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Get Ready For the 2012 New Year! Happy??

posted by Jael Ever @ 11:36 AM
December 30, 2011

 Everyone on the Earthend-Newbeginning staff wishes our readers Happy New Year!  And with much gratitude for your loyal acceptance of our rather different reporting of facts and truth, we indeed want you to have only blessing, health and prosperity in 2012.  And to insure that success, as God blesses us to do so, we will continue to jar you out of any state of denial next year.

 More than most years, the moral center of the United States seems to be coming apart.  Deep-seated hatred and twisted lies blanket the political landscape.  Congress is unable to function.  And disillusioned young people lead angry Americans onto Occupy Wall Street’s 1%.  Other youths trampling over each other in a race to buy Air Jordan shoes, also illustrates the trashing of the nation’s soul.

 And indeed that 1% obviously controls politicians, who in turn control the television media they license.  But what is print media’s excuse for ignoring truthful news?  Again, it is the advertising dollar which admonishes newspapers to be “positive” about America so that our people will keep buying.  If there is to be any bad news, companies insist, let it come from overseas. 

 Such trickery obscures truth while telling the public that it presents truth.  But thank God for the internet.  When this little tool allowed communication between the 99% in the Middle East, the Arab Spring overthrew dictators that Western governments claimed to be “diplomatically” waring against for decades.
 It was the internet that would not allow the media, or the ubiquitous nuclear energy power moguls, to veil the truth about the earthquake, tsunami and leaking nuclear plant disaster in Japan.  Such seeping deadly radiation just joins the other industrial poisons now invading air, ground, food and water around the world.

 While television media gives a few words here and there about Europe’s financial meltdown, and print media bemoans the meaning of those woes for the 1%, only the internet gives free world-wide access to the inter-connection of Europe’s collapse, Arab Spring, Global Warming, etc.

 But those who read Earth End-New Beginning, and other blogs, such as Extinction Protocol 2012, soon understand those connections.  Thus, they can prepare themselves for the best possible life on earth in these times, as well as for eternity.

 Among Bible prophecies that warn against the ignorance and implosions on earth today is Hosea 4: 6, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, . . . .”
 Because human beings are like God, they have free will to do and believe as they please.  But as God opens up knowledge around the world, that same free will bears the consequences of accepting that knowledge or denying it.  Thus, we ask you to invite others to join, so that they at least have truthful knowledge and choice for life-saving decisions.

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Countdown: 14 Worst Weather Disasters in 2011, Part 2

posted by admin @ 12:22 PM
December 29, 2011

 Wendy Weathersbee:  Here is the rest of our list on the Worst Weather Disasters in 2011.  While Number 6 is referred to as the “Tuscaloosa Tornadoes,” there were actually some 353 tornadoes last April, touching down in 21 U.S. states, and four were F5 tornadoes, which is the most powerful possible tornado category.  Some 346 Americans were killed during that outbreak, and 249 of them were in Alabama alone.  Official damage is estimated as $ 11 billion, but that is a low figure as many people in those pathways had no insurance.

 Sarah Newsworthy: While we have assigned no number, we do list the earthquake in Siberia, Russia this week, as representative of literally hundreds of earthquakes––both major and minor––that have shaken everywhere on earth this year.  The significance of the Siberian quake is its mammoth 9.8 mg size––10 mg is the highest earthquake ever recorded––and the fact that several smaller quakes had already shaken this most isolated region of the world.   While we do not have information on deaths or damages, our minds are on multiple series of small quakes giving similar warnings in more populated regions, including in the U.S.  

        Sarah Newsworthy:  We place the flooding in Thailand and Cambodia as Number 5.  With three quarters of areas still under water, exact billions in damage dollars is not yet clear.  But over 400 were killed and 4.6 million people displaced. One can check our archives on these floods, as well as the stupendous earthquake in Turkey which we rate as disaster Number Four.  This quake resulted in 600 deaths and 4,000 injuries, but again Turkey has not released damage figures.

 As Wendy said yesterday, we had hoped to keep the number of major disasters down to ten, but Number 3 in our countdown, the Philippine Floods, just this month pushed that number up.  Figures are still not in on damages or displacements, but officials estimate that the number of 1,249 killed will undoubtedly rise.  Again, please see our blog archives for more details.

