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Massive October Snow Fall: Many Questions, Few Answers

posted by Jael Ever @ 18:29 PM
October 31, 2011

 Some things don’t make sense.  Why is it that Wendy Weathersbee reported here last Friday that an unprecedented massive snow storm was hitting the East Coast, and those charged with protecting the public did not seem to  know? 

 Why were utility companies so unprepared for this pending storm horror, when even this blog site knew?  Why has it taken so long to lob down the limbs of trees in the path of electrical wires, BEFORE winter starts––whether that winter comes in October, November or December?
 How could air traffic controllers allow Jet Blue to fly into airports already filled with snow and ice?  How can that airline allow customers to sit seven hours with no food and unsanitary bathroom conditions?  Where was the help?

 Moreover:  Why are electric lines in the eastern United States still not underground.  Why is something so essential to residential and business survival left in the hands of so many private companies?  How, in some situations, can one company own the electrical lines and another company own the wire poles?

 How in the name of anything that makes sense should 1.8 million Americans sit in the cold for days without lights or heat in what is said to be the greatest country on earth?  Who are the state and federal regulators in charge of these utility companies?  Why is such neglect deemed acceptable by those regulators?  Who holds these regulators accountable?  Would that be the governors of Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey?  Why is there so much mystery around profit-making utility companies?  Why are many of them foreign owned? Shouldn’t something this important be under accountable control?

 Most areas in the Western part of the country already have underground wiring.  How can a country that rebuilt Europe after World War II, that fights wars all over the world, that gives away millions in “foreign aid,” allow almost two million of its citizens to live under such unsafe conditions––especially when everyone knows it will happen again and again this winter?  And that when just about everyone knows it could all be solved by underground wiring?

 Experts explain that underground wiring can be obtained in these areas within ten years––all it takes is the will!  In “Advantages of Undergrounding Utilities,” Don Buckner, of, insists that the entire East Coast can have underground wiring within ten years.  Patrick Mass in “Should the U.S. Electric Grid be Underground?” agrees.  But he explains that the change would need federal government subsidies.  So maybe now we must give to ourselves?

 The LORD Jesus Christ gave several Bible prophecies about hidden policies:  “. . . there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; and hid, that shall not be known (Matthew 10: 26).”  People’s health should not be sacrificed because truths are hidden.  It is time to pray that facts about utility services are uncovered.

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Historic October Snow Storm Coming to Upper East Coast

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 1:17 AM
October 29, 2011

For the second time in two weeks Jael Ever has had to pull the Good News Friday stories.  This time it is to warn our readers that a historic October snow and rail storm is headed for the upper East Coast this weekend.  Predicted to be the worse early winter storm that has hit this area in 100 years, it will start late tomorrow afternoon and last through the weekend.

The storm will start out as rain but as it moves closer up coast line, it will turn to heavy, very wet snow falls.  According to CBS News and Extinction Protocol, “This storm will be so intense it should be able to overcome these typical October atmospheric issues and draw down very cold air from aloft.”

Higher elevations in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, the Berkshires and several of the mountain areas above 1,000 feet in elevation in New England could well receive six to ten inches of snow from this cold front.

Jason Samenow of the Washington Post agrees with these forecasts.  He says this early whacky weather has already begun:  “Snow has already begun at Wintergreen Resort and Hot Springs in west central Virginia and a mix of sleet and cold rain has been reported in Blacksburg and Roanoke, where temperatures are in the mid-30s.”  In addition, he writes, heavy winds will add to the storms’ pressures.

These quirky shifts in weather from warm autumn to winter snow hit Europe earlier this month.  As late as ten days ago weather had been as high as 82 degrees Fahrenheit in Bulgaria, and then a sudden winter storm hit the area.  Unprepared for such harsh weather this time of year, hundreds of people were stranded in their cars and waited as much as 10 hours, stuck in snowdrifts.  One man, age 73, died on the way to the hospital, after being stranded in the woods where he was chopping wood.   Scores of people were missing at last report.  Rail transportation was halted, schools were closed and 600 villages were without power.

Moreover, P. Gosselin, of, and meteorologist Dominik Jung, add that experts forecast a “Shivering Winter” for Central Europe this year.    June states:  “Already during the last three years it was up to 2°C colder than the average. If that happens again this year, which we believe it will, then it would be the fourth cold winter . . . it will be especially cold in Southern Germany.”      Gosselin extends the news to Great Britain, which “had its coolest summer in 20 years and a number of butterflies died off as a result.”  And Jung puts the onus for this strange summer and winter weather squarely on Global Warming.

