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More Whacky Weather: Abnormal Snow Storms, Volcanoes etc.

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 18:37 PM
November 11, 2011

 Wendy:  Sarah it is my privilege to work with such a stupendous reporter on joint projects about whacky weather and Earth’s disturbances all over the globe. 
 Sarah:  Likewise Wendy.  Please allow me to welcome you to the Earth End family.  Well, I see we have another strange assortment of weather havoc to cover.

 Wendy:  Yes.  Its hard to be believe that a state like Alaska, so use to snow storms, could be hit with this week’s unusually violent one.  The National Weather Service is on alert as this storm from the Bering Sea pounds Alaska’s West coast.

 L.A. Times labels these storms:  white-out blizzards with brutal winds.  The Associated Press adds, “hurricane-force winds knocking out power, ripping up roofs and forcing some residents to board up their windows and seek high ground.” Also dead phone lines and downed towers leave many without emergency help.
 “This is a storm of epic proportions,” said meteorologist Jeff Osiensky with the National Weather Service. “We not out  of the woods with this.” Winds, moving as fast as 89 mph, shook buildings like earthquakes.  With construction built on permafrost, most buildings do not have foundations that can withstand such winds.

 Under these types of conditions, Terra Daily reports that some residents have been ordered to evacuate their homes because of the storms and potential flooding.  In fact, AFP International News adds that governments ordered the entire village of Gullivan, near Nome, to move to higher ground.

 Sarah:  Unbelievable!  Any research on what causes such upending storms?

 Wendy:  Well for one thing, it is early in the season and the coasts have not yet built up the usual protective ice cover.  Then Brett Israel of Our Amazing Planet writes:  “The storm is the product of warm air in the Pacific Ocean tapping into the cold air off Siberia, picking up speed in a jet stream near there and then intensifying as it moved into the Bering Sea.”  He also points out that this storm stretches some 1,000 feet over sea water resulting in waves 10 feet above normal.

 Sarah:  Wendy, with any reasons given, we both know it is Global Warming. Even three years ago, scientists reported that Global Warming had so increased temperatures in the Bering Sea that wildlife there cannot survive––and that is in an area where half of the seafood sold in the United States comes from.  The Arctic area feeding the Bering Sea is even warming at twice the average global rate.

 Wendy:  Sarah, we must report more on this galloping whacky weather.

 Sarah:  Yes, we must cover additional earthquakes in Turkey, Greece and the Philippines yesterday; the thousands who have died in those continuing floods in Asia, and unending volcanoes erupting in Chile, Canary Islands, El Hierro, etc.

 Wendy and Sarah:  Remember what Apostle Paul said in Bible prophecies: “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come (2 Timothy 3: 1).”  It looks like that time is upon the Earth now!  It is surely time to pray!

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