 Ally I. Feermeno:  I have already made clear that our Number 2 disaster, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, will have repercussions around the globe for years to come.  By the end of November, the final death toll had not been released but Upfront News affirms that 15, 839 people were killed, another 3,642 are still reported missing, and more than 88,000 people now stay in homeless shelters.

 Maleekie Ambularie and Dr. Ad Versery Bored:  The staff agrees that the  Number 1 Worst Weather Disaster in 2011 is the Somalia Drought.  With over 30,000 dead from starvation, and most of them children, nothing else compares.   

        Rev. Repriestly:  Jael closed yesterday with Bible prophecies from 1 Peter 4: 17 on end-time judgment.  I add Revelation 22: 10-11: “. . . the time is at hand.  He that is unjust, let him be unjust still . . .”  Hopefully there is time for repentance.

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The 14 Worst Weather Disasters in 2011 Around the World

posted by admin @ 19:15 PM
December 28, 2011

 Wendy Weathersbee: Our plan was to keep this list down to the 10, but we found that to be impossible.  When everyone reviewed their research back to January, we finally settled for 14.  In each case, where information is possible, we include the number of people killed, as well as displaced, and total financial losses.

 Sarah Newsworthy:  Number 14 – Little media notice was given to the flooding in North Dakota last June which displaced some 11,000 people.  Most are still in temporary shelters.  Only 10% of the damaged homes are fixed, and in Dakota’s cold winters, thousands shiver in hotel rooms or in cold FEMA trailers.
 Newspaper Boys and Girls:  Number 13 – Blizzards across the U.S. last February had 60 mph winds and two feet of snow in some cities. In Chicago over 900 vehicles were stuck for hours.  All airline flights halted and 24 people died.

 Sarah Newsworthy:  Number 12 – The Farmer’s Almanac reminded me of “The Mississippi Floods” last April when melting snow brought floods to Missouri, Illinois, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana.  People in rural areas were angry because the government chose to flood 4600 square miles of farm land to save Baton Rouge and New Orleans.  We have no record of deaths or injuries, but flood damages are more than $ 5 billion.

 Jael Ever: Number 11 – Cost for the year-long drought in the southern U.S. is at least $ 5.2 billion.  This rainless weather wrecked destruction on Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.  While media reported no deaths or injuries, the emotional toll is, of course, immeasurable. 
 Wendy Weathersbee:  Number 10 is Hurricane Irene which moved up the coast from the Carolinas to the Mid-Atlanta and then New England.  It killed 56 people and brought $ 7 billion in damages. Our archives abound with stories on this disaster as well as Number 9 -‘The Joplin Tornadoes.’  These storms killed 161 people in the Missouri and Oklahoma areas and resulted $ 2 billion in damaged.

 Newspaper Boys and Girls:  Number 8 is the earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand, in February, where 181 people died and thousands were displaced. Victims tell the BBC their lives will never be the same.  And for Number 7, we place the flooding when Tropical Storm Lee dumped 45 trillion gallons of rain on the Northeastern U.S. and 14  people died.  Estimates of damages are in the billions and 100,00 Americans are still displaced.

 Jael:  With this countdown, we remind our readers that the world is in a time of judgment.  The U.S. and Christchurch are Christian nations.  Bible prophecies state:  “. . . judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4: 17).”

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Meteorologists: 2011 Worst Weather Year in U.S. History, Part 2

posted by Shopping4Bargains @ 15:04 PM
December 27, 2011

 As we continue this series, more astonishing news about this year’s weather:  The Washington Post made a pictorial list of their conclusions about the “Worst Natural Disasters,” throughout the world, without emphasizing levels of severity.

 Thus, the cacophony includes: 1) Phoenix dust storm; 2) Turkey earthquake; 3) Japanese earthquake and tsunami; 4) Hurricane Irene; 5) Somali famine; 6) Joplin tornado; 7) New Zealand earthquake; 8 ) [U.S.] Northeast snowstorms; 9) Thai flooding; 10) Tuscaloosa tornado; 11) Texas fires.  Some captions included mention of the numbers killed, others did not.  Obviously, the majority of the Post’s list of the worst weather was in the United States.