Symbolically, winter is a time of death.  New Testament writers explain that this is the season to stop activity and rest.  Only modern society treats winter as a time for usual working days and nights.  Apostle Paul writes in 2 Timothy 4: 21, “Come before winter. . .” which many Christian messages interpret as an urgent call for the unsaved to accept Christ as Savior NOW as death approaches!

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No Eat Cantaloupe, Wait on Ground Turkey, Dress Up Tight!

posted by Dr. Ad Versery Bored @ 18:45 PM
October 27, 2011

 I thank Dr. Jael and Minister Repriestly for asking me to join their staff.  I have for some time been reading Earth End and wanted to get involved in their reporting. These are absolutely important times for healthy and safe living, and my highest degrees in eschatologicalespistologicalgroenistic medicines, as well as in food diets and botomology, as well as publications in Serious Med Journals Plus provide my credentials.  Here are some rules for health and diet today:

 No. 1 – Don’t eat cantaloupe. No way, No how!  Producers and governments try to limit the range to some 26 states.  But apparently food processors and governments have no idea just where all these fruits, contaminated with the deadly listeriosis germ, from Colorado’s Jensen Farms, have gone.

 According to Reuters News Agency, “In a warning letter to Jensen Farms on October 18, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said testing turned up widespread Listeria contamination at its Granada, Colorado, packing plant, which ‘indicates poor sanitary practices in the facility.’”

 As of today 28 people have died from this listeriosis outbreak, and another 133 are very ill––and some of those in states not listed among the 26 states.  No, putting this fruit in the ‘frige’ or washing or peeling it is not good enough.  Even if you have already eaten some, throw the rest away.  This deadly illness can take up to two months or more to manifest itself.  So to stay safe, get it out of the house!

 No. 2 – Regardless of what the new public relations ads say, wait on buying or eating ground turkey.  Recent federal government news releases show that ground turkey was recalled earlier this year in July, August and again in September.  When in fact, according to Atlanta’s Star 94 FM news staff, illnesses linked to ground turkey even go back to March of this year.

 In an August 24th press release, updated on September 11th and 27th, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announces that “the Salmonella Heidelberg outbreak strain” in tested ground turkey “is resistant to ampicillin, gentamicin, streptomycin, and tetracycline”––meaning it is difficult to cure.  The meat comes from Cargill Meat Solutions Corporation in Springdale, Arkansas.

 As of August 2nd, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 76 people have been sickened by this meat and one person has died.  Yet, so far, USDA has not officially recalled this product, nor have they issued a statement that it is now safe to eat it.  Until one of those things happen:  Wait!  Don’t Buy!  Beware of new advertisements promoting “healthy” turkey burgers. 

 I understand that John and his crew will cover winter preparedness, so for now I say, get the layered clothing out, including plus size Christian sweatshirts, and wear them!  Also I say remember that God wants “above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth (3 John 1: 2).  Amen!

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Conference Call: These Times Call for Emergency Action

posted by Uncle John @ 13:18 PM
October 26, 2011

 John: Alsright younses I’s called alls sher ‘gether for dis sher mergncy meet. We’s git prayers askens from evryone – dems news boys en gurls, dis sher Wendy Weathersbee, Maleekie ‘bout des sick peoples, Sarah’s beggin dat we’s pray for the U.S., Ally Feermeno asken urgent prayen fer nuckelar safety, Ida Wells ‘bout dem kids protesten agin new poverties en urs countres, en Jael’s job o keepin it tagether.

 Jude:  So we’s must git da prayen!  I’s call meetins en my place Mondeys, Tusdeys en Fraydeys.  En I’s keepin’ da Earth End-New Beginning prayen’ list.  Bea: En I’s got da Lades Auxilery Gills comin ta mines place fer prayen evry Tusdeys en Saturdeys efternons.  Jude’s geven me da list en I tells em lades what we’s ta pray fer.  I tells em we’s ain’t got no mo times for flowers en stuff!

 John:  Da’s good.  Da’s good.  Maybelline en Ethel al’s got repertin’?

 Maybelline:  I’s sure do.  I’s told da thar pastor, I means I ask’d em nice-like if ours church culd ples gets back to Wednesday night prayen.  I told em ‘bout Jael en dem’s Earth-End peoples en how dey needen help en prayen.  He’s seyen o.k. so now we’s en da hollow prays evry Wednesdey evenin’ en Friday nit too efter choir practice.  I’s gittin ours girls ‘gether aft noontim’ fer prayen too!

