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Scanning the Globe For “Good News” Friday

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:38 PM
September 16, 2011

 Resisting the need to give updates on disasters in America this year (updates which mass media ignores), or to begin Feermeno’s series on leaks in nuclear power plants in this country, the editorial board opted to try another Good News Friday. Of course the board had to search for Good News among “what ifs,” “could be’s,” “if only’s,” “a few,” “soon to be,” “working on,” etc.  Anyway, here goes:

 “The Greenbang Smart Brand Matrix––Smart Cities:  How Brands Compare on Marketing vs. Capability in Smart-City Space” certainly shows promise.  Selling for over 500 British pounds, the report concludes that larger companies may have the capacity to address the need for green power in explosively growing cities around the world.  But apparently, they do not have the agility for change or an ear for new inventions.  Greenbang says that it identifies the communications disconnects, as well as the opportunities for smaller companies and newer ideas.

 Of course, thanks to the actor Brad Pitt, volunteer corporations like Home Depot, and generous donations, some neighborhoods in New Orleans are examples of devastated urban areas remaking themselves into “Green Cities.”   According to Matt Petersen of Global Green, the city’s Sustainable Design Competition makes remarkable contributions to new carbon-neutral communities, greatly reduced energy bills, and healthy living for low-income families––mostly in the future.

 And, thanks to botched foreign trade taking jobs from American workers over the last decades (reminder Stay Positive!)––Hertz Rental Cars and General Electric (supposedly American companies) are now over in China helping that country build a city around all-electric cars.  According to Environmental News Service, “General Electric will install infrastructure to supply electricity to the vehicles.” The two companies will partner on the project.  Mark Frissora, Hertz Chief Executive and Board Chairman, adds: “At the Clinton Global Initiative . . . we announced a commitment to provide electric vehicle access on a global scale, . . .  In less than one year, Hertz is now the leading provider, offering an unparalleled selection of . . . plug-in hybrid electric vehicles in cities worldwide.”

 Hmmm.  Can someone ask Mr. Frissora, Hertz, President Clinton and General Electric when they plan to schedule  electric car cities in the United States?  Or are they aware that the country in which they and their industries were born need jobs here now?  Is their own country not part of the Global Initiative?

 These men should learn Bible prophecies defining such practices: “But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel” (1 Timothy 5: 8).  Perhaps these men don’t know what God promises to infidels.  Or maybe they follow the god of money, not aware that this false god leads only to hell!  Reminder: Pray for them!

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The United States is seeing Japan’s Radiation Pt. 3

posted by Jael Ever @ 14:19 PM
September 15, 2011

 Radiation in drinking water in some sections of the United States was a problem even before the fallout from Japan’s nuclear accident drifted over this nation.  KHOU 11 Television Station in Houston, Texas, recently completed a series of in-depth reporting on unacceptable levels of radiation in that state, as well as on efforts of local, state and federal governments to cover-up facts about that radiation.  In his KHOU report, Mark Greenblatt says, “Radiation has contaminated the underground pipes, water tanks, and plumbing that provide drinking water for much of Central Texas and the famed Texas Hill Country . . .”

 Local officials who monitor the pipes say that “the contamination comes from years of exposure to drinking water that already tests over federal legal limits for radioactive radium.”  They add that water tested before running through the pipes may add even more radiation.  “It’s a serious concern,” City of Brady Manager James Minor said. “These pipes have so much radioactivity in them, metal recycling places refer to them as they’re ‘hot.’”

 Some excuse such radiation as “natural.”  But others insist it comes from oil rigs, space science industries, and other post-modern inventions.  Today, societies accept electrical power as necessary to provide jobs and domestic “necessities.” Building economic systems on the comforts that electrical power brings to business environments and to living quarters––i.e. heat, cooking, lighting, laundry, air conditioning, etc.––corporations and governments enhanced those energy sources with extremely dangerous nuclear power.  Many of these enhancements are unnecessary ––i.e. clothes dryers rather than outside clothes lines; powered furnaces rather than wood-burning fireplaces, etc.  Such inventions have been “forced” on the public through advertisement, social pressure or local ordinances.

 As pointed out yesterday, both the FDA and EPA admit that there are undeniable amounts of risk with the use of nuclear power.  They also agree that if radiation does kill ”a few” people with cancer, it would take years for the sickness to appear.   But in no way could victims know that the cause was contact with radiation poison years ago.  What industrial giants deny is that God knows, and He will justifiably and eternally punish those who sanction such “indirect” murder.

