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Experts: Global Warming is Only Going to Get Worse!

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 20:06 PM
November 18, 2011

 Consensus from Nobel Prize-winning weather experts around the world is that dangerous “whacky,” weather is going to get unprecedentedly worse, and that world governments must prepare better for coming horrific weather onslaughts.

 At this week’s meeting of the 194-nation Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) in Kampala, Uganda, renown climate scientists and disaster authorities admit that rising temperatures from Global Warming will be accompanied with increasingly dire extreme weather cascading upon the Earth.

 The AFP International News Agency summarizes IPCC’s 20-page summary on climate change as:  “Southern Europe will be gripped by fierce heat-waves, drought in North Africa will be more common, and small island states face ruinous storm surges from rising seas. .  . cyclones, heat waves, diluvian rains, drought will hit the world unevenly. . . human settlement in some areas could be wiped out.”

 Maarten van Aalst, Director of the International Red Cross/Red Crescent Climate Centre in the Netherlands, told Set Borenstein of the Associated Press, “We need to be worried.  Risk has already increased dramatically.  And our response needs to anticipate disasters and reduce risk before they happen rather than wait until after they happen and clean up afterward.”
 Geoscientist Michael Oppenheimer from Princeton University told Borenstein, “Global warming is increasing the risk  of disaster and already makes dealing with several types of disaster, like heat waves, more difficult. The risk will become greater as the future gets hotter.  Governments are not doing a good job now protecting us from disaster in the current climate.”
 The full 800 page IPCC report includes observations that:  1) Western Europe is at risk from more frequent heat waves, in particular along the Mediterranean rim, causing deaths exceeding the 70,000 in 2003; 2) The United States and the Caribbean will face hurricanes amplified by heavier rainfall and increased wind speeds; 3) Greater population density in exposed areas, rising property values, and inadequate infrastructure all mean greater vulnerability; 4)Rising sea levels, eroding shorelines, and poisonous aquifers will destroy living areas and farm lands; 5)  Some areas will have to be permanently evacuated, even cities in developed regions of the world, such as Canada, Russia and Greenland, might have to move because of weather extremes and rising sea levels.

 Our Bible teacher, Rev. Repriestly, President of the International Association of Truth-Telling Women Journalists, always points to the many Bible prophecies about Global Warming, such as: “. . . what meaneth the heat of this great anger . . . devoured with burning heat” (Deuteronomy 29:24; 32: 24); “. . . men were scorched with great heat (Revelation 16: 9),” etc. that all IATTWJ members well-understand that if there ever was a time to pray––this is it!

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