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Old and New Diseases Showing Up Around the World

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 21:11 PM
November 15, 2011

 Our research is showing outbreaks of known and unknown diseases showing up in hotspots around the world.  Data now proves that malaria has been around longer the human race, and that it is staging attacks for a huge comeback. Relatedly, with a death toll climbing to 400 in Pakistan alone, Dengue fever is spreading to neighboring countries as well.  But the amazing discovery is the rise of a new, very drug-resistant, Staph germ in northern Europe.
 This new Staph infection could at first be tied to contact with pigs,  but now it seems transferable from human to human.  Scientists call it, Staphylococcus aureus strain 398––or the New Superbug.

 The subject was introduced at a science writers conference last month, where researchers from the Center for Microbiomics and Human Health at The Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), in Flagstaff, Arizona, raised the alarm that evidence of this superbug from Denmark and the Netherlands could represent the next international bacterial epidemic.

 Lance B. Price, Director of that Center explains:  “The rate of human ST398 infections is going up in Denmark and the Netherlands.  We are just looking at the beginning of an epidemic.”  His report in Scientific American reveals: “ Already, ST398 was recently found in about half of the pigs and farmers tested in Iowa.”
 In Pakistan, the spreading infection is Dengue Fever, which is killing two to five people a day in that nation and  neighboring countries.  The government is doing all it can to prevent casualties, and stop the contagion, but the high cost of treatment means that dengue will spread more rapidly than in prior years.  The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention advises travelers to be especially careful when going through Pakistan, and surrounding areas.  Dengue is a mosquito-borne infection that causes a severe flu-like illness.

 Another flu illness is the recent and very rare combinations of swine and seasonal flues.  H3N2, H5N1 and H1N1 avian flu viruses are now showing up in Europe and the Far East.  The potentially lethal multiple attacks were found in several hot spots, the latest in Cambodia.  Patrick Blair, director of respiratory diseases at the US Naval Health Research Center in San Diego, California, suggests:  “. . .  there is an opportunity for co-mingling in swine or human hosts that could create an ominous global health problem.”

 We will continue these reports in future blogs.  Remember that unabated multiple killer diseases are part of Bible prophecies in Revelation’s Horses of the Apocalypse: “ . . . And power was given unto them . . . to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth (6: 8).  Please pray for the army of health care workers who are doing all they can to stem these tides of death.

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Just Like Unending Wars: Unrelenting Drought Hits Afghanistan

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 21:02 PM
November 14, 2011

 While the world has eyes on the horrible drought devastating East African nations,  the same eyes usually think about decades of war when they view Afghanistan.  They don’t think drought!  But that is exactly what the world must see as the second war front in that nation––another war on the affects of Global Warming.

 Officials of the war-torn nation report that drought from Global Warming threatens more than seven million Afghans.  Ghanizada, a writer for Afghan Online Newspaper and Magazine, reports that “more than 90% of the Afghan agriculture were affected by drought this year.”

 The Commission for State Emergency says:  “the country will face migration, regional conflict, animal deaths, and disease if the government does not step up actions to fight the natural disaster which threatens more than 7 million Afghans.” 

 And all of this goes on while the Afghan people try to protect themselves from bombs and flying missile fires exploding their homes in the ongoing war between the United States, its allies and al-Qaeda rebels.

 Moreover, they call upon the international donor community to grant assistance.  Oxfam adds that time is urgent as coming heavy winter snow will block the road to some 23 provinces where people will be without food.
 If some doubt what Afghans say, they may trust the words of a Westerner who writes often about the Third World: “Afghanistan is on the verge of a huge humanitarian disaster. Drought has ruined food supplies, and three million Afghans will face starvation if aid agencies do not have the resources in time to respond.

 William Lambers, a famed author of such books as “Ending World Hunger,” and “School Lunches for Kids Around the World,” writes in  “Due to this year’s drought and the reduced wheat harvest more Afghans will be now be joining the ranks of the hungry and food insecure.”