 As the Book of Revelation details the killing of two thirds of earth’s population, nuclear explosions will be one weapon of death.  People will die at explosion sites, and a large number will die from huge tracks of radiation circling the globe.  However, when The Lord Jesus Christ begins His reign here––after Satan, and his followers are caged in the flames of hell––He will eviscerate nuclear power.  His method for business and residential power will be the presence of God’s new headquarters on earth.  His Word also speaks of increasing brightness of harmless sun, and the absence of night (Isaiah 30: 26, Revelation 22: 5, etc.).

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Japan’s Radioactive Poison Now Float Into the United States, Pt. 2

posted by Jael Ever @ 10:39 AM
September 14, 2011

 To make the fallout of nuclear radiation from leaks in Japan’s reactors even more alarming:  Apparently the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is dodging the truth about the real dangers of radiation levels in America’s food, air and water.  Now, for some “fuzzy” reason, EPA wants reporters to use of the “Derived Intervention Level” (of nuclear particles) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as preferable to EPA’s own recently-announced standards.

 By EPA’s yardstick, no more than 3 picoCuries per liter of radioactive isotopes, like iodine-131 and cesium-137, is allowable.  But the FDA says that up to 4,700 picoCuries of iodine-131 in a liter of milk and up to 33,000 picoCuries of cesium-137 is safe.  While EPA’s standard assumes that there would be no more than one additional cancer fatality per million from such exposure, FDA considers it acceptable if TWO additional people in a population of 10,000 dies from such radiation.  Too shorten more “doublespeak:” the FDA standard assumes it to be acceptable that MORE people will die from radiation exposure.

 What is perhaps most alarming is that EPA only monitors for iodine, but not cesium or other radioactive isotopes. Are other poisonous ones out there as well?  Also, EPA has pulled monitors out of actively affected areas in Washington State, Oregon and California––apparently because readings there were too high. 

 According to blogger Alexander Higgins, an EPA official in Ohio admitted that Iodine radiation even at 3 Picocuries per liter is dangerously high.  Moreover Higgins incorporates research by bloggers Chargirl, Mothra, rickcromack and daviddelosangeles to conclude that FDA is being less than honest.  Chargirl concludes that FDA’s Derived Intervention Levels (acceptable amounts of radiation) “do not define a safe or unsafe level of exposure, but instead a level at which protective measures would be recommended to ensure that no one receives a significant dose.”  More fuzziness!  What on earth is a “significant dose?”

 As pointed out in yesterday’s blog, Physicians for Social Responsibility say that the tiniest amount of radiation––much less “a significant dose”––is deadly.  Thank God these bloggers side with the doctors, who also know the truth.

 Unlike governmental agencies feeding the American people massive untruths, and national media ignoring radiation altogether, internet researchers struggle against “the machine” to tell the truth.  Removing measuring apparatus because readings are too high, changing standards from one agency to another, evading analysis of radiation levels––all done to support officials who refuse to dismantle nuclear power!  In Bible prophecies, The Lord Jesus Christ says: “Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free!” (John 8: 32).  Refusing His direction, American leaders hide truths, making sure citizens are neither safe nor free!  Christians are still free, however, to pray that truth is exposed.  Hopefully, they are doing so!

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Japan’s Radioactive Poison Now Float Into the United States

posted by Jael Ever @ 15:29 PM
September 13, 2011

 An illustration of just how dangerous nuclear power is for every person on earth is the recent discovery that radiation from leaks in nuclear power plants in Japan has floated through air and rainwater into the United States.  While the largest amounts of radiation are in Richland and Boise, Idaho, trace particles of radiation have been detected in air, milk and drinking water across this country.

 According to Sandi Doughton of the Seattle Times, “The levels of iodine-131 in water samples from Richland and Boise — about 0.2 picocuries per liter — are so small the EPA estimates that even an infant would have to drink nearly 7,000 liters to receive a dose of radiation equivalent to a day’s worth of normal background radiation. Iodine-131 can be harmful in higher amounts, particularly to babies and young children, because it concentrates in the thyroid gland and can lead to cancer later in life.”