 Ethel:  Da’s good ideas. Da’s good ideas.  Well I’s gon out en da neighborhod, en got dem moders and granmoders da come da mines house eber day fer prayen et two da four.  En Friday nit’s we’s pray till da Lord seys to stop! Dis country en da world es en trouble, but des don’t see or nos et.

 John:  Oh my!  Des es alls soo wunderful.  So lit’s use dis phone time to prays agin too!  “Der Lawd, we’s come agin da esk You’s da fergive ourses sins ‘bout not prayen haryd en ernest fer al des yars.  We’s now try’en da change.

 Jude:  En Lawd we’s dank ya fer dis shar prayen folk comin’ t’gether on dis phone time.  Lawd we’s pray agin des diseases killin da chillen en poor folks o’er seas.  We’s ask Ya ta plese heal da chillin’ en plese stop dis sher plague jus lik Ya did fer Moses and dem otheren en da Bible.  We’s depends on Ya Father da heal!

 Bea:  Yas!  En Pa Pa we’s needs morse funds fer sendin’ da docs en nurse peples o’re dhere fer medecins en do send morse needen work ens.  Plese Lawd!

 Maybelline:  Yas Sir!  Der Lawd plese wakes ups mo’ o des churches da prayen’ Sir.  I prays wid John asken Ya to fergive des no prayen churches, and askin’ You’se do plese lite en fires under them. Fathar, plese wake ‘em ups!

 Ethel:  Fathar Youse tells us da go da ‘dem hiways en biways en makes em peoples comes da Youse prayen da be sav’d.  Plese helps us Fathar.  Youse Bible prophecies seys Youse comin’ soon.  Lawd we’s can’t gits ready without Youse.

 John:  En all God’s chillen says ‘Ahsmen!’  O.K. let’s reperts tomorrew, sim’ tim’ fer praying.  Sees ya all den!  Keeps et it, en keeps prayen’.  Fer eber.  Amen!

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Turkey: More Dead, 1/3 Thailand Flooded, New Atlantic Hurricane, ++

posted by Wendy Weathersbee @ 18:01 PM
October 25, 2011

  While much of the United States and the Western world seemed safe from natural attacks in the last few weeks, the same cannot be said for the rest of the world.  News is trickling out on the soaring number of deaths in Turkey’s recent earthquake.  And it appears that Thailand may well be washed away despite its valiant fight against unrelenting floods.  Even so, the Atlantic ocean could be stirring up a threat to the U.S. with approaching Hurricane Rina.

 Most news analyst concur that Turkey greatly underestimates the number of deaths caused by the 7.2mg earthquake that hit there two days ago.  The blog claims that over 700 will be found dead.  But Reuters upped that number to over 1,000.  News analysts base those more dire estimates on well-known poor construction standards of tall buildings in that country.

 Most of the affected population is also endangered as thousands now sleep outside in freezing temperatures. Is Turkey denying outside help because it does not want the world to know that, although it now claims first-world status, many of its citizens still live in mud homes that cannot sustain such natural disaster?

 The president of Thailand announced an official five-day holiday, through the end of the month to allow residents to escape the flooding closing in on Bangkok, the nation’s capitol.  Some residents have been moved several times when flood waters collapse supposedly safe protective structures.  Exclusive reports from Extinction Protocol claim the crisis in Thailand is mounting because over one-third of the nation is now underwater.

 Perhaps the U.S. will not have reprieve much longer.  Hurricane Rina is snaking her way toward the East coast through the Caribbean, Cuba and the Gulf.  Several cruise ships have rerouted Caribbean cruises as far away from the storm as possible.  Mexico issued a Hurricane watch as Rina strengthened to a Category 2.

 But perhaps for weather-wise news, more interesting than Mt. Etna’s erupting, or the 7.6 earthquake off New Zealand’s coast, or the massive under sea volcano explosions, is David Cutler’s article for Reuters about the number of high-level earthquakes increasing each year.  In most years, there was only one major earthquake in some land mass of the world.  In 2010 quakes  hit Haiti and Chile.  But this year, there have been three: in New Zealand, Japan and now Turkey.
 Three times, in Matthew 24: 7, Mark 13: 8 and Luke 21: 11, The LORD Jesus issued Bible prophecies that multiple earthquakes in various places were a sign of the end times.  And closely related to earthquakes are the shakings of these massive volcanoes threatening around the globe.  Undoubtedly, Planet Earth is now in turmoil.  What better time will there be for Christians to kneel in serious prayer?