 Generally, Afghanistan could look to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) for help.  But that agency is some $ 200 million short of the funding needed in their present Afghan mission, much less the coming months.  WFP even issued a report indicating that even before the present drought, the Afghan people  were in a “severe hunger crisis, with children suffering the most.”

 Since they support war in Afghanistan, members of the U. S. Congress can transfer that funding to help feed Afghan’s children. In Bible prophecies, Jesus promised:  “And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea  (Mark 9: 42).”  They may be Afghans, but little children still look to God for their sustenance.  At young, tender ages, they know that hunger and  suffering doesn’t come from Him.

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More Whacky Weather: Abnormal Snow Storms, Volcanoes etc.

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 18:37 PM
November 11, 2011

 Wendy:  Sarah it is my privilege to work with such a stupendous reporter on joint projects about whacky weather and Earth’s disturbances all over the globe. 
 Sarah:  Likewise Wendy.  Please allow me to welcome you to the Earth End family.  Well, I see we have another strange assortment of weather havoc to cover.

 Wendy:  Yes.  Its hard to be believe that a state like Alaska, so use to snow storms, could be hit with this week’s unusually violent one.  The National Weather Service is on alert as this storm from the Bering Sea pounds Alaska’s West coast.

 L.A. Times labels these storms:  white-out blizzards with brutal winds.  The Associated Press adds, “hurricane-force winds knocking out power, ripping up roofs and forcing some residents to board up their windows and seek high ground.” Also dead phone lines and downed towers leave many without emergency help.
 “This is a storm of epic proportions,” said meteorologist Jeff Osiensky with the National Weather Service. “We not out  of the woods with this.” Winds, moving as fast as 89 mph, shook buildings like earthquakes.  With construction built on permafrost, most buildings do not have foundations that can withstand such winds.

 Under these types of conditions, Terra Daily reports that some residents have been ordered to evacuate their homes because of the storms and potential flooding.  In fact, AFP International News adds that governments ordered the entire village of Gullivan, near Nome, to move to higher ground.

 Sarah:  Unbelievable!  Any research on what causes such upending storms?

 Wendy:  Well for one thing, it is early in the season and the coasts have not yet built up the usual protective ice cover.  Then Brett Israel of Our Amazing Planet writes:  “The storm is the product of warm air in the Pacific Ocean tapping into the cold air off Siberia, picking up speed in a jet stream near there and then intensifying as it moved into the Bering Sea.”  He also points out that this storm stretches some 1,000 feet over sea water resulting in waves 10 feet above normal.

 Sarah:  Wendy, with any reasons given, we both know it is Global Warming. Even three years ago, scientists reported that Global Warming had so increased temperatures in the Bering Sea that wildlife there cannot survive––and that is in an area where half of the seafood sold in the United States comes from.  The Arctic area feeding the Bering Sea is even warming at twice the average global rate.

 Wendy:  Sarah, we must report more on this galloping whacky weather.

 Sarah:  Yes, we must cover additional earthquakes in Turkey, Greece and the Philippines yesterday; the thousands who have died in those continuing floods in Asia, and unending volcanoes erupting in Chile, Canary Islands, El Hierro, etc.

 Wendy and Sarah:  Remember what Apostle Paul said in Bible prophecies: “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come (2 Timothy 3: 1).”  It looks like that time is upon the Earth now!  It is surely time to pray!

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Get Ready For Harsher Winter Weather This Year!

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 15:22 PM
November 10, 2011

 Before starting work on revolving earthquakes and volcanos with Sarah Newsworthy, I’ve asked Jael for a time to give additional warning about the soon-coming winter weather.  It will be harsh, much harsher than people may assume.

 And, just as in the recent experience of the early October blizzards in the Northeastern U.S. and in Europe, these storms may attack our communities without the usual weather notices, such as freezing temperatures beforehand.
 As James Madden, one of the meteorologists for, warns, there is  “a potentially record breaking US winter for 2011-2012 with extremely cold temperatures and exceptional levels of snow.”  Madden insists that increasing solar activity affects extreme weather patterns on Earth.  That ExcataWeather is a non-profit group of meteorologists around the world, backs Madden’s expertise.