 But Jeff Patterson, DO, past president of Physicians for Social Responsibility says such estimates are ridiculous:  “There is no safe level of radionuclide exposure, whether from food, water or other sources.  Period.”  His colleague, Alan H. Lockwood, MD, adds:  “Consuming food containing radionuclides is particularly dangerous. If an individual ingests or inhales a radioactive particle, it continues to irradiate the body as long as it remains radioactive and stays in the body,”

 In his blog posts and News Streams, Jeff McMahon insists that Japan’s radiation has actually been found in drinking  water in 13 American cities––including Oak Ridge, Tenn.; Helena, Mont.; Columbia, Penn.; Cincinnati; Pittsburgh; East Liverpool and Painesville, Ohio; Denver; Detroit; Trenton and Waretown, N. J.; and Muscle Shoals, Ala.  And the poisonous substance has even been measured in milk samples in Montpelier, Vermont; Phoenix and Los Angeles. 

 McMahon writes that: “Radioactive isotopes accumulate in milk after they spread through the atmosphere, fall to earth in rain or dust, and settle on vegetation, where they are ingested by grazing cattle.”  He also says that radiation’s iodine-131 was found in air filters six additional cities:  Montgomery; Nome, Dutch Harbor and Juneau, AK;  and Las Vegas.  He adds that the EPA had omitted other cities where isotopes of cesium and tellurium were found:  Honolulu, Kauai and Oahu, Hawaii; Anaheim, Riverside, San Francisco and San Bernardino, CA; Jacksonville and Orlando, FL; Salt Lake City; and Guam, and Saipan.

 In short, radiation leaks from Japan now float over all parts of the United States.  An entry in Bible verse cards reads:  “. . . him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin” (James 4: 17b).  Leaders in this country and around the world know that nuclear power is dangerous for their citizens.  By insisting on its use, they flout the laws of God!  Rest assured!  They will pay for such sins!

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Now Flooding From Tropical Storm Lee Swallows Other States

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 20:29 PM
September 9, 2011

 Pennsylvania has joined New York and Vermont with overwhelming flooding caused by rains from Tropical Storm Lee pushing residents into evacuation centers and destroying the towns they lived in.  Other states, including New York,  New Jersey, Virginia, Maryland, Connecticut, etc. along Lee’s drenching pathway were also affected.  And towns in some of those areas were still trying to clean up from Hurricane Irene’s flooding waters.
 Workers from the United States Geological Survey (USGS) report that 100 different locals in the Northeast set record flood levels from Hurricane Irene.  Now from Tropical Storm Lee’s rains, 26 of 98 USGS river and stream monitors also set records of major flooding.  And Tom Graziano, head of Hydrologic Services at the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration claims that many streams in these various states now show the highest flow levels ever recorded.

 In Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania some 70,000 people were forced to evacuate from their homes.  The Associated Press reports that countless roads and highways were closed there.  Moreover, Lee has killed at least 12 people, and threats of sickness loom from germs lurking in overrun sewer systems. 

 Last night, rushing waters from the Susquehanna River crested above 40 feet and its levee systems were severely threatened.  The swollen River also forced people from their homes in Binghamton, New York, where some 20,000 people were forced to evacuate.  That city’s mayor said that it was the worse flooding to hit that city in some 60 years.  In small Pennsylvania towns––i.e. West Pittston, Plymouth Township, Bloomsburg, Plains Township, Hummelstown, and Harrisburg, etc.––not protected by levees, hundreds of homes remain completely under water.

 However, health officials are now most concerned about the diseases that will come from germ polluted flood waters.  Tom Corbett, Governor of Pennsylvania, raised concerned about “a public health emergency because sewage treatment plants are underwater and no longer working.”  He pleads with people to stay out of the water.

 The crime of it is, unless people are avid internet readers, they will not get this information from mainstream media, which is more concerned with fake political debates, overseas media moguls, and scattered foreign wars.  And yet, as I have begged in my last two blogs, it is the American people who now must have the nation’s time and attention.  Will it take massive disease outbreaks from these floods for politicians and television press outlets to admit that the nation must address Global Warming as the underlying reason for these horrendous storms?  Bible prophecy makes clear, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29: 18).  Pray that our national leaders focus on the most important vision for this hour.  Only then can they protect the American people!