 Even the website for Preferred Insurance admitted that 2011 was the worst year for weather in the U. S., reporting that:  “The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration added two disasters to this year’s national list of worsts in early December, putting the total of weather catastrophes that cost at least $1 billion in damage in 2011 to 12. The dozen billion-dollar disasters add up to $52 billion. This was the worst year on record for weather disasters.”

 Half of those billion-dollar disasters were from six tornado outbreaks where more than 540 people were killed.  Last April within four days, there were 343 tornadoes in the United States, setting the largest outbreak on record, and that included 199 of them in one day, setting another record.
 Seemingly reticent to place total blame on man-made Global Warming where it belongs, the Associated Press exclaims:  “Scientists blame an unlucky combination of global warming and freak chance. They say even with the long-predicted increase in weather extremes triggered by manmade climate change, 2011 in the US was wilder than they had predicted. For example, the six large outbreaks of tornadoes cannot be attributed to global warming, scientists say.” claims that the old record for U. S. deaths in $ 1 billion disasters was nine, while in this year alone whacky weather has killed more than 1,000 Americans.  That site adds that the billion-dollar disaster cost mark was hit about once in the 1980s, and about four times in the 1990s, but in the last two years it has averaged 7.5 hits.  To surpass ten this year is quite another record, and don’t forget that Jane Lubchenco, Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, says 2011 is “but a harbinger of things to come.”

 Unlike the Washington Post, Earth End’s staff will count down, in severity of deaths and costs, the Ten (Or More) Worst Weather Disasters around the world.  This count aligns with Bible prophecies about the end of time,  as when The LORD Jesus Christ said, “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven (Luke 21: 11).”  Yes, Ms. Lubchenco is right, 2011 is a strong sign of things to come!

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Meteorologists Agree: 2011 Worst Weather Year in U.S. History

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 15:55 PM
December 26, 2011

 In spite of political attempts to keep them quiet, meteorologists in this country––and elsewhere in the world––finally admit that in 2011 the United States had the worst weather ever in recorded history.  Politicians and major media may down play it, but Earth End reporters consistently expose the true weather story.

 In a Christmas Eve story titled, “Harsh Political Reality Slows Climate Studies Despite Extreme Year,” Justin Gillis of The New York Times reveals: “Scientists say they could, in theory, do a much better job of answering the question ‘Did global warming have anything to do with it?’ after extreme weather events like the drought in Texas and the floods in New England.

 “But for many reasons, efforts to put out prompt reports on the causes of extreme weather are essentially languishing. Chief among the difficulties that scientists face: the political environment for new climate-science initiatives has turned hostile, and with the federal budget crisis, money is tight.”

 In other words, certain politicians don’t want the American people to know that this dangerous weather is sending us a message.  Gillis says that typically, this country may have three or so weather disasters costing a billion dollars each.  “But this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has tallied a dozen such events, including wildfires in the Southwest, floods in multiple regions of the country and a deadly spring tornado season. And the agency has not finished counting. The final costs are certain to exceed $50 billion.”

 Jeffrey Masters from Weather Underground adds “I’ve been a meteorologist 30 years and never seen a year that comes close to matching 2011 for the number of astounding, extreme weather events.”  He says that records going back 200 years show that nothing compares to the weather we’ve had in 2011.

 Moreover, climate scientists also admit that “human-induced climate change”––i.e. Global Warming–– is the culprit.  Because over 1,000 Americans died in weather disasters, Jack Hayes, National Weather Service Director, calls this year: “the deadly, destructive and relentless 2011.”  Jane Lubchenco, Director of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, adds:  “What we’re seeing this year is not just an anomalous year but a harbinger of things to come.”

 Geological-sciences professor Michael Oppenheimer of Princeton University concludes “the world has to do two things: Try to slow global warming by reducing greenhouse-gas emissions and prepare better for extreme weather.”

 Sounds like good advice, but Earth-End wonders if anyone in charge is listening.  Remember what The LORD Jesus said in Bible prophecies in Matthew 16, that hypocritical political leaders may “discern the face of the sky; but can ye not discern the signs of the times?”  Even if they discern these signs, they refuse to admit it!  But how long can they deny that 2011 is “a harbinger of things to come.”