 Pointing out that last year’s winter brought the coldest weather, the U.S. had seen in 30 years, Tim Konrad from points out that the “Eastern parts of the U.S. plunged to a record -50F with the Northeast of the U.S. also seeing records broken,” and other parts of the country were colder as well. 

 Konrad posits that below-normal temperatures reigned last winter in New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Minneapolis, etc. and that last January saw more snow in this country than ever recorded. That doesn’t bode well for this winter.

 His conclusions, however, ran counter to earlier National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) forecasts.  But NOAA now agrees that this coming winter will be colder and wetter, particularly in the Pacific Northwest.

 Like Konrad they point to a cooling La Nina in the Pacific as a major factor. And, also because of La Nina, the Pacific Decadal Oscillation pattern suggests that colder weather will pound the United States for “the next two to three decades.” 

 He writes:  “Our weather models . . . are currently showing a particularly harsh winter for many parts of the US during 2011-2012. Large parts of Central and North America will face below average temperatures with above average snowfall throughout this winter, with . . . . major snow events in Northeastern and Midwestern parts of the US throughout December 2011 and January 2012, that could see severe blizzard conditions.”

 Thus I ask our readers to please prepare for winter.  Remember what we warned previously:  winter is a time of death.  All the staff at Earth End-New Beginning, want you warm, safe and saved by The LORD Jesus Christ.  As John 3: 16 says, “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”  So stock-up on plus size christian sweatshirts, keep praying, and stay warm this winter!

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Time to Get the Beam Out of National Media’s Eyes

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:39 PM
November 9, 2011

 Yesterday’s New York Time did an exhausting study of what is happening to those now made refugees by the unprecedented months-long flooding in Thailand.  The edition even showed photos of exhausted citizens piled upon one another, trying to grab some sleep in the Bangkok airport.
 The story explores the new prime minister’s political difficulties:  “By many measures, Thailand is working at half speed. Flooding has shut more than 1,000 factories, and the government announced Tuesday that the reopening of public schools would be delayed by a week, to Nov. 21.  Stores across Bangkok are still short of supplies, including drinking water. . . . The government says 2.9 million people have been affected by the floods in a country of 65 million. ”

 In addition to repeated emphasis on some 500 killed by the floods,  there are human interest stories:  “One woman in a Bangkok suburb called in to a television program to appeal for baby formula for her infant. A news crew traveled nine hours down flooded roads to deliver the powder to the woman, who wept with gratitude.”

 But can anyone find news in The New York Times or any print media across the United States, or major television network, about how the citizens in this country are faring after going through, again unprecedented, fires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, snow storms etc.?  Are there any published photos of Americans huddled in temporary shelters, or crowded into neighbors’ homes?
 Are there any follow-up stories on how the thousands of people in Texas, Oklahoma, Vermont, Missouri, etc., are doing?  Where are they living and working while their homes are rebuilt?  Or will their homes and communities be rebuilt at all?  How many still live in trailers supplied by FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)?  How do they get to food and transportation?
 Can anyone produce published reports on how many jobs are temporarily or permanently lost because of natural disasters in this country this year?  Is there nation-wide reporting on the farm acreage that these disasters have destroyed in the last ten months?  How will farmers and ranchers manage production?  Do they receive subsidies from the government too?  How is their production replaced?

 And why has The New York Times, and other nationally noted newspapers, given more space and photographic coverage of people resisting the status quo in Europe and the Middle East, than it has to those in the Occupy Wall Street movement in hundreds of cities and towns across this country?  Is this not news control, rather than news coverage?  One can certainly ask why?

 Well has Jesus said in His Bible prophecies,  “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? (Matthew 7: 3).”  A mote is a speck of dust, but a beam is a large block of wood.  The media of this country must get the beam out of its own eyes first!