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The Untold Story of Hurricane Irene’s Havoc on the State of Vermont

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 20:17 PM
September 8, 2011

 The State of Vermont is living through the worse flooding it has experienced since 1927.  And while, no one believes the soils there can absorb any more water, more rain and flash flooding is still expected.  Until the water goes down, workers have no idea how many will be found dead or injured, or how much potential disease from contaminated water awaits the area.  With power outages across the state, Governor Peter Shumlin called the flooding in Vermont “catastrophic, the worst flooding in a century.” Hundreds living in mountain areas remain stranded.  While major media has largely disregarded the enormous extent of the destruction in the state, residents have twittered rescue messages such as: 
 “Wilmington is destroyed;” “Downtown Brattleboro in Vermont is underwater;” “Torrential rains from Tropical Storm Irene washed through the state and flooded towns from Brattleboro to St. Johnsbury;” “The raging rivers have led to major destruction for several towns and communities including Wilmington, Ludlow, Brattleboro and Rutland;” and perhaps worse, “Vermont is in the process of being devastated and seems to still be playing second fiddle to NYC.”  Or as Joni Colburn of the town of Royalton cried out, “I don’t have any more to lose.  We’ve lost everything we have.”

 As in the case of upper New York that I reported on yesterday, Vermonters have watched homes, businesses, cars––and even farm animals and people––lifted from their usual abodes and flowing swiftly down lakes and streams.  Communities like Wilmington, Ludlow, Brattleboro and Rutland that have been settled for untold generations will never be the same.

  Overwhelming numbers of roads, bridges and highways are either closed or washed out altogether.  Massive power outages persist, and what land is visible is strewn with downed power lines and fallen trees.  The state only has some 625,000 residents and most of them are still doubling up in neighbor-housing or crunched in evacuation shelters.  State Police Captain Ray Keefer says, “The storm essentially shut southern Vermont down.  It’s terrible.”  Emergency managers expect water levels to rise 20 feet above their normal 17 feet level. 

 While major media prefers moving on to “current news,” Americans must be aware that we are ONE nation.  If Vermont suffers so greatly, the entire nation also suffers.  Abraham Lincoln argued “divided we fall.”  Shallow media reporting causes division.  In Bible prophecies, Apostle Paul pleads for unity “If the foot shall say, Because I am not the hand, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body? And if the ear shall say, Because I am not the eye, I am not of the body; is it therefore not of the body?  If the whole body were an eye, where were the hearing? . . . But now are they many members, yet but one body” (I Corinthians 12: 15 – 20).  Vermont represents the nation.  We must wake up and see how sick we really are!

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Results of Irene: Regions of New York and Vermont May Be No More

posted by Sarah N Worthy IATTWJ Member @ 20:11 PM
September 7, 2011

 While thoughtful citizens contemplate the now 700 homes burned away by the Texas fires, they should keep in mind that citizens in the Northeast are still staggering from the 600 homes that Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene washed away into nothingness.  In addition to the six deaths in New York, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo says that damage in his state exceeds a billion dollars. That damage is particularly felt in upper New York State, and throughout the state of Vermont.   

        Quaint towns, well-noted well noted in American Literature, such as Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle” and “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” may well be totally destroyed.  In my opinion, politicians, news outlets and media pundants on the national stage have not fully communicated how Irene has so decimated whole sections of the Northeast that they may be beyond restoration.

 In the Catskills of upstate Up-state New York, Irene abolished centuries of history, culture, homes and businesses.  Of 191 rescue operations in New York, 124 were in the Catskills.  Irene squashed roads into mud, slung bridges into raging creeks swollen immeasurably larger than anyone could imagine, lifted homes and businesses off their foundations as if they were matchsticks, not to mention her swaths of downed trees and power lines, and flipped-over cars and trucks.

 For instance, at age 34, Kory O’Harra operates O’Hara’s Service Station in Prattsville, New York, a business that his family has operated since 1925, covering five generations.  When WNYC News asked him where his station was, O’Hara answered, “In the reservoir.  Everything’s gone.  My life is gone.”

 As Town Supervisor for four years, he adds “We’ve lost a lot of businesses that employed a lot of people, and . . .  people who aren’t going to be around here for a long time because their homes are gone.  Main Street, Prattsville, is a total loss.  We just don’t know where we’re headed.”  Also, because their town is located in a flood plain, most residents and businesses don’t have flood insurance.

 The same gut-wrenching stories are repeated in upstate New York towns, such as Windham, Margaretville, Tannersville, Tivoli, Saratoga, Jewett, Maplecrest, etc.  In his post SurvivalGuy, on Gotham, lists the items that can be donated to residents in that area of New York’s Delaware County. Cash donations can be sent to:  Delaware Opportunities, State Highway 10, Hamden, N.Y.; Oneonta Ford Inc. State Hwy 23 Oneonta, N.Y.; or Catholic Charities, 15 S. Main Street, Oneonta, N.Y.  His website also has specific household items and school supplies needed as well as where to drop them.

