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Are U. S. Nuclear Plants Safe From Storms, Earthquakes, Fires, etc.?

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September 21, 2011

 Egad, the Newspaper Boys and Girls stole some of my thunder, but the truth is that the Nuclear Power Plants of this country are ill-prepared for the volley of egregious earthquakes, tornadoes, wildfires, etc. that recently swept across the nation.  Although the Nuclear Regulatory Commission generally squelches reports of plant damage from hazardous weather, here are just a few examples:

 As our news delivery teams reported, even as the crew at the U.S. nuclear laboratory in Los Alamos, New Mexico, was evacuated, wild fires entered the lab area: “The main blaze sparked a smaller fire on the lab site itself, but that it was quickly extinguished.” Information on what that lab contained has not been given.

 On April 28th, Reuters reported that violent thunderstorms and tornadoes shut down the Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Decatur, Alabama.  The Tennessee Valley Authority, says that plant’s construction is very similar to Japan’s Fukushima plants which had over-heated, and leaked radiation a few weeks earlier.

 Also last April, according to, a tornado hit “the switchyard supporting the power station cutting off the electrical feed from the grid” at the Surry Power Station in Virginia.  The Associated Press has documents indicating the storm badly damaged a fuel tanker used to refuel a backup generator.

 In May of this year, inspections of the Wolf Creek nuclear plant near Joplin, Missouri, revealed that it definitely could not withstand the force of a heavy storm or tornado.  Apparently, workers scurried to get repairs made before those massive hurricanes hit Joplin, 150 miles from the plant, a few weeks later.  Those and other inspections were prompted by the Japanese nuclear plant disaster.  Generally they show the nation’s nuclear power plants operating below safety levels.  Equipment is damaged, warning signals broken, and security often lax.

 Americans must be aware that nuclear science has not been a protective energy source.  We have avoided mass catastrophe only by the Grace of Almighty God. Risking American lives, our industrialists built this most dangerous source of energy upon arrogant assumptions that nature could never be strong enough to destroy their giant fortresses.  These men are no different from the politicians and scientists in Japan who––well aware that their nation was vulnerable to earthquakes and tsunamis––assumed that they could build walls strong enough to withstand any force.  Obviously they were wrong.

 Earth End-New Beginning is positioned as a watchman at the gate.  As Bible prophecies in the Book of Ezekiel make clear, if the watchman does not warn people of approaching danger, that watchman is held responsible (3: 17 – 21).  The United States can easily follow Germany’s example and start dismantling these nuclear power plants, putting in place safer systems like solar and wind power.  We cannot simply cling to false hopes that nuclear holocaust won’t happen here.

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