the rainy season has been the worst problem we’ve had to fight.”  An unprecedentedly heavy rainy season has brought death to 117 people, and displaced another 430,000.  With water supplies and other basic needs damaged, Santos has placed all systems on full alert until February or March of next year.

 Likewise, Australia has suffered so many wild flash rain storms in the last two months that its agricultural output is threatened.  Countless spurts of heavy rain cause thousands to call emergency numbers for help in stalled vehicles, power outages, and rain-soaked fallen trees fall blocking roads and damaging properties. Their summer is in our winter, and in addition to whacky rain, people in Sydney now sweat through the hottest summer on record.

 So the advice in wholesale Christian Bibles that we rest in winter months is most apropos.  No place around the world is now safe for winter lounging.  So stay home!  Curl up with your best winter blanket and read more of  God’s Good Book.

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Every Indicator Says: Expect Harsh Winter! So Get Ready NOW!

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 21:33 PM
December 7, 2011

 Like Ally, I too am working on a review of this year and forecasts for next year, but it is urgent that all of our readers know that we do not face an ordinary winter this year!  Weather personnel across the country, in government, private agencies, and universities, all join in the chorus that this coming winter will be an absolute record breaker.  And these same types of forecasts face Europe as well.

 UPI reported that scientists at State College in Pennsylvania issued this statement:  “Forecasters say the worst of what shapes up as a brutal U.S. winter will target the Midwest and its major cities with snow and cold.”  A site, adds, “Large Midwestern cities such as Chicago and Minneapolis will bear the brunt of the extreme conditions.”  These forecasters insist that snowfall will be well above normal for cities such as Detroit, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

 James Madden, long range specialist forecaster for, reported several weeks ago that there is “a potentially record breaking US winter for 2011-2012 with extremely cold temperatures and exceptional levels of snow.”

 In determining this future, Madden considered unusual solar activity, La Nina fluctuations, atmospheric cycles, North Atlantic Oscillation (NOA) and Arctic Oscillation (AO), and the fact that last winter’s record of -50F in the Northeast saw many records broken in major cities, including New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Minneapolis, etc.  He also considers that last January was the snowiest on record.

 Forecasters also predict these harsher winters for all parts of the United States.  Workers at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) say that, like the Midwest and Northeast, the Pacific Northwest should also brace for a colder and wetter than average winter.  Although such weather may replenish water sources, it could also lead to greater flooding and avalanche concerns.

 They point out that although El Nino brought record-breaking rain, snow, drought and flooding to some parts of the country last year, its opposite La Nina will also bring extreme weather in the coming winter months.  Mike Halpert, Deputy Director of the Climate Prediction Center in the National Weather Service says:  “This is a good time for people to review the outlook and begin preparing for what winter may have in store.”

 I urge John and his crew to post their ‘prepare for winter blogs,’ soon.  It is urgent that our readers prepare for the next three months of extreme weather.  I read Earth-End last winter, and I know that this site quoted many Scriptures from wholesale Christian Bibles to warn believers that winter is intended as a time for rest.  In Mark 13: 18, The LORD Jesus urges those who will have to flee from the antiChrist to pray that they will not have to run during winter.  For those who are not ready, winter can be a depressing, even evil time.  Best to get ready for it NOW!

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FLASH NEWS!!! Radiation Found in Baby’s Milk in Japan!!!

posted by admin @ 20:41 PM
December 6, 2011

 While I was working on my ‘end of the year’ article that Jael requires from all of us,  this came across my desk, and it was just too urgent to wait:  traces of radiation from Japan’s Fukushima Dai-ichi plant disaster have now been found in that country’s baby formula.  This is just the latest evidence of tainted food resulting from that country’s, and probably the world’s, greatest nuclear disaster.

 In his article, “Japan: Baby Formula Showed Small Traces Of Radiation,” Associated Press reporter, Yuri Kageyama, reports today that Japan’s major food maker Meiji Co. is recalling canned powdered milk for infants that have expiration dates of October 2012.  That company supplies 40 percent of baby formula in Japan, and it ships to Vietnam as well.

