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Europe’s Financial Collapse: First Fall of 2012 Calamities

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 13:55 PM
December 21, 2011

 When Dr. Jael first gave me this assignment, I assumed it would be a rather easy task involving economic fluctuations of modernized Old World financing where ethnically disconnected nations, constantly-at-war for centuries, tried to merge themselves around a common monetary system.  I sensed that another war––whether a hot or financial––would result.  My hope was that always-dependable American ingenuity would save the day as in the last World War.

 My family’s heritage has passed down the truth about Europe’s historic systematic rule over people for financial gain.  Even in the mid-20th century when freedom supposedly broke-up colonialism, it was soon clear that the post-colonial age was not “post” at all.  Ruling European countries still control the finances of nations they previously enslaved.  So “formerly” conquered people operate in the languages, monetary systems, geographical boundaries, and other cultural aspects established by their previous colonial rulers.
 Thus, I have been captivated to now read the majority of U. S. economists who predict that next year, Europe’s financial system will fail, banks will crash and economic depression will result, not only in Europe but around the world. 

 One must understand that European nations will not fall alone.  Her former colonies in Africa, Asia and Latin America will fall with her.  And while those trusting in this country’s economic stability don’t want to face it, the United States, again a former colonial nation formed to enrich England and Europe, may fall also.

 Each time, shortly after international federal reserve forces come together to save Europe and ease fears of economic collapse, new announcements of pending financial failure soon arise.  Gus Faucher, Director of Macroeconomics at Moody’s Analytics, gave reporter Bonnie Kavoussi a statement that rings true month after recent month:
 “Europe probably is about to enter a recession that will drag down on growth in the United States.  A recession in Europe would tighten lending from European banks to American companies, reduce American exports to Europe, and bring down U.S. stock prices, spurring American consumers to spend less because they would be more nervous about the economy.”

 Judging by this nation’s tepid return to a stable economy at this year’s end, the American people may be turning the tables on those forecasting economic doom.  As in other aspects of future omens, 2012 will tell the tale.
 I will write more about the “euros” pending failure soon, but for now let us celebrate Jesus Christ, the true reason for the season!  Remember many Bible prophecies promise that He is coming again soon (1 Thessalonians 4: 15 – 18).  So hold onto Him, no matter what 2012 will bring––and believe me, that will be a lot!

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