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Oklahoma: One U.S. Whacky Weather State

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 13:15 PM
December 2, 2011

 This year, it seems as if Oklahoma has been hit with every kind of whacky weather possible, including: two large earthquakes last month, unusually vicious record-breaking rounds of tornadoes, much heavier snowfalls, cooler than normal seasonal temperatures, unusual six-inch diameter hailstones, intensifying drought, often inextinguishable wildfires, the hottest summer temperatures on record, unusual flooding, etc., etc., etc.

 And now a surprising ever-expanding unexplainable sinkhole!

 On the 6th of last month, the state was hit with a 5.6 magnitude earthquake that was felt as far away as Wisconsin and South Carolina. Oklahoma has not endured a quake of that strength in over 50 years.

 But the quaking wasn’t over.  Two days later a 4.7 mg quake struck the town of Prague, Oklahoma.  That one really puzzled scientists because it was on the Wilzetta fault, upon which they have done little research.

 Critics assume these quakes were caused by deep drilling in over 185,000 drilling and injection oil and gas wells blanketing the state.  But seismologist Austin Holland of the Oklahoma Geological Survey said of the recent shaking,  “At this point, there’s no reason to think that the earthquakes would be caused by anything other than natural” shifts in the Earth’s crust.

 Moreover, Popular Mechanics labels Oklahoma one of the most dangerous places on earth.  Their article, “8 of the Most Dangerous Places (To Live) on the Planet,” focuses on the one million people who live on the Interstate 44 corridor between Oklahoma City and Tulsa.  In the last 120 years, that area has been hit by 120 tornadoes, and 70 of those have been in the past 12 years.  In Oklahoma City alone, 1700 homes have been destroyed and another 6500 damaged.

 As for the sinkhole, residents of Sayre in Beckham County, Oklahoma, claim that the chasm, over 40 feet wide and 40 feet deep, appeared overnight, and that it must have been caused by many aftershocks following the earthquakes.
 But again, scientists say no!  Maybe?  Jack Damron, who farms on the land where the hole drops says that it is now large enough to drop a house into it!  And it is constantly growing.  Roads around the hole have been closed because officials fear the ground’s stability.  And yet, the state has a history of sinkholes caused by mining for lead and zinc; the most notable one is in Picher, now a ghost town.  The Environmental Protection Agency calls Picher, “the most toxic place in America.”

 “Most toxic,” “most dangerous” . . . !  When will our nation wake-up? Rather than going around the world to tear down and then build up other countries, when will we take care of home.  As Paul told Timothy in Bible prophecies, the man who does not take care of his own is worse than an infidel (1 Timothy 5: 8).

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