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Get Ready for Winter! Winds in Scotland/Britain 165 mph!

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 15:29 PM
December 9, 2011

 U.K.’s Sky News reports that unbelievably fierce winds swooping in at 165 mph virtually shut down Scotland and northern Britain yesterday.  All schools were closed and all methods of transportation––except emergency vehicles––were closed.  With people warned to stay indoors, and wind turbines snapping apart, power outages left many stranded, and hospitals treating cases of hypothermia.
 But these ultra-powerful winds stirred up the region’s greatest fear––flooding. Sky News reports:  “Localized flooding has also caused major disruptions on roads. . . Flood warnings were issued for parts of northern England.”

 As I wrote yesterday, the same type of wind, snow and flooding-wet weather is in store for the U.S.  So I have asked John and his crew to send me some of their winter preparation points that I can share with you:

 Make your living space as small as possible.  After closing heat vents and sealing windows with plastic sheeting or other covers, shut off all unused rooms.  Seal all cracks, including those in basement and attic.

 Have an expert check your furnace to make sure it is functioning properly and that pipes are sealed.  Wrap pipes if needed.  Vacuum out all heat ducts.

 Install storm windows, and then seal with sheets of plastic, or Aunt Bea
recommends using beautiful blankets and quilts to seal out cold air, and help  to fight the winter blues.  Shut-off and seal all water sources outside.

 Seal all doors leading toward outside with new weather-stripping, and don’t forget to put additional protection at the bottom of doors to keep cold out.

 Check prior blogs wherein John recommends all readers to acquire alternative heating sources.  These can include fireplaces, wood-burning stoves with proper ventilation, and even your own outside generator with minimal capability to run the furnace and necessary indoor lighting.

 Miss Ethel reminds everyone to keep children, and even grown-ups, dressed with several layers of clothing when going outside, and that includes heavy socks, cloth-lined boots, hats, ear-muffs, and thick cloth or fur-lined gloves.

 Also Bea repeats that it is a Must! to stock up Now with staples: canned goods, powered milks and creams, frozen foods (inside of a freezer that includes bags of ice in case of power outages), smoked meats, etc.  She says everything must be done to lessen trips outside.

 Jude advises to have all vehicles winterized, including antifreeze added, tires checked, chains tested, heaters updated, jumper cables ready, wind-shield wipers updated, and hand-warmers and blankets in the trunk just in case!

 I cannot stress this enough:  Prepare!  Remember, in wholesale Christian Bibles, Jonah was not prepared for every eventuality, but God was!  Winter comes in everyone’s life, but only through The LORD Jesus can one survive until spring.

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