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Media Blackout – 60,000 March Against Nuclear Energy in Japan

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September 28, 2011

 It wasn’t carried on American television news.   Most newspapers in this country didn’t carry the story, although the Associated Press sent them the news. And talk show hosts never breathed a word of the event.  Why such a media blackout?  But, it is the privilege of Earth-End – New Beginning to tell our readers that over 60,000 people held an anti-nuclear power march over last weekend.
 Even politicians there seem to agree with public sentiment that the day of nuclear power in that country must end.  These leaders admit that only 11 out of the country’s 54 nuclear plants are up and operating.  The other plants lie dormant under a time of indefinite repair.  But, until that country rebuilds those nuclear plants––if ever––Japanese people are living in quite a state of sacrifice, and energy conservation.  They are also scrambling to reinvent other energy sources!

 What the New York Times did publish is an editorial record of Japan’s new energy conservation: “The government required big power users to reduce peak consumption by 15 percent. Utilities pleaded with consumers to pitch in. Industries, offices and private households turned lights off and thermostats up, above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.”  Workers dress in casual wear, instead of the usual Japanese formalities.  They also climb stairs instead of running elevators, work early mornings and weekends, and avoid lighting in workplaces (relying instead on computer screens and LED lamps).  And no one runs air conditioners.

 While outraged citizens hold marches, the government debates whether to resurrect nuclear power or fire up old oil and/or gas powered plants.  And if they choose the latter, they explore what can be done to control greenhouse emissions.  Japanese engineers are also working on innovative designs of wind turbines that will triple the output of turbines presently in use around the world.  Mother Nature Network explains that America has more than enough room to build that type of wind power:  “the U.S. with its endless miles of prairie and agricultural land is one of the few nations that could actually deploy such a network of wind turbines without disrupting the current productivity of the land.”  The Japanese are also creating deep-sea underwater turbines to produce more vast amounts of energy.

 That debate, that era of sacrifice, that willingness to turn away from nuclear power––must also take place in the United States.  Japan and Germany are trying to rid themselves of the nuclear menace.  Like them, this country must concede that nuclear power is a health and economic hazard.  And it is certainly vulnerable to terrorist attack.  Bible prophecies make clear that when people are on a wrong road, they must change:  “For I am The LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed” (Malachi 3: 6).  Only God’s grace has keep the U.S. safe from chernobyl-type nuclear disasters.  Malachi goes on to say that if national behavior does not change, God’s grace should not always be taken for granted!

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