 Tomorrow, I will likewise report on the similar horrible devastations in Vermont.
 Meanwhile, as we on this blog always beg you, please pray for the survival of our nation.  Remember, that James says in Bible prophecies:  “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much (James 5: 16).”

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Hurry! Hurry! URGENT Post Labor Day News Specials!

posted by Newspaper Boys @ 17:30 PM
September 6, 2011

 Late Breaking News as We Rush to Press 9/6/11!  Jael has asked us, The Newspaper Boys and Girls Association, Int’l, to summarize the news after the holiday because so much URGENT NEWS––Massive Drought-Caused Fires in Texas; Tropical Storm Lee Brings Flooding and Tornadoes from South to Vermont; Katia Now Lasting Hurricane; More Earthquakes in Sumatra, and Alaska, etc.; Spreading Famine in Somalia Killing Thousands; U.S. Urban Gun Killings Explode; Defensive Preparations for 911 Ten Year Anniversary––is ongoing!

 In Texas, where unstoppable wild fires continue to destroy some 3.5 million drought-stricken acres, 500 homes and counting have now been destroyed, and thousands more are threatened.  Winds driving some 40 dry brush fires have pushed thousands into shelters.  Most don’t expect to see their homes again!
 Never reaching hurricane status, Tropical Storm Lee has hundreds all along the East Coast walking again in above knee-deep in flood waters.  And some residents, especially in Vermont express fear that their state just cannot weather more flooding.  But forecasters hope that Lee’s rainy and flooding presence will at least push threatening Hurricane Katia further away––out into the Atlantic Ocean.

 News outlets have barely noted that 2.5-6.5 and upwards earthquakes have shaken grounds in the Solomon and Kermadec Islands, Sumatra, Japan, Puerto Rico, and several parts of Alaska, and even in Utah.
 And, as we stand on the internet corner and go door to door with the news, The Newspaper Boys and Girls Association, Int’l, is taking donations for CARE to keep people alive in Somalia.  Droughts without mercy are fast killing mostly children on the Horn of Africa.  The United Nations says that a billion plus more money is need to feed those starving.  Donations can go to:;;; & samaritan’

 To get in-depth grasps of these and other stories, Jael has assigned Ida Mae Well IV to cover the urban shootings; Maleekie Ambularie to report on the spreading famine in Somalia; Ally I. Feermeno to uncover the truth about recent hurricanes affecting East coast nuclear plants; and Sarah Newsworthy to do in-depth reporting on the real damage that Hurricane Irene has brought to farmers in Vermont, New Jersey and upper New York.   And, after writing other blogs and completing complex research, Jael will reveal the truth about international ownership of the nation’s utility companies causing continuous power outages.
 As Jael often pleads:  It is time for Christians to pray! In Bible prophecies, Isaiah writes:  “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of The LORD shall lift up a standard against him (59: 19b).  We newspaper boys and girls praying, ask The Lord to please help the United States and others around the world.

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Hurry! Hurry! Labor Day News Special!

posted by Newspaper Boys @ 19:09 PM
September 2, 2011

 Hurry! Hurry!  Hurry!  Get your Labor Day special news spread at Earthend-New  Read about struggles to recover from Hurricane Irene, and see how continuing violent weather activities threaten the United States and around the world.  Always get the latest on these and other stories affecting you and the nation from the paper boys and girls at this site, including:

     Both the East and Gulf Coasts now threatened by tropical storms, nee Hurricanes, as Tropical Storm Lee sets to pound New Orleans and the Caribbean over the Labor Day Weekend. Some experts say that (after the spending of billions in repairs) the New Orleans levies are no more stronger now to withstand the expected 20 plus inches of rain than they were during Hurricane Katrina!
     As President Obama visits states where there is great damage from Irene, there is consideration of how to rebuild places suffering the greatest disruption.  In addition to roads and bridges needing rebuilding, officials say that now is the time to put in underground wiring, and solar and wind power.  Keep up with the story about the billions of dollars in costs to rebuild states such as Vermont and New Jersey here at

     And certainly after Labor Day, the resistance to the Keystone Pipeline will continue.  Some say that, because oil from tar sands hass twice the potency of other gas emissions,  if this pipeline is built, it will drive Climate Change temperatures beyond human endurance.  Read about the arrests of actress Daryl Hannah (of “Splash” and “Kill Bill” fame) and James Hansen, head of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, as part of the protest against the Keystone Pipeline at the White House.  Dr. Hansen was among the first noted scientists to warn the world about the dangers of Global Warming.  Be sure to catch our stories on protest hearings in Nebraska where the new pipeline may endanger pure waters from the Ogallala aquifer. 