 Japanese officials joined Meiji spokespersons in dismissing the discovery because:  “The levels of radioactive cesium were well below government-set safety limits.”  The company glibly adds: “the amounts were low enough not to have any affect on babies’ health even if they drank the formula every day.”
 Such dismissals ignore research from experts who strongly insist that children have far greater risk of cancer and other illnesses when they are exposed to radiation.  Expert nuclear physicians attest that children in Japan and neighboring countries face greater chances of critical illnesses all of their lives.  

Kageyama quotes a Kyodo News report that the airborne radioactive cesium contaminated milk as it was being dried in Saitama prefecture last March.  But it does not seem that the government or the company know exactly where or how the radiation element entered the manufacturing process.
 And because they now admit ignorance about acceptable contamination levels, the government is reviewing its food safety radiation standards.  No results of the review, or a reporting deadline, has apparently been set.  Even worse: radiation levels are only “voluntarily reported by the manufacturers.”  After this disaster, why would the Japanese government not require mandatory reporting?

 At least grocers in Japan have greater regard for their customers.  They now label what area of the country food comes from so that buyers can make intelligent choices.  Japanese grocers also import products from other countries, that are deemed safer, so that customers can choose imports if they wish.

 A question that Japanese and American citizens must ask is why would a country employ energy systems known to have such potential danger to its citizens for decades to come?  Germany and other Western nations faced that question and are now opting out of nuclear power.  Now is the time for America to do the same!

 As the Apostle James writes in wholesale Christian Bibles, “Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin (James 4: 17).”  As American officials view Japan, it is high time that they do what they know is right!

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Not Just in U.S.: Whacky Windy Weather Around the World

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 14:43 PM
December 5, 2011

 Reports have been coming in from around the world.  Most nations on earth have been enduring the same kind of strange stormy windy weather that has been in  the United States this past week.

 As the Associated Press reported the entire West coast and moving inward of our country still recovers from unheard of high wind gusts––some reaching as high as 200 km/hour:  “[P]owerful winds . . . tore across Western states . . .  created a path destruction that closed schools, left neighborhoods with a snarl of downed trees and power lines, and prompted some communities to declare emergencies.”

 Known as Atmospheric Rossby Waves, combinations of high pressure and low-pressure systems creating force-filled funnels, described as if cyclones and anti-cyclones moving together, created howling winds sounding like freight trains.  These roared through California, Washington, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico, etc. leaving power outages in some half million homes.

 While these phenomena are well-covered by media in this country, few have revealed that the same, and perhaps worse, whacky weather is taking place in most areas of the world.  In Europe, Asia, and Africa, the same type of storms have killed dozens of people, power has also been lost to businesses and residents, and transportation––including air flights, buses, trains, ferries, etc.–– were down.

 The Sunday Times reports that gale-force winds in Sri Lanka have left 17 known-dead and 35 more missing.  Rising flood waters have killed seven others.  A thousand homes there are damaged and some five thousand people are displaced.

 While they may not have the number of fatalities, untold countries have been affected by this whacky wind-sweeping weather, including:  Scotland, Norway, Iceland, Finland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Poland, Malaysia, South Africa, Ireland, Italy, England, Germany, etc.

 A translation of an article by Meteo titled, “Climate Chaos: Super Storms to Pound Regions of Northern Europe,” says:  “We thus understand better why the circumstances . . . promote the development of frequent depressions. This is even more rapid and intense that the jet stream is powerful: in extreme cases, it is called “weather bomb” to describe these storms suddenly exploding a few hours before landfall, generating widespread destruction of property and life.”  It states that this anomaly could continue at “a frequency of about 24 to 30 months.”

 Only through networks of weather researchers exchanging information on the internet can we report on these simultaneous weather events.  The Body of Christ must wake up to the many unnatural weather activities happening around the world today.  As Apostle Paul in Bible prophecies demands, “The night is far spent, the day is at hand: . . . let us put on the armor of light. (Romans 13: 12).”

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