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Famine, Crime and Chaos: Lawlessness in the Last Days

posted by Maleekie Ambularie @ 17:48 PM
September 27, 2011

 Maleekie Ambularie:  I was so impressed by Ida’s blog on lawlessness that I asked her to share this blog with me on the horror of failed state lawlessness in Somalia.  Drought threatens to wipe out the entire Somalian population. The United Nations expects 750,000 there to die.  In efforts to stay alive, people struggle to make the 15-day trek on foot to reach non-profit providers in Kenya.
 Ida B. Wells, IV:  Thank you for the invite Maleekie.  As you know, before they can reach a place with food and medical care, robbers and rapists violently attack thousands of  the weak, starving, struggling-to-stay alive victims. 

 Maleekie:  Yes, it is a horrible reality.  When the victims get to the camps for food, often there are scant crumbs or adequate medical assistance for them.  The developed world is simply not responding to Somali hunger.

 Ida:  Well the media has not done a good job of explaining to potential donors that, unlike what the public assumes, Somalians did everything right.  As Nicholas Kristof explains in the New York Times, they “planted drought-resistant crops, built water projects and diversified their livelihoods, so this drought has affected them less than it would have in the past.  An early-warning system gave a year’s notice that a famine was on the way, and aid agencies moved in supplies.”  So please explain to readers Maleekie, what really brought on this famine.

 Maleekie:  What’s really happening is that a band of Muslim rebels, called the Shabab, dominates what weak  political leadership tries to rule Somalia.  The rebels have chased aide workers out, forbade food shipments, intimated Somalians with unbelievable oppression, even forbidding women to wear bras saying they are badges of “Western promiscuity.”  Moreover, the Shabab does everything possible to stop starving Somalians from fleeing their own country in search of food.
 Ida:  Just as developed nations do little to feed the Somalians, they have done even less to run the Shabab out of Somalia and to strengthen Somalia’s fragile government.  Thus, as they traipse to Kenya for help, Somalian males are robbed and females are raped––even without wearing Western-type bras.
 Maleekie:  As you wrote yesterday, it’s a perfect storm of lawlessness: famine, rape, mob-rule, ultra-poverty, and death––a preview of the last days!

 Ida:  There must be something we can do.  Let’s ask Rev. Repriestly to organize special prayer groups for Somalia.  And we can ask John and his group to contact national leaders to get help for Somalia.  Also, we can get the Newspaper Boys and Girls to sell Christian sweatshirts to raise money for food aid going to those in famine.  Remember, the Apostle John tells us:  “Beloved, thou doest faithfully whatsoever thou doest to the brethren, and to strangers” (3 John 1: 5).  So let’s get to work to help those in the greatest need in The Name of Our Lord Jesus!

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