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Have A Blessed and Very Merry Christmas

posted by admin @ 12:32 PM
December 23, 2011

 Jael: From all of us to all of you, the staff and tech team of Earth End-New, “Merry Christmas!”

 John: En don’t usen fergit: “Jesus Is The Reason For The Season!”

 Jude:  Amen da dat brethern!  En den’t ferget tos hav’ A Happy New Years too!  En stay wid us cause the nixt yar’s gonna be a humdinnger!!

 Bea:  Don’t leve us out ‘en boys.  ‘Member keep that house warm always!

 Maybelline:  Yes en ‘keps en mind dis times for da kids so love em much.

 Ethel: En dont yousens ferget ta call yours folks ever’wher en send love.

 Rev. Repriestly:  And please keep praying over the holidays.  No matter where you are or what you are doing,  remember God is still on the throne and all He wants for you and your family is Blessing, Joy, and Everlasting Good!

  Dr. Ad Versery Bored:  Also, please remember to eat healthy to stay healthy.  The holidays are good times to recommit you and family to a good life always.

 Frank Butterman:  As the new kid on the block, I agree with that!  Keep an eye on this and other internet info to see which foods are good and which aren’t!

 Taryn at I.E.  Oh my, speaking of family,  I have to go!  So much still to do before Christmas.  All of us techies just want to thank Earth End viewers for your support.  Remember, we are here to help you with your internet needs all year ‘round.  Join with us to make a great start for the New Year!

 Maleekie Ambularie:  Please remember those less fortunate and give to God’s helpers like the Salvation Army, Oxfam, UNISEF and others.

 Ally I. Feermeno:  And my goodness, be thankful!  Listen when you think of people in Japan, the Philippines and other places, we have lots to thank God for!

 Sarah Newsworthy:  Yes, Ally, right you are!  America has been through a lot this year, but other countries have it far worse.  Let us help and pray for them.

 Ida Mae Wells, 4th: Remember, get to family, reconcile and love.  Next year will be a doozie, and only God and family and love will matter in the end.

 Wendy Weathersbee:  And for goodness sakes!  Stay out of the cold!   And if you must go out Bundle Up!  Freezing rain and snow is forecast.  So stay home!

 International Association of Truth Telling Women Journalists, Intl.:  From everywhere around the world, we join our colleagues in saying Merry Christmas!

 Newspaper Boys and Girls, Intl.:  Say there, don’t forget us!  We’re the spokes on wheels that keep everything going.  So we say to all:  Merry Christmas!

 Jael:  Yes Jesus IS the reason for the season.  He is here now in His Holy Spirit and in the hearts of all believers.  If you don’t know Him as Savior, ask Him into your heart today!  Nothing is more important for your everlasting life (John 3: 16).  Bible prophecies promise He is returning to earth very soon, first to gather Christians together, and then for battle with Satan.  Which side will you be on?

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Food Safety Inspector on Unsafe Food and Water in U.S.

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 14:48 PM
December 22, 2011

 Dr. Ad Versery:  After my series on poisonous cantaloupes, the Newspaper Boys and Girls, Intl., have come to me with so many news stories about sickening foods around the world, that I asked Jael to appoint another health food expert to cover these urgently importing stories.
 I am researching emerging diseases around the world, as well as working with Maleekie Ambularie on the epidemics attacking people throughout Africa, Asia and the Pacific nations.  Earth End needs new help on these food dangers.  Jael agreed, and I would like to welcome Frank Butterman, International Food and Health Safety Inspector, to the Earth End staff.  Welcome Dr. Butterman!

 Dr. Butterman:  Thank you Dr. Ad Versery.  I am pleased and honored to join the team.  At a time when food producers must double the amount of food available on the planet, we are seeing more dangers in and around foods than ever.

 Let’s start with what is most essential for human life––water.  Too many dangerous chemicals jeopardizes drinking  water across this country.  According to Environmental News Service (ENS), citizens in Midland, Texas, are suing Dow Chemical “for dangerous levels of hexavalent chromium in their drinking water.”  Although Julia Roberts made chromium-6, famous in the “Erin Brockovich” movie, the chemical industry is still blocking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from telling Americans that chromium-6 is a cancer-causing chemical.

