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UN Climate Change Conference in South Africa Ends in Mixed Results

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 21:16 PM
December 12, 2011

 Holding meetings two days past the conference-ending date, the 194-member nation UN Framework Convention on Climate Change reached consensus on an updated ‘legally-binding’ treaty limiting greenhouse gas emissions.

 Yet the position of the United States on this new agreement seems clouded.  Associated Press reporter, Arthur Max, presents this dubious position from U.S. Climate Envoy Todd Stern:  “This is a very significant package. None of us likes everything in it. Believe me, there is plenty the United States is not thrilled about.”

 Samantha Smith of the World Wildlife Federation seems to agree:  “They haven’t reached a real deal.  They watered things down so everyone could get on board.”  She sternly added:  “Overall, the responsibility for this lies with a handful of entrenched governments ––like the U.S., Japan, Russia, and Canada––who have consistently resisted raising the level of ambition on climate change.”

 Representatives from Greenpeace International were particularly upset with the outcome.  Kumi Naidoo, their Executive Director, argued:  “The grim news is that the blockers led by the U.S. have succeeded in inserting a vital get-out clause that could easily prevent the next big climate deal being legally binding. If that loophole is exploited it could be a disaster. And the deal is due to be implemented ‘from 2020’ leaving almost no room for increasing the depth of carbon cuts in this decade when scientists say we need emissions to peak.”

 But U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said the deal represents “an important advance in our work on climate change.”  While the members instituted new systems to guarantee billions for Third World countries to comply with the new standards, there are still escape loopholes for those in the First World.

 Predicting disappointment before the Conference started, Michael Jarraud, Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organization, said:  “Even if we managed to halt our greenhouse-gas emissions today––and this is far from the case ––they would continue to linger in the atmosphere for decades to come and so continue to affect the delicate balance of our living planet and our climate.”

 Thus, the results of the Conference in Durban do nothing but invite more catastrophe.  In their statement this week titled, “CO2 Emissions Take Biggest Leap in History,” the Center for Biological Diversity reveals astonishing news: “According to a new analysis by scientists at the Global Carbon Project, last year our CO2 emissions rose by a scary 5.9 percent––the biggest jump in recorded history.”  As the world’s second-largest greenhouse emitter, the United States “spewed out 1.5 billion tons last year,” leaving little hope to end total destruction.

 This is insane.  To know you are destroying yourself, as well as everyone else, and to keep on doing it must be satanically inspired.  As Biblical prophecies say, “This wisdom descendeth not from above, but is . . . devilish(James 3: 15)”.

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