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Diseases, Protests, ‘Nuc’ Export, Animal Invasions, Autumn ALL NEWS

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October 11, 2011

 Hurry!  Hurry!  Hurry! Get the latest and best coverage of urgent news here at Earthend-Newbeginning.  Our writers pull no punches, and live under no earthly controls.  We report the news about survival of all live on earth.  For instance:

 Editor-in-chief, Jael Ever asked Sarah Newsworthy to write a series, “Nature Out of Whack,” covering trees that refuse to shed their leaves even in mid-October, walruses invading Alaska because their regular sea homes have melted away, and Florida’s “honor” of having more invasive species than any other place on earth. Meanwhile, Sarah still keeps an eye on flood repair progress on the East Coast.

 Of course, Ally Feermeo is keeping her eye on the dangers of nuclear power in the United States. But now Jael asked her to explore Japan’s new nuclear plan.  Since Japanese citizens will not tolerate any more nuclear power, the huge corporations that built those plants––that in fact failed the tests of earthquakes and tsunamis––now plans to export their nuclear power “skills” to other countries.

 We became an international news carriers association so we could help our reporters gather news around the world.  When our new members told us about a cholera outbreak in the Central African Republic, we let Maleekie Ambularie know. She was working on a story about the rise of new smallpox and polio cases in several countries.  But when she looked into the cholera cases, she found that this disease was up throughout Africa. So look for her report on our blog site soon.
 But wait.  Don’t Go!  We are still on our front page! Jael pulled Ida B. Wells, IV, off her research about urban  violence, and sent her among Occupy Wall Street protesters.  Ida has reams of interview statements from those marching in various cities around the country.  Make sure you don’t miss these vital interesting reports.

 And John, Jude and the gang are still working to get more food for starving families in Somalia.  We turned all the coins we had collected over to them.  They have also written politicians in Washington to get more funds going over there.  They are also expanding their work on money-saving ideas for winter.

 Also important for winter savings and safety, Jael is still working on ownership of utility companies in this country. She is looking into new record earthquakes in the Canary Islands––something not reported in regular media.  And she keeps in touch with all of our different groups to make sure we are on our toes. 

 Us kids still take correspondence courses from Rev. Repriestly.  She sends internet lessons to us and our news carriers overseas.  Her members of the International Association of Truth Telling Women Journalists brought all of us a great Jesus design wholesale Christian sweatshirt to wear this fall and winter.  Remember Brother Paul tells us “Whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of The Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him” (Colossians 3: 17). So that’s our motto!  We hope you make it yours too!

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