 In California, water in the San Joaquin River and San Francisco Bay Delta are contaminated with selenium and mercury.  Radium is now found in Las Vegas tap water.  The chemical weed killer, atrazine, pollutes groundwater throughout the Midwest.   Some 10 million people in Florida are endangered by pesticides in their water system.  Toxic PCB and dioxin swirl through New York’s Hudson River and New Jersey’s Passaic River as well.  Even bottled waters are not necessarily safe.

 While Europe requires companies to openly publish chemicals that  risk human health, here the EPA does the job, and some politicians resist that agency.  ENS cites a 2009 report from the The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention that “painted a chilling picture of toxic exposure, finding 212 chemicals in people’s bodies, 75 of which had never before been measured in Americans.”

 My next report on dangers in our food supply is just as disquieting.  As a new member of the Earth End team, I must say that our nation must return to lives of simple food and faith.  As Jeremiah cries in Bible prophecies:  “For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water (2: 13).”

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Europe’s Financial Collapse: First Fall of 2012 Calamities

posted by Ida B. Wells IV @ 13:55 PM
December 21, 2011

 When Dr. Jael first gave me this assignment, I assumed it would be a rather easy task involving economic fluctuations of modernized Old World financing where ethnically disconnected nations, constantly-at-war for centuries, tried to merge themselves around a common monetary system.  I sensed that another war––whether a hot or financial––would result.  My hope was that always-dependable American ingenuity would save the day as in the last World War.

 My family’s heritage has passed down the truth about Europe’s historic systematic rule over people for financial gain.  Even in the mid-20th century when freedom supposedly broke-up colonialism, it was soon clear that the post-colonial age was not “post” at all.  Ruling European countries still control the finances of nations they previously enslaved.  So “formerly” conquered people operate in the languages, monetary systems, geographical boundaries, and other cultural aspects established by their previous colonial rulers.
 Thus, I have been captivated to now read the majority of U. S. economists who predict that next year, Europe’s financial system will fail, banks will crash and economic depression will result, not only in Europe but around the world. 

 One must understand that European nations will not fall alone.  Her former colonies in Africa, Asia and Latin America will fall with her.  And while those trusting in this country’s economic stability don’t want to face it, the United States, again a former colonial nation formed to enrich England and Europe, may fall also.

 Each time, shortly after international federal reserve forces come together to save Europe and ease fears of economic collapse, new announcements of pending financial failure soon arise.  Gus Faucher, Director of Macroeconomics at Moody’s Analytics, gave reporter Bonnie Kavoussi a statement that rings true month after recent month:
 “Europe probably is about to enter a recession that will drag down on growth in the United States.  A recession in Europe would tighten lending from European banks to American companies, reduce American exports to Europe, and bring down U.S. stock prices, spurring American consumers to spend less because they would be more nervous about the economy.”

 Judging by this nation’s tepid return to a stable economy at this year’s end, the American people may be turning the tables on those forecasting economic doom.  As in other aspects of future omens, 2012 will tell the tale.
 I will write more about the “euros” pending failure soon, but for now let us celebrate Jesus Christ, the true reason for the season!  Remember many Bible prophecies promise that He is coming again soon (1 Thessalonians 4: 15 – 18).  So hold onto Him, no matter what 2012 will bring––and believe me, that will be a lot!

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Philippines Hit By The Greatest Floods of 2011, So Far!

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 11:22 AM
December 20, 2011

 Just as I was researching for a blog on massive floods in the United States, the story broke about the worse flood of 2011 on the islands of the Philippines.  These floods from Tropical Storm Washi have killed nearly 1,000 people, and destroyed some 7,000 homes, leaving 40,000 fleeing to evacuation centers.

 While Washi was not necessarily an intense storm, Dr. Jeff Masters meteorologist for explains that “since the rains fell on regions where the natural forest had been illegally logged or converted to pineapple plantations, the heavy rains were able to run off quickly on the relatively barren soils and create devastating flash floods.”