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Dead Shark Fin Soup: What Comes Around Keeps Coming Around

posted by admin @ 18:46 PM
October 24, 2011

 Over a year ago, we and other blogging sites, lit up the internet with stories against the world-wide habit of slicing the fins off of live sharks––in order to make Shark Fin Soup––and then throwing the suffering animals back in the oceans.
 That soup is a mainstay in Asian, Pacific Ocean and Latin American countries, particularly in China.  It is also a delicacy in Asian restaurants and grocery stores in the United States.  The fins are claimed to be medicinal as well.

 This month, California banned  the sale, purchase and possession of shark fins.  To lessen outcries from Asian-American populations in that state, the bill allows restaurants to serve any remaining stock of shark fin products.  The bill also permits the continuance of conventional shark fishing in California.

 On a federal level, President Obama signed new laws to tighten a long-standing ban against shark fining in federal waters.  Hawaii, Oregon, Washington states and the Guam territory already ban the practice of shark fining.

 When signing the ban against shark fin killing and soup serving, California Governor Brown said:  “Researchers estimate that some shark populations have declined by more than 90 percent, portending grave threats to our environment and commercial fishing. In the interest of future generations, I have signed this bill. . .  The practice of cutting the fins off of living sharks and dumping (the carcass) back in the ocean is not only cruel, but it harms the health of our oceans.”
 Greg Lucas wrote for Reuters earlier this month:  “The lucrative market for shark fin, which can sell for upwards of $600 per pound, has increased the practice of “finning.”  A bowl of shark fin soup sells for as much as $ 350 each, when in fact the fins, which are usually dried, don’t add flavor, merely texture to the soup!

 Likewise, Michael Winter, entered a piece late last week in USA Today titled “2,000 Sharks Slaughtered For Fins Off Columbia.”  At least 10 fishing trawlers bearing the Costa Rican flag left thousands of hammerhead, galapagos and whale shark carcasses in the Malpelo, waters trawlers illegally entered in the first place.   Columbia and Costa Rica promise stiff prosecution of these lawbreakers.

 While many Asian-Americans label California’s ban racist, and other sites claim that shark fining is killing an estimated 100 to 200 million sharks a year.  At that rate these animals will soon be extinct.  Those who shout racism, claim that not one shark is as yet on the endangered species list.

 My point is, at Earth End-New Beginning, we have been through all of this before, and, now that Chinese and other Asians have more money to spend for delicacies, shark fin fishing has only gotten worse.  Apparently––like tiger farms, poaching elephants for tusks, and pushing carbon poison into the air––man’s law cannot stop such greed.  Only God’s law can.  Thus, I join Apostle John in Bible prophecies, who cries, even so come quickly LORD Jesus (Revelation 22: 12)!

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Special News! Urgent! Earthquakes Shake Round the World!!

posted by Newspaper Boys @ 17:34 PM
October 21, 2011

 Editor Alert!  Jael Ever has ordered us to issue this headline:  “Earthquakes rattling around the world!  Experts alarmed.”  Her news outlets and reporters from several sources in the last week, have warned of mild to serious earthquake shakings!  She says, “Those reports increased significantly yesterday.”  And several of these quakes or swarms of quakes have been around volcano areas.

 The Extinction Protocol 2012 site asserts: “Magma plume thermal kineticism is a sign the Earth is now moving towards the spectrum of catastrophic geological upheaval––A EPOCHAL SHIFT THAT WILL HAVE PROFOUND IMPLICATIONS FOR ALL LIFE FORMS ON THE PLANET.” (Our caps added).

 For instance the Bay Area News Group says that two moderate earthquakes hit the San Francisco area yesterday.  The first was earlier in the day and had a six mile depth and was between a 4.2 and 3.8 magnitude (mg).  The second quake shook near the U.C. Berkeley campus––which is built on the Hayward Fault––at 8: 16 at night and measured between 4.0 and 3.8 mg.

 That News Group reports: “The temblor created a large jolt in San Francisco’s Civic Center area, Nob Hill, Richmond District, and Haight-Ashbury neighborhood and was felt in parts of the region including Danville, Palo Alto, Oakland and Berkeley. It also created 15-minute delays system-wide on BART until about 8:45 p.m.”  Extinction Protocol adds to that news with: “A swarm of more than 700 earthquakes have struck near the small Sierra County, Calif., community of Sierraville since August.”