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New Emergencies, International ‘Shakings’ and End-time Readiness

posted by Newspaper Boys @ 17:03 PM
November 8, 2011

 HURRY!  HURRY! HURRY!  Get your latest news at Earth End-New Beginning about “earth shaking” weather and other disturbances happening around the world.  You don’t want to miss a day!  Hot off the Newspaper Boys and Girls, Intl., (NBGI) presses are these “shocking” reports from this blog’s reporters:

 Our delivery kids across the country are getting increasing reports that too many Americans don’t know that TOMORROW, November 9th, is the date that the federal government has set for a National Emergency Test.  And those who do know seem fearful of it.  Part of the Emergency Alert System to send different types of alerts and warnings across the country, the test is jointly conducted by Departments of Homeland Security, Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Communications Commission and National Weather Service.

 Also our Chief Editor, Jael Ever, has pulled Sarah Newsworthy temporarily off stories about flooding in the United States and abroad, and asked her to team with Wendy Weathersbee to cover new stories about increasing earthquakes around the world.  In this country those disturbing quakes include the states of Oklahoma, Arkansas and Oregon; and internationally, they will discuss earthquakes and their connections to volcanoes in and around:  Turkey, China, Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Italy, the Canary Islands, etc. 

 Meanwhile, Jael has Ally Feermeno digging into skullduggery that someone in the State Department misled Secretary Clinton about the number of jobs the much-contested Keystone XL Pipeline TransCanada would bring to the United States.   Ally will also continue her work on Nuclear Energy in Japan, India, the U.S. and other countries, and fracking, the fallout of drilling for natural gas.
 While Jael continues to work on current power failures and fiascos caused by deregulation and international ownership of America’s power grid, she has assigned Dr. Ad Versery Bored to work on research about the rising health care costs in this country rising from Global Warming disasters.  Also he will work with Maleekie Ambularie to report on old and new diseases around the globe.

 Ida Mae Wells, IV, is working on stories about the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and their connection to a coming world-wide financial collapse.
 And Jael has asked John and Jude––in addition to their prayer meetings and Prepare for Winter Series––to recruit an Extermination expert to cover the growing threats from bed bugs and underground mosquitoes in the U.S.  Moreover, Jael is seeking science reporters to write about the new dangers of exploding sunspots.

 We NBGI kids urge everyone to pray.  Our LORD said in Bible prophecies:  “And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven” (Luke 21: 11).  Amen!

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Get Ready for Winter in Old and New Fashion Ways

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 15:19 PM
November 7, 2011

 Wendy:  Hi John.  Thanks for inviting me to participate in your “Get Ready for Winter” series.  Americans need to understood that, regardless of how pleasant the weather may be on any given day this fall, a harsh stormy winter is coming.

 John: You’se welcums Wensdeys.  Buts afters readin’ yers blogs ‘bout Bulgaria and the U.Stern Easturn Coast, I’s gots a ‘newers idea:  Generators!

 Wendy:  Wonderful!  After that weird October snow fall, a lot of people are saying they are going to get their own generations for secure electrical power.

 John:  So how does dem work Wensdeys?  I hears they’s real hard to do.

 Wendy:  Well first, some of them are not as expensive as one might think.  Second, some are fueled by gasoline so they must remain outside.  Some of them are cheaper than one month’s traditional heating bill.  But, then they usually can’t power the whole house and they may last for only a few hours.  But the more expensive ones can run on your existing gas lines; they can power most things!

 John:  Wells jest hew mani bucks we’s talken’ bout Wensdeys?

 Wendy:  Commercial research shows they can run from about three hundred to three thousand dollars.  Any one should be at least 15 feet away from the house.

 John:  Yah dat sounds lak a lot a’bucks.  But conseder’ng dat Bea looseth ‘bout $ 300 froz’n foods wid evry out’ege, en ifen hers kids’ power’s outs too, dat’s enoth’r eighte sumthung a dey to stey ‘n dem motels, dem thangs all’s adds up!

 Wendy:  Yes, you are right John.  Consumer says “A growing number of hurricanes, tornadoes, ice storms, and other natural disasters in recent years have probably put preparedness” on everyone’s mind.  They advise to add generator power to three days supply of food and water for good preparedness.

 John:  Dat sounds lak good advising to me.  Whet ken da generators do?