 Because the storm moved swiftly in the middle of the night in an area of the nation that has never been hit with such heavy flooding, and because the tiny island nation has no flood warning system––thousands of residents climbed onto roof tops trying to escape.   Matt Daniels at Earth Sky explains that the unexpectedly high death toll came as “People were swept out to sea while others were buried alive in mudslides due to the higher elevation in the area.”

 The Associated Press reports that morgues there are overflowing, and rescue workers have resorted to quickly prepared mass graves.  And The New York Times stresses that the storm disrupted families that were preparing for Christmas celebrations:  “Christmas trees had been erected in parks in Cagayan de Oro, a popular tourist town, and that residents had begun going to church nightly in preparation for the holidays.” 
 NY Times’ Floyd Whaley also reports: the Philippines “was hit by tropical storm Banyan in October, which killed eight people. In September, two typhoons, Nesat and Nalgae, struck in quick succession and killed more than 100 people.”

 Irish Times reports that “Josephine Dalangin, a resident of Cagayan de Oro, said she and three other residents, including a boy, survived by clinging on a tree trunk for 11 to 12 hours while floating in the sea before they were rescued by a passing boat. I did not feel hunger, I did not feel any thirst. I just prayed to the Lord that the rains, winds and waves would stop.”

 Thus, as they viewed the trappings of holidays washed away by the realities of Global Warming and man’s destruction of nature’s protections, the people of the Philippines learned a lesson that people everywhere must understand: these are not ordinary times.  But as Bible prophecies promise, Mrs. Dalangin and her children were saved because she believes in and prayed to her Savior:  “For this shall every one that is godly pray unto Thee in a time when Thou mayest be found: surely in the floods of great waters they shall not come nigh unto him (Psalms 32: 6).”

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Japan’s Nuclear Breakdown: A Warning To All the World

posted by admin @ 2:31 AM
December 20, 2011

Even the muted media admits that the nuclear disaster in Japan ranks high among the top ten news stories in 2011.  But, unlike many other stories that made high news this year, repercussions from Japan’s weakened nuclear system echo continuously in that nation and around the world.

The 46-foot high ocean wave set off by a 9 mg earthquake not only ripped through that island nation, it now threatens the international nuclear power industry, the integrity of national governments and their reporting media, the international farm and sea-food industries, and the foundations of modern life.

Within two months after the meltdown of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi power plant, Germany announced plans to shut down its 17 nuclear reactors, and Switzerland, Italy and Belgium soon followed suit.  AFP International News reveals cancellation of half the new projects planned by the International Atomic Energy Agency: “no new construction in developed countries and a 15 percent reduction in the number of existing power stations.”  Only Asia, particularly China and India, still plough on to seek nuclear power.

Radioactive water keeps leaking from Japan’s damaged reactors, and because of citizen outcries, the government will not allow Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) to release anymore of its contaminated water into the ocean.         Just last week, TEPCO said that “150 liters (40 US gallons) of highly radioactive waste water including harmful strontium, a substance linked to bone cancers, was believed to have also found its way into the open ocean from a leaky water-treatment system.”  Fishermen scream that this junk is killing their industry.  And the average Japanese citizen believes that eventually it will also kill them.

Yesterday’s Los Angeles Times ran a story to illustrate that Japan’s younger generation no longer believes what the government or its national media says. That the Japanese government and the country’s nuclear industry are joined at the hip––with major media in servitude to them both––is now evident.  Instead, citizens there rely more and more on the internet for glimpses of truth.

A little known physicist, Ryugo Hayano of Tokyo University, who before Fukushima had a slight following on Twitter, now has 150,000 people coming to his site daily for the latest news on radioactivity.  “One Internet site has . . 600,000 comments by people describing how they no longer believe the reassurances issued by either the central government or TEPCO about nuclear safety.”

No wonder governments hurry to shut down the Internet.  As readers of Bible prophecies know, Fukushima is but a foretaste of Revelation, Chapter 6, wherein two-thirds of the world’s population will be wiped out.  Only nuclear power, whether in industry or bombs, has the reach to effect such world-wide death.  Only those who understand Japan’s warning can hold back that tide.

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