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Unsafe Nuclear Power Plants Mean Higher Utility Costs For Consumers

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September 22, 2011

 (This article is second in Ally’s series:  “Are U. S. Nuclear Plants Safe From Storms, Earthquakes, Fires, etc.?”)

 Information uncovered about nuclear power plants in the United States prompted me to ask Jael if I could have more time for research and extra space for publication over a longer period of time.  For one thing, it is obvious that many of these plants now stand severely damaged, and that it will take millions, sometimes billions, to repair them.  Moreover, in most of these cases, utility customers will be forced to bear the cost for damage repairs––and that when obviously less expensive and much safer forms of energy are easily possible.

 Many of these plants have operated well beyond the years officials promised when they were built.  So much is secret about the operation of nuclear plants.  A government agency,  the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), supposedly oversees the safe running of the plants, but actual plant ownership usually belongs to private profit-making companies.  Too often federal and state governments keep plants on-line, or in temporary repair status, when alternative energy sources are obviously cheaper and far less dangerous to American lives.

 The Crystal River Nuclear Plant, north of Tampa, Florida, is a perfect example.  Progress Energy Florida (a division of Progress Energy, Inc. based in Raleigh, N. C.) reports that it will cost some two billion dollars to get this plant back on line, and insurance will not cover all the costs.  The plant has not been on line since September of 2009.  Progress plans to have it running by 2014.
 The Associated Press reports that “rate-payers could be on the hook for as much as $ 560 million” to fix the problems.  Additionally, Progress says it will pay about one billion to obtain replacement sources of electricity, of which consumers will be asked to pay $ 510 million.  So far Progress is still negotiating with the NRC, the Florida Public Service Commission and consumer representatives.

 BUT COME ON!!!! This is Florida.  Why on earth should people in the Sun Shine State have to pay billions of dollars for a potentially deadly energy source, when all they need to do is tap into Solar Power.  Surely some type of private-public partnership could be arranged to help fund solar-powered energy for homes and businesses, while helping Progress to recover its losses over the years.

 Governments must support public safety more than corporate profits.  How long will America’s leadership ask the people they are sworn to protect to pay for hazardous energy, when far less dangerous and inexpensive sources are available?  Scientists insist that we can expect far more violent weather in the future.  Most of the country’s 100 plus nuclear plants are old.  They will continue to sustain damages from such unruly nature.  People must wake up, and urge positive government action.  Bible prophecies promise:  “The fear of man bringeth a snare: but whoso putteth his trust in The LORD shall be safe” (Proverbs 29: 25).  This is not the time to fear man’s power.  It is the time to put more faith in God’s power!

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