 At the same time, scores of quakes were also felt in the California, Texas, Nevada and Mexico areas.  The U.S. Geological Survey lists a 3.8, 3.3, 3.0,  mg in Guadeloupe Victoria, Mexico; 3.2 mg near Mammoth Lakes, CA; 4.0 mg 8 miles outside of Ludlow, CA; 3.1 mg 19 miles east of Julian, CA: 3.5 12 miles north of Hiko, NV; 4.0 mg 25 miles north of Toms Place, CA, etc.

 Also in this country, The Extinction Protocol says that U.S.G.S. confirmed that a 4.8 mg hit 50 miles south of San Antonio.  They have also issued urgent news that a swarm of quakes, some as large as 4.5 mg, have shaken the area around the Mauna Kea volcano in Hawaii.

 Jael has reports of: 10 earthquakes in Italy today , some as high as 4.2 mg.; measuring as high as 5.3 mg in India; 6.1 mg in Japan; and in the last few weeks quakes have been felt in the Canary Islands, Papua New Guinea, Australia, Indonesia, China, Turkey, Afghanistan, Guatemala, Peru, Tajikistan, Guam, etc.

 Our association puts this edition out immediately.  We call around the world for prayer and fasting alerts.  We remind us all of what The Lord Jesus said about earthquakes in Bible prophecies (Matthew 24: 7, Mark 13: 8, Luke 21: 11).  News warning of epochal geological upheaval means it that it is now time to pray!!

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Old and New Diseases Attack Everywhere, Part 2

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 17:49 PM
October 20, 2011

 Continuing our report from the last blog, “New and Old Diseases Trotting Around the Globe At Will.”  Many of these diseases mutate into more dangerous forms.  Examples are drug-resistant Staphylococcus––which could be starting an epidemic in Europe––encephalitis, and very stubborn forms of cholera.
 Extinction Protocol warned two days ago:  “A relatively new type of drug-resistant Staphylococcus aureus could represent the world’s next bacterial epidemic.”  The superbug, first seen in a baby in a pig farmers family in the Netherlands 11 years ago, is labeled methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strain 398, or MRSA ST398.

 Health officials now see more dangerous infections in both the Netherlands and Denmark, and some of the victims have no connection with pigs.  Lance B. Price, Director of the Center for Macrobiotics and Human Health at The Translational Genomics Research Institute in Flagstaff, Arizona, states:  “The rate of human [ST398] infections is going up . . . We are just looking at the beginning of an epidemic.”

 And the problem could well be coming to the United States.  Price says that MRSA ST398 was found this year in at least half of the pigs and farmers tested in Iowa.  Further, Price laments that this bug is increasingly resistant to known antibiotics.  He says:  “In fact, even now, methicillin-resistant Staph aureus kills more people in the U.S. than HIV.”
 Encephalitis attacks are on the rise as well.  A viral encephalitis outbreak in India has killed more than 400 people, mostly children.  So far over two thousands people are in hospitals in the regions of Gorakhpur and Uttar Pradesh.

 Again, this reinforced disease has been killing children in India since 1978.  With some 6,000 children now dead, health officials are stress that areas endangered by monsoon floods, lack of sanitation, contaminated water and subsequent mosquitoes must have better government health protection.

 Various news agencies now blend severe outbreaks of ordinary flu with that of swine flu.  Kim Lyell of ABC News published the sad news yesterday that “Flu Cases Soar  Across Australia,” in search information on Swine Flu, reports:  “Doctors have reported a spike in influenza cases across Australia, with 25,000 confirmed cases  . . . It is the highest number this decade apart from the swine flu epidemic two years ago.”

 As we said yesterday, believers must lean more on Bible prophecies which promise that Jesus bore our sickness and diseases so that we can be healed (Matthew 8: 17, 10: 1, etc.).  God includes these promises in His Holy Word!

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New and Old Diseases Trotting Around the Globe At Will

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 22:33 PM
October 19, 2011

Health officials sound alarm that diseases long thought contained–as well as new virus-ridden attacks–are springing up around the world.  Polio, new and old strains of Swine and Bird Flu, drug-resistant Staphylococcus, cholera, encephalitis, some in very threatening numbers, around the world.

After years of assuming it had been eradicated, health officials are astounded that polio has broken out in the Africa and Asia.  After declaring that its country was polio free, China has started a massive vaccination campaign against the disease.  Because polio is easily spread from one child to another, China health workers are giving children polio vaccinations in homes, schools, transportation centers, where ever they can be found.

