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Rising Health Care Costs Coming From Global Warming

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 14:39 PM
November 17, 2011

 Jael has asked me to write a blog about the more than $ 14 billion dollars Global Warming has added to health costs in the United States.  Researchers now reveal that expenditures for medical attention have not been included in national estimates of property damages and insurance costs stemming from the many hurricanes, wild fires, floods, air pollutions, heat waves, etc. and resulting diseases.

 Health Affairs Journal has published an urgently important article, “Six Climate Change–Related Events In The United States Accounted For About $14 Billion In Lost Lives And Health Costs.” Five scientists reviewing annual medical costs, prove that losses from Global Warming are grossly underestimated.

 Dr. Kim Knowlton of Columbia University, Senior Scientist for the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and spokesperson for this study, states:  “Right now, there’s a gaping hole in our understanding of the health-related costs of climate change. This report begins the work to fill that void. Only by having a clear sense of health impacts and their costs, can we work to reduce them.”

 Researchers estimate that in almost a decade there have been some 1,700 premature deaths, nine thousand  hospitalizations, 21,000 emergency room visits and at least seven hundred thousand outpatient visits, totaling three-quarters of a million health care encounters in this country initiated by Global Warming.

 Knowlton adds:  “These numbers are big, and it’s important that we begin to think about and address these health costs and what climate change is likely to mean for people’s health.”  She could say as well, “for their life expectancy.”

 An additional problem is that the government does not keep accurate account of mounting health care costs coming from climate change.  Because only 13 states now include public health measures in their Global Warming adaptation plans, Congresswoman Lois Capps (D-CA) has proposed the Climate Change Health Protection and Promotion Act.  It would require the government to design national reporting mechanisms as health care workers respond to climate change disasters.

 In 2008, NRDC commissioned a report concluding that non-medical costs in all parts of the world from Global Warming would total some $ 1.9 trillion dollars by the end of the century.  British economist Nicholas Stern says that it could be as much as five percent of the $ 63 trillion gross national product of all nations.

 Of course Jael has given my name as an alias.  But the doctors in our families working around the globe know that the tremendous health care costs caused by Global Warming is not a joke.  We, as Christian medical personnel, are well aware of Bible prophecies which explain that for some ailments there are no healing medicines (Jeremiah 30: 13), and when that time comes the End-Time Judgments foreseen in the Book of Revelations are at hand.

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New and Old Diseases in Nations Around the World, Part 2

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 1:52 AM
November 17, 2011

In addition to Dengue Fever which we discussed yesterday, severalvother diseases swirling around the earth today are transferred by insects. These include Chagas, Sleeping Sickness, Encephalitis, Itching Disease, and Malaria.  Modern migration patterns make news about insect infections vital for the United States.

We mentioned malaria yesterday, but we ran out of space and time before going into detail.  An article titled, “Analysis Reveals Malaria as Ancient, Adaptive and Persistent Foe,” says that researchers at Ohio State University verify that malaria has been on earth for some 15 million years ago.  Known as the culicine mosquito, a type of Plasmodium malaria infected birds unknown eons ago.

A report published in American Entomologist, outlines the presence of several human diseases–including malaria, leishmaniasis and trypanosomiasis–as existing for 100 million years, suggesting that they will not be easily defeated.

Another sickness  coming from mosquito bites is Encephalitis.  The BBC says that this year some 400 victims, mainly children, have died in an outbreak of viral Encephalitis in northern India.  A doctor told the BBC, this is a “tragedy beyond imagination.”  Since the first case in 1978, this disease has killed some 6,000 children. It comes generally during monsoon flooding when a lack of sanitation and contaminated water provides breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Predominately found in Latin America, Chagas is spread by an insect known as the kissing bug, because it feeds on the face of its sleeping victim.  When the victim awakes, it rubs feces from the bite into eyes, mouth, etc., and the parasite then enters the bloodstream.  Chagas can also spread through blood transfusions, organ transplants or contaminated food.

Medical News Today reports:  “Up to 25% of people in Latin America may be infected with Trypanosome cruzi, the parasite that causes Chagas disease.”  This bug is also related to the insect that causes sleeping sickness in Africa.

Relatedly, the World Health Organization states that there are 70,000 cases of sleeping sickness each year in eastern, central and western Africa.  This disease is spread from cattle to people through the tsetse fly.  Without treatment this parasite causes sleep disturbance, convulsions, and comas, leading to death.

We have not covered the Yellowtail moth’s spread of the Caripito itch disease in French Guiana, or the vicious bedbugs back in the U.S., but we will get to them at a later date.  For now we must point out that Bible prophecies in the Book of Exodus point to the Jews’ escape from Egypt as a crucial example of end-time judgment.  More than once, God attacked Egyptians enslaving Israel with massive swarms of deadly insects.  The two of us see these infectious diseases, caused by insects around the world, as the first warning strike of the last apocalypse!

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