 Wendy:  Models Consumer Reports tested provide between 2,800 and 6,600 watts that can power appliances and lights, but not heavy drains like air conditioning.  Also they advise to add up to $1,000 installation costs for more expensive stationary generators and at least $500 for a power-transfer switch to avoid running extension cords.  And remember it goes outdoors, not in basement.

 John:  Dag nabit Wensdeys, dis sunds lak a’s plan.  I’s callin’ Jude en da girls now.  We’s ‘ll come up wid a plan.  Maybe we’s try ta git a deal en tew or trea.

 Wendy:  Great idea John.  Let me know how it goes.  Meanwhile at the weather desk, we’ll keep researching good ways to prepare for winter.

 John:  En John 14: 3 – 4, Bible prophecies seys also to prepares fer Jesus, cause He’s preparin‘ fer usen’s too: “In My Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.  And, I will come again, and receive you unto Myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.”

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At Last, A Bit of Optimism for Good News Friday

posted by Jael Ever @ 16:56 PM
November 4, 2011

 Well at last we can give you a bit of Good News about the United States today.   Americans are using less gas, and the country has cut its carbon footprint down by seven percent.  And at least 83% of American people believe that Global Warming is real, and that the world is definitely getting warmer.  Ha!  Progress!

 Arguing that the U.S. does not need the gasoline that would result if officials allow the 1,711 mile pipeline for tar sands oil to travel from Canada across the United States, Earth Policy News reports the nation now uses at least five percent less gas than it did four years ago.

 That decline comes from several reasons:  1)  U.S. automobiles are smaller; 2) Americans simply are not driving as much; 3) The federal government mandates greater fuel efficiency; 4) Electric cars are finally catching on; 5) More people live in cities and use public transportation; 6) Cities now welcome walkers and bicycle riders; 7) And the government grants billions to cities for public transportation.

 Lester R. Brown of Earth Policy News also reports that the nation’s carbon emissions have gone done seven percent in four years, with emissions from coal use dropping ten percent, and from oil use down eleven percent.  Brown posits that the national Beyond Coal campaign and members of the Sierra Club have finally convinced Americans that coal is just too environmentally dangerous.   As older coal plants close, new and safer wind, solar and geothermal plants are opening.

 Even more good news:  Timothy Gardner of Reuters reports that now 83% of Americans believe that Global Warming is real.  Only 75% thought that was the case last year.  His polls further show that 72% of Americans now also believe that the increasingly warmer planet is caused by human activity.

 The American people are not stupid.  They, of course, look at the increasing number of weather disasters sweeping the states this year, including hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, rains and now snow storms.  Reuters has more than one poll to prove the point.  Moreover, one of those polls prove that the nation wants scientists, not politicians, to discuss these weather activities and preventions.

 And for that matter Tom Vandyck of Midwest Energy News, says that European media do a much better job of telling their public about Global Warming. “European journalists accuse their American counterparts of maintaining a false balance in their reporting, pretending climate science is still in doubt, and offering politicians cover for inaction.”  But American editors say that is changing!  Tree Hugger Brian Merchant adds that the more some politicians deny that Global Warming exists, the more the American public doesn’t believe them.

 Other Good News!  The King James Bible is 400 years old this year.  Let’s join London’s celebration with the wholesale Christian Bible and tell God: “Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path (Psalm 119: 105).”

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Expect More of the Same Extreme Weather Around the World

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 1:15 AM
November 4, 2011

International weather experts are issuing warnings that people around the world should get ready for the same type of extreme––and unexpected––weather that hit this country’s East Coast last weekend, as well as the unexpected snow storms that hit parts of Europe a few days before that, and the horrendous flooding still washing through Thailand.   Furthermore, areas around all parts of the globe report receiving the same unexpectedly strange weather patterns.