     Plus, be sure to catch the latest on the best Fall and Winter “Stay Safe, Warm, Dry and Well-Fed” precautions from our expert bloggers, John, Jude, Bea and Ethel, and other specialists across the nation.  And they’ll surely tell you to stock up now on wholesale Christian sweatshirts to get ready for cold weather.

     Remember, the writers and news boys and girls of this blog, as well as our staff at I.E. Plexus, are dedicated to bringing you the latest news in the light of God’s Holy Word.   And That Word tells us what to do regardless of whether the world brings good news or bad news:  “Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh (James 5: 8).”  So we’ll all be here next week, after Labor Day, with the all news as foretold in God’s Everlasting Word of Salvation and Truth!

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John: Repriestly Done Called For Urgent Prayer! Let’s Get To It!

posted by Uncle John @ 16:26 PM
September 1, 2011

 John:  Ok ya’ll hears Dr. Repriestly’s call for urgent prayer, and repentance.  Y’all has eny thoughts on this?

 Jude:  Yas.  I’s sayd hers prayers tons o’ times.  En I’s added prayers o’ my own.  I’s prayed too for our boys fightin’ en dem places lik’ Iraq and Afganistan.

 Ethel:  En I’s adds da God keeps da childrens safe. En dat them kids stuck in dem mountin’s is rescued.  Dis is ridiculos.  Da greatis countr’ en dis sher world, en we kant eben rescue ours own peoples en trouble.  Somethin’s wrong!  We’s must ask God da forgives us immediates.

 Bea:  En I’s gettin’ togethr anether prayer group.  That’ll make five al togethar.  We’s prayin Repriesntly’s ideis askin foe forgivenin’ and some o’ us got out dem ole time Christian prayer books askin God to set ours nation arite!

 John:  Dems all es great news.  By da way, Maybellyne asks da join ours prayin’ times.  She surely enjoy’d da picnic, and she’s changin’ hers mind ‘bout Mis Jael.  Shes eben say she’s gonna get dem peoples down thar da prayen.

 Jude:  She sudda liked it.  She ates enugh!  Its ok wid me.  How’s bout youes gals?  Member, Rev. Repriestly says we’s  gots to forgives everybody. 

 Ethel:  Oh mys.  She seem’d hev problms wid me en mys gran chillen at da picnic.  But ifen its ok with youns, it be ok wid me.  Oh, say John, dem Christian childrens t-shirts was wunderfal.  Thes em just da best. Da kids love em!

 Bea:  Well, she be loud enugh! En John my groups wants et least three dozens of dem’s plus size Christian sweatshirts wes can wear dis fall!

 John:  Ok. Ok. Greats.  So let’s all join in Repriestly’s prayers:  “Dear God, On bended knees and with tears in our eyes, we ask You to forgive da ways that we, as believers in the United States have sinned against You.  We have not loved ech anothersor prayed for ech another as we ought;  en wes certain has not prayes fer ours nation, and em leaders.  En wes ain’t forgiv’n ech another.  En we ain’t prayes fer dem lost souls, en we ain’t truly asked You for Yours types o’ revival en ours hoses en churches.  Instead, we’s pley’d en dem pathens o’ thes shar world, en now wes, en ours nation, wes payin’ da backslidinger bills.

 “Father, wes humble usens, en wes truestly prays fer thems peoples stuck en Vermont, New Jersey, New York en other states, en for thems en dangero’s ways en Oklahoma and Texas.  Plese tek em to safes places, Father.  Please spare all lifes en leg sos we’ll get chance tos serve You doin good en no ly’en.  En wes pray for da President, em Cabinet, en dem peoples en Congress en all ours governments––Ya knew Lord, dem boys en police, nations guardians, dem doing da rescuers and first ens da get thar––dat You give em safety en good sense always.  En dem Holy Name of Ours Only Savior En Lord, Jesus Christ,  wes pray.  Amen.”

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