Helen Briggs, BBC News Health Editor, says: “Genetic studies show the virus came across the border from neighboring Pakistan. Polio still has a foothold in Pakistan, along with three other countries – India, Afghanistan and Nigeria.”  But the site,, adds the nations of Central Africa Republic, Chad, Angola, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to that list.

Moreover, a new strain of Swine Flu has emerged.  This one is known as H3N2.  At last report, three victims in Pennsylvania and one in Indiana, have been sickened by it.  According to John Tudor, a microbiologist at Florida’s St. Joseph’s University, reveals:  “All of the cases involved children who were exposed to pigs, or were exposed to other people who had contact with pigs.”  He insists, however, that there is no evidence that H3N2 can travel from human to human.

The better known H1N1 Swine Flu has swept through Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, in the first two weeks of this month.   At last report some 32 people have been diagnosed.  International health officials are keeping an eye on that country because two years ago some 2,300 people were infected there and 11 died.
Even more startling, Reuters reporter Stephanie Nebehay, issued the news just this week that, “A cholera epidemic sweeping through west and Central Africa, one of the biggest in the vast region’s history, has infected more than 85,000 people, killing at least 2,466 so far this year.”

She quotes, United Nation’s spokeswoman Marixie Mercado:  “The virulent diarrhea disease is spreading quickly along waterways between and within countries, causing an ‘unacceptably high’ rate of fatalities . . . The size and the scale of the outbreaks mean the region is facing one of the biggest epidemics in its history.”

With Jael’s permission, I should add to this report tomorrow. Between now and then I call on Rev. Repriestly’s network, and Brother John’s prayer groups to please pray.  More Christians must get to the work that Bible prophecies assign: “. . . to heal all manner of sickness and all manner of disease (Matthew 10: 1).”  We may be in a day when medical systems alone cannot hold back this tide!

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From No Nuks, To Exporting Nuks, to Continuing Radiation

posted by admin @ 19:06 PM
October 18, 2011

 I finished what I thought was the final story on Japan’s nuclear energy program a few days ago and asked the editorial board to schedule it.  The topic was to be the brilliant idea Japanese corporations had set forth––to export their nuclear energy technology by building plants in other countries.
 But last week, I pulled that story out of schedule, because a new horror in Japan’s nuclear experience arises:  Volunteer citizens have found nuclear hot spots around Tokyo, the capital city, which is suppose to be 160 miles away from the disaster zone in Fukushima.  Such high radiation is much hotter than national and local government officials had reported.  Thus, a private citizens group calling themselves the Radiation Defense Project, began testing for radiation on their own.

 One volunteer, Takeo Hayashida, when measuring a level of radioactive cesium near where his son plays baseball equal to the levels found near Russia’s Chernobyl––took the dramatic step of moving his family some 370 miles away from Tokyo.  Radiation levels similar to Chernobyl have been found in 22 of the 132 areas that the citizens tested. 

 Just as in Chernobyl, Japan’s government downplays the possibilities of radiation traveling from Fukushima to Tokyo, telling their countrymen that there is no health treat, and that radiation has not entered the food chain.  Along with the volunteers, nuclear scientists dismiss such propaganda.
 Medical doctor, Kiyoski Toda, who is also a radiation and environmental scholar, tells New York Times reporter, Hiroko Tabuchi: “Radioactive substances are entering people’s bodies from the air, from the food. It’s everywhere . . . But the government doesn’t even try to inform the public how much radiation they’re exposed to.”

 While the Japanese government seems to respond with cursory steps of additional testing, officials are instead wholeheartedly cooperating with nuclear industrialists owners––such as Hitachi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba and Tokyo Electric––to build nuclear plants in Vietnam, Turkey and other countries.  Apparently, Vietnam plans to build two reactors at a cost of  $ 13 billion dollars.

 Citizen outrage has all but eliminated the possibility of new nuclear power plants on the Japanese island.  It is just as well.  Only five of the 54 reactors in Japan still operate––hence the greater power of nature’s earthquakes and tsunami.

 Just as Japanese citizens discovered truth for themselves rather than trusting their government, or an apparently tepid Japanese media, people in other nuclear plant countries should start doing the same.  Bible messages command Christians of every generation to:  “Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour” (1 Peter 5: 8).  Surely it means vigilance in prayer, in faith, and in protecting family and nation.

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