According to CBS News, in their meeting in Uganda next week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change will issue a danger-warning to expect more extreme unexpected weather––such as will not be normal for the seasons.  Moreover, the report will say that the costs of weather protection and rescue will rise, and that some locations will be “increasingly marginal as places to live.”
Just as Jael and the Earth End crew have been reporting for years, of course the culprit is, and will be, Global Warming, or that “there is at least a 2-in-3 probability that climate extremes have already worsened because of man-made greenhouse gases.”

Another example of unexpected and extreme weather is in South Asia.  A group of environmental scientists, led by Dr. Amato Evan from the University of Virginia have been studying patterns in cyclones in the Arabian Sea for some thirty years.  In the early years, that region only had two or three rather weak cyclones each season.

But about 12 years ago those storms began to excellerate in frequency and power.  In 1998, one cyclone killed some 3,000 people in Gujarat, India.  And in June of 2007,  a category five cyclone, called Gonu, killed 49 people in Oman and Iran.  In 2010, category four cyclone, named Phet, killed 26 victims in Pakistan and Oman.

According to Terra World Daily, man-made pollution in South Asia produces “brown cloud” particles that absorbs sunlight and becomes a source of heat to affect wind circulation and ocean temperatures, resulting in violent storms.

Dr. Anuuli Barnzai of the United States National Science Foundation insists that all of these factors now result in “highly destructive summer cyclones that were rare or non-existent in this monsoon region 30 or so years ago.”  He adds that Dr. Evan’s study illustrates the ways that human-caused massive air pollution in the region brings on this type of extreme weather that destroys people and property.

In that regard, Brother John and Dr. Ad Versery Bored ask me to remind everyone to stock up on plus size Christian sweatshirts as they prepare for winter.  They also add that stocking up on non-perishable foods, and extra-warm blankets, is now in order.  They also point to God’s Word which promises, “The earth is The Lord’s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein” (Psalm 24: 1).  So the safest place to be is to very close to Him.

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Still Fewer “Credible” Answers About 2.3 Million With No Power

posted by Jael Ever @ 17:29 PM
November 2, 2011

 Thousands of Americans sleeping on cots in shelters as they have no heat in their homes; others staying in shelters by day and returning to cold houses to wear ten layers of clothes as they huddle together at night; some 23 deaths caused by last weekend’s unbelievable October snow storm; state governors expressing their anger about slow responses from utility companies; and a million homes and businesses without power––and no one is telling the truth as to why!

 As if in one chorus, various governors from the Northeast say that utility companies are responding slower to this disaster than they did to Hurricane Irene.    They are of course under constant haranguing from very irate citizens.  And what does the federal government say in response?  The Department of Energy (DOE) sends out a non-high ranking “deputy assistant secretary” named Bill Bryan to visit distressed areas.  His excuse for such unbelievable lack of service?  The utility companies didn’t have enough time to get workers from other regions in place.

 Bryan told the Associated Press:  “When you know you’ve got a hurricane coming, part of the mutual assistance package is to pre-stage crews. So after the hurricane has come and gone, you already have crews on the outskirts ready to come in and start working.  This storm hit, and these crews were not mobilized.” His answer is both inadequate and incomplete.

 Don’t these people have telephones and computers?  How could weather services announce three days beforehand that this massive storm was coming, and utility companies not know?  Did the need to pay rescue crews coming from other states double time to work nights and weekends affect the slow responses?
 How much did individual utility companies accept or decline to pay for timely repair costs affect which states or areas would be served first?  Why is it that some homes and businesses will not have their utilities on until next week––which means they will have been without power for 10 days or more?  Why won’t the President or at least the Secretary of Energy respond to such an emergency?

 Ten years ago, then DOE Secretary, Bill Richardson told the truth!  “The deregulation process has changed the most fundamental concept of power generation in America. In the monopoly scheme, a utility has a clearly defined service area, and can identify the electrical demand and plan for generation accordingly. Investing in building new capacity to meet anticipated demand growth was one of the responsibilities that the utility incurred . . . Deregulation has abandoned this concept.”
 The LORD Jesus says in Bible prophecies that the truth sets people free (John 8: 32).  But He also says that truth must be acted upon (John 3:19 – 21).  Americans must demand truth about power to have governments to act upon it.

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